Donetsk Lugansk News March 20-31 2016

Sunday, March 27, 2016
(Brief update)

slavmar27zDPR Repels Attempted Ukrainian Invasion Near Avdeevka, 5 UAF Troops Killed / Quemado Institute (Source: DAN) / March 27, 2016 / The Ukrainian Security Forces have again tried to invade the Donetsk People’s Republic, this time near the Kiev-occupied town of Avdeevka, north of Donetsk. The DPR militias have repelled the attacks, killing 5 Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers and wounding another 4. This follows several attempted Ukrainian invasions during the past two weeks near Yasinovataya, in which DPR forces killed over 40 UAF personnel. Vice Commander of the DPR Defense Ministry Corps Eduard Basurin reports, “As a result of incompetent planning by the command of the 16th of ‘otelnovo’ mechanized infantry battalion of the 58th Brigade, the Ukrainian military has once again suffered heavy losses from provocations along the contact line and unsuccessful attempts to break through DPR defenses in the Ukrainian-held area of Avdeevka.” slavmar27yHe adds that Ukrainian law enforcers hide the real number of casualties in Donbass. Since the beginning of March 2016, 189 Ukrainian servicemen have been killed and 322 wounded, in some cases due to internal conflicts and violations of safety standards. At least 53 of those have been reported by the Donetsk News Agency as killed in direct combat. Also in occupied Avdeevka, the UAF 14th and 72nd Brigades last night identified residents of the town loyal to the DPR, and illegally apprehended more than 20 civilians, including entire families with school-age children. Those arrested remain missing. MAP: Avdeevka left of center, Yasinovataya center, Donetsk bottom center, Gorlovka top right. [Sources: dan-news(dot)info/defence/pyatero-voennosluzhashhix-vsu-ubity-chetvero-raneny-pri-neudachnoj-popytke-proryva-v-rajone-avdeevki.html | dan-news(dot)info/defence/v-okkupirovannoj-avdveevke-za-noch-v-xode-zachistok-vsu-bez-vesti-propali-20-zhitelej.html – To view sources, cut and paste into Google URL and change “(dot)” into “.”]

slavmar27kNo Peace for Donbass: Kiev Deploys 40,000 Military Personnel to ‘Demilitarized Zone’ / (from DONi News) / March 28, 2016 / The AFU Command has deployed to the demilitarized zone up to 50 battalions in number of up to 40 thousand personnel and more than 1,000 pieces of military equipment, reported the Vice-Commander of the DPR Defense Ministry Corps Eduard Basurin. Drawing the certain balance of deployment of equipment and units of the Ukro-Nazi bandits it is safe to say that in violation of the Minsk Agreements the AFU have concentrated in the buffer zone up to 50 battalions up to 40 thousand personnel strong, up to 700 units of artillery and mortars, up to 300 units of tanks, and up to 100 units of MRLS. Consequently, the Ukrainian military and political leadership is not going to settle the conflict in Donbass peacefully, and to the contrary is making every effort to escalate the situation in order to wage another stage of the deadly war in the middle of Europe.

UAF near Yasinovataya Mar 26 (

UAF near Yasinovataya 3-26-16 (–fredjohs.blogspot)

Realtime War Reports, Battles Ongoing Tonight (Twitter) / Quemado Institute / March 27, 2016 / Battles in Donbass are ongoing tonight, March 27, at 18:00 to 22:00 UTC, according to reliable Twitter sources. Storm Bringer tweets: “Breaking: UAF have amassed up to 40K troops in the neutal zone along the front line – ready for an assault. | Breaking: In the area of CP [checkpoint] Yasinovataya again artillery fire from UAF, flashes can be seen even from Gorlovka. | Breaking: Heavy fighting near Dokuchayevsk reported. 10 UAF tanks are in the area. | Breaking The situation in Donbas very serious. Peace games are over. | UAF continued shelling the Donetsk Airport area/Spartak firing from the direction of Opytnoye/Avdeyevka. | CP [Checkpoint] Yasinovataya: fighting grows rapidly in intensity amid UAF heavy shelling from Verkhnetoretskoye.” Maurice Schleepen tweets: “Breaking: Yasinovataya Donetsk under Ukraine regime mortar attack. | Breaking: Yasinovataya Donetsk under heavy Ukraine regime attack with the use of heavy artillery.” John Delacour tweets: “The truce game is over. Eduard Basurin has said NAF are now ready to bring the Ukrop to his knees.”

