Donetsk Lugansk News Mar 8 2018

Editor’s note, August 31, 2018: We have not been updating this website, however for those who mourn the death of DPR President Alexander Zakharchenko, there is some consolation to be found in the comment section at The Saker.

Thursday March 8, 2018
(Brief Update)

AFU snipers trained by foreign instructors redeployed to Donetsk region / DONi News / March 7, 2018 / The group of Ukrainian snipers trained by British and American instructors arrived in the area near Donetsk western border to carry out assignments, reports the DPR Operational Command’s Vice-Commander, Eduard Basurin. “In the Krasnogorovka locality’s area arrival of three snipers couples from separate reconnaissance battalion, armed with sniper rifles, provided by the US, was detected,” said the Vice-Commander. It is planned that they will carry out assignments together with units of the special operations forces of Ukraine. It should be reminded that recently civilian citizens, particularly, public utilities’ employees, were repeatedly coming under Ukrainian gunmen’s fire. The latest sniper attacks were reported on March 5th – a few hours after the indefinite ceasefire came into effect in Donbass.


Ukrainian forces shell DPR with two dozen rounds over past 24 hours – JCCC / DAN / March 8, 2018 / Ukrainian forces fired two dozen rounds of ammunition at Donetsk People’s Republic frontline areas over the past 24 hours, head of the DPR Mission to the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination (JCCC) Ruslan Yakubov said on Thursday. “Overall, Ukrainian army units expended 20 rounds of ammunition,” Yakubov said. The Staromikhailovka village in western Donetsk and the Yasinovataya town came under fire, he added. Earlier, the DPR Operations Command reported two ceasefire violations by Ukrainian army units over the past 24 hours. A comprehensive, durable and indefinite ceasefire came into effect in Donbass on March 5. The truce was brokered by the Contact Group in Minsk on March 2.


Donetsk Defense: Situation Report, 03/08/2018 / DONi News / March 8, 2018 / After a brief relative calm, the Ukrainian occupation forces again violated the agreement, once again jeopardizing the establishment of peace in Donbass. In the Donetsk direction, the enemy fired four 120-mm mortar shells onto the areas of Staromikhailovka and Yasinovataya settlements, grenade launchers and small arms were also applied. Yesterday, the Ukrainian militants committed yet another act of aggression against civilian objects. A civilian truck belonging to the municipal enterprise “Donbass Water” transported property through the city of Yasinovataya towards the Donetsk Filtering Station. At 11:40 am the vehicle was targeted with small arms from the Ukrainian fighters’ positions. As a result of the bombardment, the truck’s body was damaged. Fortunately, the driver was not injured. As it has already happened more than once, the Ukrainian terrorists saw what they wanted to see, and instead of a civilian truck they again imagined a vehicle carrying ammunition. In total for the past day, there were registered two violations of the ceasefire regime by the Ukrainian occupants. *** As we have repeatedly noted, the anti-constitutional law “On the reintegration of Donbass” has completely untied hands of the Ukrainian militants. We constantly receive information from residents of the Kiev-occupied territories on crimes against civilians. Recently, their number has been only growing. In the villages of Bogdanovka, Krasnogorovka, Verkhneye Zaitsevo, Gladosovo and Travnevoye, the Ukrainian occupants actively dismantle the houses left by the residents and use stolen property to improve their living conditions in dugouts as firewood and building materials. *** And now let’s turn to a bright note. On behalf of the Command of the Armed Forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic, I want to congratulate all the women of Donbass on the International Women’s Day! In particular, the female military personnel, who had come to defend their land in trying times. Dear women! I wish you to smile more, always feel loved, happy, most valuable, and to inspire us to great deeds. And I wish to raise children under the peaceful skies! —Vice-Commander of the DPR People’s Militia, Colonel Eduard Basurin, official translation by DONi News Agency


