Donald Trump Merits Praise from Global Analyst

Trump Demonized Unfairly by the Liberal-Corporate Media

Guest Article by Joshua Tartakovsky

Global Independent Analytics
December 11, 2015

Donald Trump (--cnbc.com)

Donald Trump (–cnbc.com)

There is nothing like a straightforward politician on the right in an already deeply warmongering society such as the United States – ruled by its own military-industrial complex – to cause liberals to shriek in horror when a Conservative politician dares to make a daring suggestion, one that is far less bloody, far less racist and far less destructive than the real actions the US Government is taking all over the world that result in much bloodshed and suffering and with full impunity provided by the failed watchdogs of democracy – the US liberal media.

What did Donald Trump actually say?

Did he threaten to invade another country? No. That’s what Hillary does. Let us not forget, since we will not be reminded, that it was Hillary, not Trump, who supported the invasion of Iraq and made speeches to this end. Later, she said, “I got it wrong.” But that doesn’t really help the 165,000 civilians who were killed by US forces, allies, police and terrorists since the US invasion, does it?

Then, as Secretary of State, Hillary supported the violent killing of the legitimate leader of Libya, Muammar Gaddafi. In Benghazi, Hillary failed to secure the life of the US ambassador despite specific warnings, causing his killing by terrorists, and in fact, allowed for al Qaeda to take over the country. For this she issued no real apology as the extent of her actions remain in the shadows. Why should Hillary apologize if the media did not make an issue of her criminal behavior and did not bring what truly took place there to the public’s attention? “What difference does it make?”

Under Hillary’s watch, weapons from Gaddafi’s arsenal were sent to jihadists in Syria, causing the death of who knows how many innocents. Who cares? Hillary has a Muslim female adviser. Hillary supports “women rights” and “human rights,” formally anyway (never mind the fact that she is the enemy of working women). She allowed al Qaeda to take over Libya and then armed terrorists in Syria, but most Americans don’t know about this and she is politically correct.

What did Trump do?

Trump suggested that new Muslim migrants or visitors not be not allowed into the US following the terrorist attacks in San Bernardino, California. Trump requested “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.”

Trump did the prohibited and the politically incorrect. He did not call for invading more countries, that would have been normal. He does not have blood on his hands, unlike other candidates. He opposed the wars in Iraq, Libya and Syria. All he did was to call for a temporary block on the entrance of Muslims to the US. Perhaps a generalizing response, but not one which would result in the death of anyone, or the maiming of women and children.

But Trump has a problem. He dared to speak openly about an issue of terrorism and suggest an internal response, at the heart of the Empire, instead of engaging in the usual talk on “democacy promotion” and “regime change” abroad. He spoke candidly while politicans generally speak mischevously. He spoke in a politically incorrect manner about an internal problem instead of proposing the imperialism-as-usual response.

The powers that be had to strike back.

Dick Cheney, former US Vice President, and one of the forces behind the illegal and bloody invasion of Iraq, had this to say: Trump’s suggestion “goes against everything we stand for,” he said.

Of course it does. The business-as-usual hypocrisy of the US pro-war establishment is to invade other countries for profit, stir terrorism and create instability, but then accept Muslim migrants into the United States. Trump refused to play this game. He did not support invasions along with political correctness which is what “we stand for.” He opposes new wars but wanted to close the borders to Muslims. His idea was perhaps insulting to some but certainly not as bad as the solutions offered by the other candidates, both from the left and right, which would result in actual deaths and real destruction.

The New Statesman argued that Trump is a demagogue, who carried out a “frontal assault on the pluralist democracy he claims to be defending.” What was undemocratic about his statement? And speaking of democracy, did the people of Syria get to express their opposition to UK strikes against their country at the UK Parliament? No one asked them for their opinion.

One may argue in response that drawing a comparison between wars and migration policies is wrong. By this logic, Hillary and the other candidates are not engaged in wars against Muslims but seek to protect the nation, while Trump supported a collective measure.

But how did removing Saddam Hussein make Iraq more secure? How did killing Muammar Gaddafi make Libya or the United States safer? How will unseating the secular regime of Bashar al Assad bring peace to Syria? Indeed, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, an Iraq war veteran made a very rational case against US meddling in Syria. The people of Syria who have been under the attacked of Western-supported terrorists for years also have a right to live. Trump did not call for the killing of anyone.