John Delacour on Twitter
March 27, 2016 01:00 UTC
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Pete John on Twitter
March 27, 2016 17:00 UTC
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John Delacour on Twitter
March 27, 2016 18:00 UTC
“Further intensification of the conflict, especially at
Zaytsevo, Yasinovataya. Ukrop using 152mm munitions.”
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Storm Bringer on Twitter
March 27, 2016 23:30 UTC
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slavmar27uPunishers Conduct Sweep of Town of Avdeevka, 20 Residents Missing / / March 27, 2016 / More than twenty civilians last night went missing in the occupied area of Avdeevka, North of Donetsk after mopping-up operations by the Ukrainian neo-Nazis. This was announced today in the press center DAN by Deputy Commander of the corps of the Ministry of defense of the DPR Eduard Basurin. “It was fixed the arrival in the area of the settlement Avdeevka units from the 14th brigade and the 72nd brigade of the Ukrainian armed forces for carrying out of actions for identification and detention of persons loyal to the DPR. According to reports from local residents, that night more than 20 civilians were missing, the arrest of residents and whole families, with children of school and preschool age were recorded,” said Deputy Commander of the corps. We will remind that in the Ministry of defense of the Republic has repeatedly reported on the facts of illegal arrests of civilians by Ukrainian security forces, including in the area of the town Avdeevka. [Source: mianews(dot)ru/en/2016/03/27/punishers-conducted-a-sweep-of-the-town-avdeevka-20-residents-were-missing/ – To view source, cut and paste into Google URL and change “(dot)” to “.”]


Saturday, March 26, 2016
(Brief update)

Click for VIDEO (English subtitles)

Click for VIDEO (English subtitles)

From Lugansk to Debaltsevo: ‘March to Victory’ (VIDEO: Full LPR Documentary, 2016) / DONi News / March 26, 2016 / A new official documentary about the war in Donbass and the liberation of Debaltsevo, DPR, from Ukrainian forces in 2015 (English texts). Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics united successfully their armies as one powerful fighting force to liberate the occupied city in Donbass. The march to victory happened from two main directions: Lugansk and Donetsk. This new documentary was published on the first anniversary of the liberation of Debaltsevo, and it was aired on the national television of Lugansk in February 2016. It includes lots of exclusive archive materials about Lugansk army, which has never been published before. DONi Donbass News Agency translated and titled this documentary, which will be the first time for the Western audience to see faces of liberators and it gives a great possibility to overlook the situation: how the historical battle and liberation of the city was seen by the LPR armed forces and local civilians in those hard days. In memorial of all victims of the Ukrainian aggression against population of Donbass. Documentary is produced by the LPR Information Ministry. Published in English by DONi Donbass News Agency, Lugansk Office, 26.3.2016. For VIDEO click here. [Source: dninews(dot)com/article/lugansk-debaltsevo-march-victory-full-lpr-documentary-2016 – To view source, cut and paste into Google URL and change “(dot)” to “.”]


Eduard Basurin (--DAN)

Eduard Basurin (–DAN)

Ukrainian Armed Forces Prepare Offensive on Three Fronts – Eduard Basurin / Quemado Institute (source: DAN) / March 26, 2016 / DOKUCHAEVSK / The armed Forces of Ukraine are preparing for an attack, evidenced by the increase in the concentration of troops near the line of contact, as well as the delivery of fuel and ammunition, as reporters in Dokuchaevsk were told today by Vice Commander of the DPR Defense Ministry Corps Eduard Basurin. “The overall trend suggests that Ukraine is preparing for the start of hostilities. The troop concentration increased yesterday, along with the importation of large amounts of fuel and ammunition,” said the Vice Commander. He stressed that preparations for the beginning of battle by the occupiers are taking place in three areas—Mariupol, Donetsk and Gorlovka. “In some places the concentration has increased, in others, reduced, so it is not clear on which front the fighting will begin,” he added. Basurin noted that Kiev militants were prevented from conducting an offensive today by bad weather conditions in the region. [Source: dan-news(dot)info/defence/vsu-s-peremennoj-intensivnostyu-vedut-podgotovku-k-nastupleniyu-na-trex-napravleniyax-basurin.html – To view source, cut and paste into Google URL then change “(dot)” to “.”]