Trump’s Kurt Volker promotes ethnic cleansing of the Donbass / By Joaqin Flores / Fort Russ / March 8, 2018 / Special Representative of the US State Department on Ukraine Kurt Volker, made some comments that reflect the US’s overall propensity to ignore international treaties and international law, during a panel discussion at the Hudson Institute. In comments contrary to the letter and spirit of the Minsk II Agreement, he said that the DPR and the LPR should be eliminated. He based his lacking opinion, which exists outside of rational interpretation of contract law, in some thought that they not comply with the Constitution of Ukraine. Those familiar with the language of the Minsk Agreement know that it recognizes the DPR and LPR and in fact calls for constitutional changes, which to date has not been carried out by Ukraine. Ukraine lost the right to its present constitution and former territorial boundaries at the Battle of Debaltseve, waged between January 17th and Feburary 20th, 2015, and this was memorialized in the language of the Minsk II Agreement that also served as a cease-fire, which established the present line of contact. Shocking global audiences, Volker said: “The so-called Lugansk People’s Republic and the Donetsk People’s Republic are the entities created by Russia with the aim of generating in place of political reality in order to help disguise the role of the Russian Federation and to strengthen the ongoing conflict, and they must be eliminated,” “There is no place for them in the Ukrainian constitutional order. The Minsk agreements are aimed at restoring the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, and these entities must disappear,” the US special envoy stressed. Volker proposes instead that a ‘UN peacekeeping force’ be established – naturally consisting of NATO and US forces. How exactly will this commandment that the DPR and LPR must suddenly ‘cease’ to exist, come about? This seems contrary to the fact that these governments already have a monopoly on the use of force, as established at the Battle of Debaltsevo. Of course the only answer is – to relaunch the war, full bore. As was the case last time, this saw the ethnic cleansing of the whole region, with countless scores, perhaps even hundreds of thousands killed, and over a million internally displaced, and a million more who fled to Russia. In terms of calculating the deceased, it is difficult to trust either US or Russian figures, as both sides had different reasons for wanting to downplay the cost of this conflict in terms of civilian lives. But the reality is: the Minsk Agreement specifically calls for . . . READ MORE>> [Substantial analysis at source]


Kremlin: International missions in Donbass impossible without agreement with republics / TASS / March 6, 2018 / Russia’s position on deploying international missions in Eastern Ukraine remains unchanged, it is impossible without the consent of the republics of Donbass, according to Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov. “Russia’s stance is absolutely unwavering and known. The main idea here is that it is impossible to make any decisions about the deployment of international missions without negotiations and without reaching an agreement or consensus with the representatives of the Donbass republics,” Peskov explained. Russian President Vladimir Putin said at the end of February after talks with Austrian Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, that Russia is ready to work on a settlement in Ukraine, but steps are needed from all sides. In particular, he noted that “there are talks about putting all this territory under international control,” and Russia is not against it, “but it is necessary to negotiate with the unrecognized republics.” Putin recalled that during the discussion of the UN defense mission presence in the conflict zone in Ukraine, Russia supported the resolution, supporting the need to ensure the safety of OSCE observers on the contact line between Ukraine and the republics. Quemado Institute comments: That Putin supports “international missions” in Donbass is another example of his betrayal of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, of the militias that fought for freedom, and of the people who voted for independence. It is not enough for Putin to say the Republics must agree to an international mission. The Russian President should never advocate any kind of foreign involvement. As a matter of fact, Donbass is none of Putin’s business. For more on the Russian leader’s betrayal of the Donbass Republics, see and
If Putin Died Tonight, Novorossiya Could Fight Again


SPECIAL COMMENTARY: Russell Bentley’s letter to the American people / (From Russel Bentley Blog) / March 5, 2018 / To My Family and Friends, and All Good People of the USA, You may not know it yet, but the world changed on March 1st, 2018, an old era was ended, and a new era begun. In very great part, the meaning of this new era is up to you. On that historic day, Vladimir Putin revealed to the world that the US military is now obsolete, and no longer capable of “projecting power”, committing war crimes, or intimidating and destroying smaller nations around the world. That day has ended forever, one way or another. The US military is still completely capable of the mission it needs and deserves to do, which is to defend the territory and people of the United States of America. You are safe. There is no threat. But the days of your government threatening and destroying other countries is over. I hope you understand this.

Putin’s revelation of Russia’s game-changing weapons, against which the US military is literally defenseless, is not a threat or a bluff. Only liars and fools speak of “Russian aggression”, and the stupidity of anyone who says or believes “Putin is bluffing” is beyond measure. Russia’s weapons are real, and the US military industrial complex (that Dwight Eisenhower warned about 57 years ago) has absolutely no defense against them. In spite of plundering and squandering literally trillions of dollars from the US treasury and the American People in the name of “defense”, they are defenseless. Russia’s new weapons present no threat to the American People, unless you allow the people who own and control your government to to start a world war and force the Russians to use them. But if you do allow that to happen, the American people will get exactly what the “good Germans” got in 1945. And you will deserve it, just as much as they did. For the exact same reasons.

Russia is not your enemy. We seek only cooperation for the mutual benefit of all Mankind. But since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1990, 28 years ago, the USA, NATO and the EU have sought to plunder and rule the world. They have been the enemies, the enslavers, the destroyers of the world. No reality based person can dispute that fact. There is no place that the US or NATO has gone into in the last 4 decades that is better off. Not one. In fact, there is no place that NATO or the US have intervened, (usually against international law) that hasn’t become a failed state, hell on Earth for the citizens, and a genuine danger to the surrounding regions and the world. It is the US government and NATO, and the people who own and control them, who are the threats and the enemies to the future of Humanity. But their days of disregarding international law and destroying weaker nations with impunity are now over, as of March 1st, 2018.