But perhaps that is why a new petition to the UK Parliament now asks to ban Trump from visiting the UK? After all, Trump does not attempt to wear any masks or take pretense at being enlightened. That is his greatest sin.

When the UK Parliament authorized an illegal war against Syria a week ago, there was almost no outcry by the mainstream media. Who cares about those behind actual murder who have been supporting jihadists in Syria for years? It is more important that we see ourselves as moral and superior by lashing out against the maverick Trump.

Any way one looks at it, Trump is the only candidate – besides Rand Paul – who is not a warmonger. Even Democrat Bernie Sanders supported jet-strikes against Syria. If Hillary Clinton, the leading Democrat, gets elected, not only will wars increase under her watch but her supporters will congratulate themselves, in a self-satisfied grin, on the success of their own enlightened values. After all, they put a woman in power, warmonger or not. Never mind the possibility that Hillary will pursue more wars for corporate interests and crack down on labor rights of women. That her policies resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands of women should be clear.

Whether one is from the anti-imperialist Left or the isolationist Right, Trump, who is already leading the GOP run by 25 points, is the most sensible choice, at least for those who want to see less death and suffering.

Even if Trump does a 180 degrees U-turn after his election, it is not likely that he will be able to get Europe behind new war plans as easily as Hilary will. Will the Germans and the French really support a Trump-led war? Not without protest. The same is true domestically.

Trump took a libertarian American position on several issues. He spoke out against forced vaccinations and in favor of the Second Amendment and the right of Americans to own arms. Trump was also interviewed by Alex Jones. He may be easy to mock and is portrayed as “Hitler,” but he is not a warmonger like Obama who had the nerve to denounce him. Unlike Hilary, Trump has no blood on his hands. Furthermore, he is straightforward and anti-establishment. He does not want to attack Syria or Russia, although it is politically correct in the West to hope for a war against Putin. No wonder he is hated.

It is time for Trump to get serious about winning. We need Trump to win. The alternatives are catastrophic.

While it is natural that as an anti-establishment candidate who is despised by the entire spectrum of both the Liberal and Conservative media, Trump will seek to gain ground by speaking out in a politically incorrect way, now that he made his point, Trump needs to get more serious.

First, Trump needs the Latino vote to win. Latinos comprise 17% of the US population. Trump called for tougher control on the Mexico-US border. Many migrants probably agree with him, and in fact more Mexicans have been returning to Mexico from the US than vice versa. At least 28% of Latino respondents agreed with Trump on his statement expressing skepticism about some of the migrants from Mexico. Trump can gain more Latinos to his side.

As things stand, the border is too porous. Feel-good liberals may not like the idea of having less migrants come in from Latin America, but counting aside exceptional circumstances, the question of whether to living in Mexico City or Houston is not a life-or-death situation for a vast majority. And yet, for the people of Libya or Syria, the question of whether a US war will take place is a life-or-death question.

Trump should appoint Ted Cruz as his number two. Cruz’s father is from Cuba. The choice of a Latino candidate is likely result in Trump’s growing popularity among Latinos and others. People understand that Trump is not always politically correct and can forgive him for it. Trump still has plenty of time to win the confidence of Latinos.

Trump can promise he will secure the border with Mexico after his elections but at the same time will grant citizenship to all Latino migrants inside the US. This would be a fair deal and is likely to gain Trump support from Latinos and others.

After choosing Ted Cruz, who already expressed his willingness to work with Trump, he can move to the Left on the rights of Latinos and others. Among blacks, Trump enjoys already at least 25% support. Trump can gain more votes from Blacks if he continues to meet religious and community leaders. Whether they are Blacks or Latinos, people who think hard should realize it is self-evident that Trump is a far better choice than Hillary. He seems to be more genuine, for one. He wants to be liked by the people too. And truth be told, most people in the US and Latin America admire wealthy businessmen. In addition, American Muslim voters, who care about their brethren in the Middle East and are not deceived by the false promises of liberal imperialism, should support Trump.

Trump can win if he continues to present himself as a candidate of the people, rather than the establishment, choses Ted Cruz as his number two and campaigns among the people. The media will continue to demonize him, but a majority of the public can find him very likeable. It is clear that in the current state of affairs, his policies are the least harmful if not rational, and therefore Trump should be the choice of any realistic, hard-thinking person, who is tired of mindless wars and destruction. Who cares if Trump is not politically correct?