slavmar26xSituation Report: UAF Continues Attacks on DPR, March 26, 2016 / Quemado Institute (source: DAN) / March 26, 2016 / Ukrainian attacks on the Donetsk People’s Republic continue daily despite the ceasefire agreements signed in Minsk. Over the past day, Ukrainian Security Forces fired on the territory of the Republic 182 times, using shells of caliber 82 and 120 mm, as well as rocket launchers and small arms, committing 20 ceasefire violations. According to the DPR Defense Ministry, “The shelling of settlements and the territories of the Republic were carried out on the orders of 93rd Brigade Commander Klochkova, 56th Brigade Commander Miller, and 58th Brigade Commander Zabolotnogo, as well as 72 firings from Sokolov’s team.” The most intensive shelling was carried out with weapons prohibited by the Minsk agreements, particularly in the settlements of Zaytsevo near Gorlovka, Yasinovataya near the Donetsk-Gorlovka road, Sakhanka, Spartak, Veceloye, Zhabichevo on the northern outskirts of Donetsk, the Donetsk airport area, “Volvo-Center” and the Petrovsky district of the capital. The Mayor of Dokuchaevsk Alexander Kachanov said his village, which lies near the contact line south of Donetsk, was shelled heavily overnight, leaving four homes damaged, two of them severely. There were no civilian injuries. Ukrainian fighters also deliberately shelled residential areas in Makeyevka on the night of March 24, according to DPR Defense Ministry Corps Vice Commander Eduard Basurin. He reports that the Ukrainian command works according to a plan devised by President Petro Poroshenko’s military adviser Vladimir Gorbulin. “He (Gorbulin) openly admitted the shelling along the contact line proceeds according to lessons learned in the grey zones, where a complete blockade followed by conflict solutions is the only way to power,” said Basurin.slavmar26y DPR Intelligence also reports Ukrainian Army convoys carrying ammunition have been arriving daily in Avdeevka, north of Donetsk. In particular, three howitzers were found in the area, which the invaders used to bombard residential areas in Makeyevka on the night of March 24, and then the region of DPR positions at the Yasinovatskiy roadblock on the Donetsk-Gorlovka highway. Earlier in March, there was an attempted Ukrainian invasion near the checkpoint at Yasinovataya, in which UAF units, backed by tanks and armored vehicles, tried to break through DPR lines of defense. The DPR militias repulsed all enemy attacks, killing more than 40 Ukrainian soldiers. Russian LifeNews journalist crew have also come under attack again in the Yasinvataya area. No one was hurt. Map: Avdeevka top left of center, Yasinovataya upper right, Veceloye lower left. [Sources: dan-news(dot)info/defence/pri-obstrele-makeevki-boeviki-kieva-namerenno-veli-ogon-po-zhilym-massivam-basurin.html | dan-news(dot)info/defence/ukrainskie-siloviki-za-sutki-pochti-200-raz-obstrelyali-prifrontovye-zony-dnr-minoborony.html | dan-news(dot)info/defence/razvedka-dnr-zafiksirovala-ezhednevnoe-pribytie-v-avdeevku-avtokolonn-vsu-s-boepripasami.html | dan-news(dot)info/defence/semochnaya-gruppa-rossijskogo-televideniya-popala-pod-obstrel-v-rajone-yasinovatoj-basurin.html – To view sources, cut and paste into Google URL then change “(dot)” to “.”]

Foreign mercenaries in Ukraine (--Sputnik)

Foreign mercenaries in Ukraine (–Sputnik)