The good people of America now have a huge opportunity, and a huge challenge. Russia spends less than one tenth what the USA spends on military and defense, but their military and weapons are superior in every measurable way. The waste, corruption and abject venality of the US military industrial complex has wasted trillions on weapon systems that are now literally useless, and which have left the US military (and by extension the American people) defenseless before the power of Russia’s weapons, which are designed and produced to be effective rather than profitable. The opportunity is this – the USA can now reduce its military spending (the highest in the world) by 90% and still be safer than you are right now, spending almost a trillion dollars a year on useless weapons and a defenseless military. Safer, because as soon as the American People take control of their government enough to reduce your spending to ONLY as much as Russia spends, Russia will stop having reason to see the USA as an existential threat. The less you spend, the safer you will be. The more you spend, the more likely World War Three, which will see you as the instigators and the losers. This gives the USA, starting as soon as you want, an extra $800 billion, per year, to spend on things that have actual worth, things you really need. Health care, free college education, fixing the rotting economy and infrastructure that are daily becoming more of a threat to the American people than Russia has ever been.

Your challenge is that you must root out an entrenched and ruthless kleptocracy, built on deceit and oppression, and which is bent on war, and will stop at nothing to cling to its power. It is a huge task, an historic task, but in it lies your only hope. These parasites must be stopped, and if the American People are not up to the challenge, if they fail in their historic mission, they will leave it to the armies of the world, led by Russia, who will no longer tolerate those who want to rule the world. Your rulers are leading you to a war you cannot win, a war from which you, your families and your nation, and perhaps the world, will never recover. If the American People do not prevent their rulers from starting World War Three, there will be war. Peace and prosperity or death and desolation. These are your only choices, and now is the time to make your choice and act accordingly.

An annual windfall of $800 billion is yours for the taking, if you have the wisdom, courage and determination to take it back from the charlatans and scammers who have been robbing and wasting your trillions for years. Already these vermin claim the only possible solution is to give them even more money, as if those who fail when they out-spend their competitors ten to one might succeed by spending twenty to one. At some point, the host must rid itself of its parasites, or risk being bled dry.

When the American People stand up to their oppressors, rid themselves of their parasites, the people of Russia and of the world will stand with you, will applaud and support you. All good people in the world are on the same side. Those who oppress and exploit you do the same to us. Your enemies are our enemies, and ours are yours. Stand up, as we have, throw off your chains and illusions, see for yourself who your real enemies are, and together let’s defeat them, before they destroy the world and all that is good in it. Only you can stop them without a global war. If you don’t, there will be war, and we will stop them. But those who live in the USA will suffer the fate of those who start and lose a world war. It is not a fate to be desired.

America, that time has now come for you. The choice is stark and clear, and you must make it soon. Either bring your rulers to heel, stop the war they are bent on starting, and reap the benefits of stopping the most egregious and wasteful scam in history, or do nothing, allow your parasites to consume you, and let them lead you and your children and your nation to Armageddon and a fiery death in a war that you now know you can never win. The choice is yours. And so is the responsibility.

Russell “Texas” Bentley has resided in Donetsk since December 2014. From January to June 2015, he was a soldier in the Essence of Time combat unit of the Novorussian Armed Forces (NAF). He served at the Donetsk airport and Spartak as a rifleman and RPG gunner. “The war in Donbass is only one Front in a global war. Fascism has again raised its ugly head, and we are here to fight and defeat it. Truth is one of our most powerful weapons, and my job is to get the truth to the people of the Western world.”


The Real News and Truth about Donetsk Peoples Republic, Lugansk Peoples Republic / / Truth about Ukraine facists murdering Donbass civilians news outlet / About us: Welcome. This web site has been opened to show the truth about the Repression of the Russian Speaking areas of Donetsk Peoples Republic and Lugansk Peoples Republic. Their was no Russian invasion. The Donbass people tired of 20 years repression by Kiev. How I know. I lived in Lugansk 11 years and saw it for myself. We dont want war, we want Peace and safety. I just ask you go through some of the videos and decide for yourself. Not Propaganda by controlled Western Media. I ask you watch at least 2 videos on the video page with open mind. One is the video by Russell “Texas” Bentley and then The Truth about Ukraine. As I just started this site tons more stuff to come. I am not a journalist or writer so there will be bad grammer etc. I will answer questions if sent to me. Thank You. Donbass International News Agency: The link to this very fine News Organization is working on . . . READ MORE>>


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