Trump can still do it but it is time for him to start getting serious. He needs a Latino vice president now.

Joshua Tartakovsky is an independent journalist and a graduate of Brown University and LSE where he studied international relations. He lives in Latin America, the US, Europe and the Middle East.  In the past, he worked for the International Defense and Security Team at Transparency International in London and interned for the Organization for Security and Co-Operation in Europe (Sarajevo), the Global Public Policy Institute (Berlin) and the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (Jerusalem).  He also taught in a favela in Rio de Janeiro, and produced a short film interviewing students in occupied Palestine. Due to the fact that he grew up in Israel and lived in various developing countries he gained unconventional perspectives from the bottom-up on pressing issues and integrated various viewpoints including those that often remain unheard in the academic ivory tower. He likes to challenge commonly accepted notions by providing original perspectives. He is interested in critiquing Western hegemony, giving a voice to the marginalized and the potential of a multipolar world. He wrote on Greece, Israel-Palestine, Ukraine, Russia and Cuba. His articles have been published on Truth-Out, AlterNet, Off-Guardian, Anti-war, Telesur, CounterPunch and others and he appeared on Press TV and Russia Today. 

Quemado Institute Comments:

Author Joshua Tartakovsky offers excellent arguments in favor a Donald Trump presidency, which we support. Tartakovsky is right in trying to ascertain pragmatically what strategies might help Trump succeed. And since the other candidates, were they in office, would no doubt wreak havoc for the United States and the world as a whole, it is indeed urgent that Trump be elected. It does not seem, however, that Cruz would necessarily be a good vice presidential choice. First, he has suggested carpet bombing ISIS, with implied use of nuclear weapons. Despite the fact that the Islamic State must be eliminated, and that Trump favors bombing them aggressively, carpet bombing is nevertheless a war crime, and could bring nuclear repercussions for example from Pakistan, a consequence that must be avoided at all costs due to the risk of nuclear winter.

Trump’s choice should not be based on race, gender or creed, but entirely on a candidate’s effectiveness for the future administration. Trump has expressed no malice against any person due to race, and we believe this will be clarified through his campaign. There is no reason to expect he will not garner broad support from Hispanics.

While we have deigned to publish plenty of advice for Putin, it would be beyond our capacity to offer advice to Trump.

Trump for President!
Donald Trump and wife Melania



Reason? Or Armageddon? Paul Craig Roberts Delivers the Ultimatum

Leaders of Reason: The Next World Order

Introduction by Donovan Kirsten
Quemado Institute
October 23, 2015

Instead of imagining nuclear Armageddon brought on by Western neoconservatives, I am imagining the neoconservatives facing their own political Armageddon, as the rising stars of enlightened opposition sweep the world’s leadership. Paul Craig Roberts again gives the wake-up call. My own response appears at the end.

The damned neoconservatives have destroyed seven countries and the bastards and bitches walk around free! — Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

Will The Crazed Neocons Bring Us Nuclear Winter?
by Paul Craig Roberts

Strategic Culture Foundation
October 22, 2015

Renowned American political analyst Paul Craig Roberts

American analyst Paul Craig Roberts

As readers know, I have emphasized that the declared neoconservative intention of achieving global hegemony has resurrected the threat of nuclear armageddon as Russia and China are most definitely not going to submit, as every European country, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Colombia, and Japan have submitted, to being Washington’s vassals.

The president of Russia and the president of China have made this completely clear. If the arrogance, ignorance and incompetence of the Western political systems permit the continuation of the crazed, totally unrealistic, neoconservative agenda, the planet will die.

Ronald Reagan is the only US president during the era of nuclear weapons who was committed to removing them from all arsenals. I know because I was a part of his effort. If you can’t believe me, ask Pat Buchanan who was with Reagan at Reykjavik. In previous columns on my website, I quoted Buchanan’s response to my statements. Buchanan wrote to me that I was correct, that Reagan wanted rid of every nuclear weapon.



That was President Reagan’s primary goal and is the reason for his economic program, which he placed in my hands. Reagan reasoned that if the US economy could be restored, the inability of the Soviet economy to be restored would allow him to pressure the Soviets into agreement to end the cold war and rid the world of nuclear weapons. When I get letters from those denouncing Reagan for his crimes, I wonder at the pride that the writers show in their utter ignorance and stupidity.