LPR: Kiev inviting foreign mercenaries to take part in illegal war against Donbass / / March 26, 2016 / On Wednesday, a foreign unit consisting of 70 people arrived in Stanitsa Luganskaya in eastern Ukraine, the official spokesman for LPR militias says. Ukraine’s authorities are inviting foreign mercenaries to take part in the military operation in Donbass as part of Kiev forces, the official spokesman for militias of the self-proclaimed Lugansk People’s Republic said on Thursday. On Wednesday, a foreign unit consisting of 70 people arrived in Stanitsa Luganskaya in eastern Ukraine, Andrei Marochko said. “The military speak a foreign language with each other, wear a black uniform and their faces are covered with a mask. These could be fighters of one of foreign private military companies,” he was quoted by the LuganskInformCenter as saying. Kiev forces deployed 13 tanks and seven infantry fighting vehicles to the contact line near Stanitsa Luganskaya and carried out the rotation of a unit headquartered in the building of a local library, he said. A commander of the Kievan Rus battalion, Yevgeny Lavrov, also said in an interview with a Ukrainian TV channel that three US and twelve Georgian servicemen have joined his forces, Marochko reminded. Comment: Reports from the DPR have also revealed that ‘Turkish civilians’ are present in Ukraine’s ranks. The Lugansk people’s militias have stated many times that Kiev is deploying military equipment and personnel to the contact line in violation of the Minsk peace deal. Comment: As South Front reports, the military situation in Ukraine is ‘detonating’ as Kiev escalates their illegal war against the people of Donbass.Foreign mercenaries are an integral component of this, since the Ukrainian army has long since been demoralized by a psychopathic leadership that expects them to senselessly kill their neighbors.

Infantry fighting vehicle (Russia Insider)

Infantry fighting vehicle (Russia Insider)

Defense Situation Report – DONi News, March 25, 2016 / Excerpts from Russia Insider / March 26, 2016 / … Due to the daily shelling of the northern suburbs of Gorlovka, the OSCE mission made a decision to regularly patrol the area, which did not serve to stop Kiev from attacking the city again. The local authorities reported that in the latest shelling a school was damaged, with at least 10 mortar bombs landing nearby. The DPR forces were forced to return fire in order to push the Ukrainian troops from the buffer zone, which the latter had seized over the past two weeks. According to the Ukrainian military press center, the DPR has over the past two days shelled the Ukrainian positions 97 times, including 86 in the direction of Donetsk, using more than a 100 82mm and 120mm mortar bombs, 12 shells from a tank and four shells launched from a 122mm howitzer…. Ukrainian journalists and volunteers situated on the Ukrainian positions near Donetsk posted in social networks of about 13 soldiers having been wounded and the commander of one of the Ukrainian brigades having been killed. The information about the highly intense fighting in the north of Donetsk was coming from both sides of the frontline. The Ukrainian journalists reported that the Ukrainian soldiers had been forced to retreat from their positions seized in the buffer zone and were, in fact, asking their superiors for reinforcements…. Kiev, however, decided to avenge the retreat of their troops with a brutal shelling of Makeevka, the northern satellite town of Donetsk. The attack took place last night, after the situation on this segment of the front had relatively stabilized, and was heard even in Donetsk, including by DONI reporters. According to the Town Council, it resulted in four civilians being wounded, two houses destroyed, a kindergarten and 15 houses damaged, and about 1,000 homes without power…. In addition, the so-called Gorbulin Plan, named after an adviser to President Poroshenko, and detailing how to “pacify” Donbass, was recently leaked in the media. According to this plan, Kiev is to tighten the blockade of Donbass and carry out harassing shelling of both the Republican military positions and residential areas in order to exhaust the DPR and LPR Armies and make the lives of civilians unbearable. The plan assumes that with such a tactic, the DPR and LPR authorities will soon lose the support of the population, as well as the aid from a Russia weakened by Western sanctions, after which Kiev will seize the territory of the Republic with one mighty blow as did the Croatian Army on the Serbian Krajina in 1995. The suggestion that Kiev is hatching such a plan is supported by their flat refusal to implement any points of the Minsk Agreements … [One] requirement of the Minsk Agreements is the withdrawal of mercenaries from the conflict zone. To circumvent this, President Poroshenko signed in November 2015 the law allowing foreigners to serve in the Ukrainian army on contract. The DPR intelligence sources on the ground repeatedly report of the presence of English-, Polish- and even Arabic-speaking soldiers in the near-front areas occupied by the Ukrainian military. Two days ago the commander of the “Kievan Rus” battalion of the of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs officially announced that 12 Georgians and three Americans had signed contracts with the Defense Ministry of Ukraine and joined the battalion…. Kiev’s further amassing of heavy weapons and equipment on the frontline does not contradict the suggestion of their preparation to deliver a decisive blow either. According to the LPR Defense Ministry, over the past two days the Ukrainian side delivered to the near-front areas seven tanks, 10 self-propelled artillery systems, 12 infantry fighting vehicles, and five “Ural” trucks with 120mm mortars and 300 personnel. In addition, the LPR special services discovered on the territory of the Republic a cache with about 1,000 weapons of different types, obviously prepared to arm Ukrainian subversive groups. DPR intelligence reported the arrival of six tanks, four infantry fighting vehicles, 18 122mm D-30 howitzers, and a mortar platoon. [Source: russia-insider(dot)com/en/donetsk-blog-mar-25-residential-areas-under-fire-kievs-plan-seize-donbass-mercenaries-legalised – To view source, cut and paste into Google URL and change “(dot)” to “.”]

Liberia (

Liberia (–

Ukraine is Turning into Liberia / by Andrey Fomin / Ron Paul Institute / March 25, 2016 / Earlier this month while delivering a public lecture in Kiev, “The Challenges of an Ever-Changing World,” former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice made an inspiring remark for anyone who might have been thinking that life in Ukraine was bad: “You should go to Liberia where the standard of living is much lower, and then you will be thankful.” Ironically, Forbes Ukraine reacted to this with a slightly perplexed analysis that nonetheless led to a conclusion of flawless logic: “Although Liberia has one of the weakest economies in the world, it lags only slightly behind Ukraine with respect to a number of macroeconomic parameters,” and the magazine supported its argument with some anemic statistics (failing however to mention that Liberia’s 85 percent unemployment rate is far worse than Ukraine’s, even today). The rapid deterioration of the Ukrainian economy over the past two post-Maidan years is no longer a taboo . . . MORE>> Click here.


Monday, March 21, 2016
(Brief update)

Eduard Basurin (Click for video)

Eduard Basurin Click for video.

Donetsk Weekly SitRep (VIDEO): Ukraine’s aggression against DPR results in civilian deaths – 21.03. / DONi News / March 21, 2016 / ‘Over the past week the situation in the Donetsk People’s Republic has sharply deteriorated. Over the past day the Ukrainian military violated the ceasefire 34 times and shelled the territory of the Republic 120 times. Over the past week the Ukrainian military violated the ceasefire 331 times. The localities of the Republic and the positions of the DPR Army were shelled with 1058 mortar shells,’ reported on Monday the Vice-Commander of the DPR Defense Ministry Corps Eduard Basurin. ‘The Kiev regime continues to ignore the peaceful Minsk Agreements. As a result, residents of Donbass continue to die and sustain injuries,’ said Basurin and warned the political and military authorities of Ukraine that ‘any attempt of their military to commit an act of aggression against the DPR will lead to another crashing defeat of the Ukrainian army.’ For VIDEO click here. [Source: /dninews(dot)com/content/donetsk-weekly-sitrep-ukraines-aggression-against-dpr-results-civilian-deaths-–-2103 – To view source, cut and paste into Google URL and change “(dot)” to “.”]