What the neocons have done is to throw away every treaty and violate every agreement that had the world on the path to nuclear disarmament. These evil persons have caused massive moderization of Soviet and Chinese nuclear forces. There is no prospect whatsoever of American hegemony over the world.

Or reason?

Or reason?

Yet, the insane neoconservatives continue to speak as if the world is subordinate to them, a collection of arrogant two-bit punks who could not subdue a few thousand lightly armed Taliban after 14 years of effort and American sacrifice and whose disastrous policies have made, until Vladimir Putin’s intervention, the Islamic State the most potent military force in the Middle East.

The damned neoconservatives have destroyed seven countries, and the bastards and bitches walk around free! Their two-bit, dumbshit punk media spokespersons ask, “What’s the good of nucear weapons if you can’t use them?”

If the insouciant Western population sits on its sofa watching “reality shows” while the insane neoconservatives who control Western foreign policy drive us to Armageddon, the inattentive dumbshits that comprise the Western populations will find themselves exterminated by nuclear winter. It would be their just reward. Unfortunately, the rest of the world would go with them.

70% of sunlight blocked after US-Russia nucler war. "Nuclear War, Nuclear Winter, and Human Extinction," posted in Manhattan Project by Steven Starr

Stratospheric smoke blocks 70% of sunlight after US Russia nuclear war. “Nuclear War, Nuclear Winter, and Human Extinction,” (Oct 14, 2015) by Steven Starr.

Steven Starr has been a guest columnist for us before. Like myself, he understands that there are no survivors of nuclear war. Here is his latest, published by the Federation of American Scientists.

The neoconservatives should be quickly rounded up, arrested, tried, convicted, and executed for their massive crimes before they destroy the world. Life hangs in the balance.

It is the neocons or us.


Alternative to Armageddon
by Donovan Kirsten

Quemado Institute
October 23, 2015

The Five Rising Stars of Reason

Vladimir Putin, Valdai Club (--rt.com)

Star #1 – Vladimir Putin (–rt.com)

Paul craig Roberts is trying to crack through the hard shell of global incomprehension with well-justified anger. Someone needs to wake people up! And Paul Craig Roberts is doing just that. He’s absolutely right that the inattentive dumbsh*ts that comprise the Western populations need to get off their couches and act, although one cannot quite imagine what action they can take.


Donald Trump (--Sputnik/AP/Rich Schultz)

Star #2 – Donald Trump (–Sputnik/AP/Rich Schultz)

But since the two-bit Western dumbsh*ts seldom read political commentaries on the internet, Paul Craig Roberts’ exhortation will go unnoticed by their latent, satiated brains. Pragmatically speaking, the people we need to reach through anger, shock and exhortation are educated leaders who do read political analyses. Or at least, those who are coached by advisors who do.


Justin Trudeau

Star #3 – Canada’s new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Educated leaders need to oppose the neoconservatives and confine them in political straitjackets. It will take powerful people acting in concert to tie the sleeves of those garments. The struggling limbs of the neoconservative consortium are dangerous forces to reckon with. But reckon with them we must.


Marine Le Pen (--www.telegraph.co.uk)

Star #4 – France’s Marine Le Pen (–www.telegraph.co.uk)

The top leaders of America and Europe are in the best position to take action. They bear as much responsibility as the insouciant Western population for letting the neocons get away with murder. But Western leaders are afraid to act as individual agents, no doubt fearing they will be singled out for the odd “accidental” plane crash.


Star #5 - Alexander Zakharchenko, South Ossetia, September 2015

Star #5 – DPR Leader Alexander Zakharchenko, September 2015

Yet there is good news too. The world boasts five rising or risen stars among the courageous battalion of global leaders: Russian President Vladimir Putin, America’s future President Donald Trump, Canadian designated Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, France’s future President Marine le Pen, and Donetsk People’s Republic Leader Alexander Zakharchenko. Had we a world where all five of these enlightened stars were established Heads of State, and where they all acted in unison, the neoconservative mad mob would soon be effectively straitjacketed. Then those spoiled screaming psychopaths would face political annihilation, a sort of poetic justice in the form of their own personal Armageddon.

Better them than the Earth.