slavmar21yDONi Press Situation Report March 21 / Russia Insider (from DONi News) / March 21, 2016 / The situation on the frontline remains tense. According to the DPR Defense Ministry, over the past three days the Ukrainian military shelled the territory of the Republic 677 times, with 407 82mm and 120mm mortars and an unspecified number of rounds from grenade launchers and small arms. DONi reporters personally heard this shelling in the northern and western suburbs of Donetsk. According to the local authorities of Gorlovka, the second-largest city in the north of the DPR, the shelling resulted in two residential houses being burned down and another ten seriously damaged. Fortunately, no civilian lives were lost. Three days ago a group of OSCE observers, headed by the deputy chief of mission Alexander Hug, visited for an inspection the Yasinovatsky checkpoint, the current hottest spot on the frontline. Immediately after their departure, the DPR soldiers in this segment of the front report, the area of the checkpoint was massively shelled by mortars, following which the Ukrainian military made an attempt to break through using flame-throwers. The attack was repelled, but it claimed the life of one DPR soldier and five were wounded. It is not excluded that using flame-throwers in the open was Kiev’s sadistic way of training its soldiers, as this weapon is more effective in urban areas. However, DPR intelligence revealed that a Ukrainian firm had received an order to produce 5,000 jet engines for RIFT (rocket infantry flame-throwers) use. It looks like Kiev is decidedly preparing to fight in urban areas, which can only mean massive Ukrainian attacks on Donetsk and Gorlovka. […] No less questionable was the OSCE reaction to the Ukrainian military openly and in broad daylight unloading two Ural trucks with ammunition within 500 meters of DPR positions near the Yasinovatsky checkpoint. When DPR authorities drew their attention to such a blatant violation of the Minsk Agreements, the OSCE observers noted in their report that the Ukrainian side had been unloading foodstuffs as well as wood for heating there, even though the incident occurred in the buffer zone where no military of either side are supposed to be found. Encouraged by the international observers’ “blindness”, Kiev continues amassing weapons and equipment near the frontline. According to the LPR Defense Ministry, over the past three days the Ukrainian side delivered to their positions 12 infantry fighting vehicles, one tank, and four “Uragan” MLRS (see below pictures of weapons mentioned). Moreover, LPR intelligence sources on the ground reported that the Ukrainian military place their equipment near hospitals, using the medical staff and civilian patients as human shields. DPR intelligence reported the arrival of 20 Ukrainian infantry fighting vehicles within 500m of the contact line as well as a train consisting of nine train cars containing ammunition for MLRS, tanks, self-propelled artillery systems, and mortars. It appears that the relative decrease in intensity of Ukrainian shelling, attributable to a shortage of ammunition, is now coming to an end. During this period the DPR Army returned fire only in response to direct attacks. Even the Ukrainian military press service continues to note a decrease in the extent of DPR shelling on their positions. On March 18 the press service reported 32 rounds and bombs from mortars, grenade launchers and small arms; on March 19 only 11; while yesterday, March 20, their report mentioned five mortar bombs landing near their positions and an unspecified number of rounds from grenade launchers, large-caliber machine guns and small arms. [Source: russia-insider(dot)com/en/donetsk-blog-mar-21-kiev-uses-flame-throwers-imminent-ecological-disaster-hidden-afu-losses/ri13472? – To view source, cut and paste into Google URL and change “(dot)” to “.”]

OSCE Head visited the target of Ukrainian attacks: Yasinovataya Checkpoint (

OSCE Head visits target of Ukrainian attacks Yasinovataya Checkpoint, March 19, 2016 (–

UAF Casualties High Despite Official Reports / Russia Insider (from DONi News) / March 21, 2016 / Due to the decreased intensity of shelling from the DPR side, the Ukrainian press center reports either no casualties at all or a minimal number, such as two soldiers killed and six wounded over the past three days. In reality, the losses of the Ukrainian army are much higher. According to medical staff at the Kharkov military hospital, over the past three days they have received 36 wounded Ukrainian soldiers. According to the DPR Defense Ministry, over the past three days in the area of the Yasinovatsky checkpoint, Kiev lost eight soldiers killed and 15 wounded, including three severely wounded who needed urgent hospitalization. The commanders, however, refuse to evacuate their wounded men so as not to reveal the real number of casualties and be subject to the investigation begun by the Ukrainian General Staff and the SBU enquiring into the heavy losses. DPR intelligence reports that Kiev also continues to thoroughly conceal non-combat losses, the number of which is constantly rising, mostly due to the heavy mining of the near-front area, a lack of discipline, and clashes between the regular Ukrainian soldiers on the one side and nationalists and mercenaries on the other. Near Donetsk a Ukrainian reconnaissance group of five men accidentally wandered onto their own mine field, leaving no survivors. A Hummer hit another Ukrainian mine on a side road, leaving three soldiers killed and two wounded. Another Ukrainian reconnaissance group went on an unauthorized mission and was destroyed by “friendly” mortar fire from a nearby regular Ukrainian unit that took them for a DPR subversive group. Volunteers delivered military equipment to a Ukrainian unit situated near Donetsk, including an experimental drone. The Ukrainian military decided to turn it into an attack drone, attaching grenades to it inside a tent. One of the grenades exploded, killing three soldiers, wounding four, and burning down the tent as well as the newly delivered equipment, including the drone. The explosion additionally caused panic among the Ukrainian soldiers, who, firing around, wounded another five soldiers. [Source: russia-insider(dot)com/en/donetsk-blog-mar-21-kiev-uses-flame-throwers-imminent-ecological-disaster-hidden-afu-losses/ri13472? – To view source, cut and paste into Google URL and change “(dot)” to “.“]


Sunday, March 20, 2016
(Brief update)

slavmar20yYasinovataya Battles Ongoing: 8 UAF Soldiers Killed Since Thursday / DAN / Edited autotranslation by Quemado Institute / March 20, 2016 / DPR Defense Ministry Reports Death of Eight UAF Soldiers near Yasinovataya in Past Three Days / The Ukrainian Army Division has lost 8 soldiers in the past three days near Yasinovataya. Another 15 were wounded. This was announced today at a briefing in the DAN press center by Vice Commander of the DPR Defense Ministry Corps Eduard Basurin. “We are getting new data from the military on casualties in UAF 58 OMPBR units in the industrial zone of the Yasinovataya district, incurred while attempting to attack our positions. During the last three days, in subdivision teams, 8 have been killed and 15 injured—3 of them in critical condition and in need of evacuation,” he said. According to Basurin, Ukrainian battalion commanders are hiding their losses. It is difficult to get needed medical care to the wounded, which can lead to their death in the near future. “According to official data, there are supposedly no losses among UAF military personnel in the area,” added the Vice Commander. Ukrainian Defense Ministry officers repeatedly informed the DPR on the facts of concealment of losses. The Security Service of Ukraine, according to intelligence reports, has already started investigations into the numerous victims among the security forces near Gorlovka and Yasinovataya. Recall that fighting in the section of the route near Yasinovataya, between Donetsk and Gorlovka, has been going on since the beginning of March. UAF Divisions, supported by tanks and armored vehicles, have repeatedly attempted to break through the defense line of the DPR. However, it has not been possible for them to achieve success. [Source: dan-news(dot)info/defence/minoborony-dnr-soobshhilo-o-gibeli-vosmi-voennosluzhashhix-vsu-pod-yasinovatoj-za-tri-dnya.html – To view source, cut and paste into Google URL and change “(dot)” into “.”]

slavmar20xFighting Today Near Yasinovataya / Quemado Institute (Source: Twitter) / March 20, 2015, 21:30 UTC / Twitter source John Delacour tweets at about 21:30 UTC: “Shelling, fighting have begun again around Yasinovataya, Spartak, N. Makeevka. Gvardeyka, Butovka.” Maurice Schleepen reports: “Breaking #Donetsk, Yasinovataya under Ukraine regime attacks with heavy and small arms.” Storm Bringer informs us: “BREAKING! Checkpoint Yasinovataya ongoing positional battles with variable intensity & with use of heavy weapons.”

Eduard Basurin (Novorossia Today)

Eduard Basurin (Novorossia Today)

Donetsk Defense: Situation Report, 20.03.2016 / DONi News / March 20, 2016 / The situation on the contact line remains tense. Over the past day the Ukrainian military violated the ceasefire forty-three times and shelled the territory of the Republic a hundred and three times. Altogether the enemy launched thirty-two 120mm mortar shells and thirty-five 82mm mortar shells. The enemy used grenade launchers of different types and small arms. Once again the orders to shell the territory of the Republic were given by the war criminals Klochkov, the commander of the 93rd brigade, Melnik, the commander of the 56th brigade, and Zabolotny, the commander of the 58th brigade. The most intense shellings from the weapons prohibited by the Minsk Agreements were applied to such localities as Zaytsevo, Spartak, Vesyoloye, Kominternovo, the Trudovskoy district and the area of the airport of the city of Donetsk. According to our intelligence, – There were transferred two platoons (up to 50 men) of the unit “Dnepr-1” from the area of Volnovakha to the area of Novosyolovka-Vtoraya; – The enemy also continues to equip their positions in engineering terms. Our intelligence also reports that the firm “Ivanchenko Progress” received an order from the Defense Ministry of Ukraine to produce 5,000 jet engines for RIFT (rocket infantry flame-thrower). This information let us conclude that the Ukrainian military are preparing to carry out offensive military operations in urban environments, as this weapon is effective only in large localities. We keep getting new evidence from the AFU military about the losses of the units of the 58th separate mechanised infantry brigade in the area of the industrial zone in Yasinovataya at their attempts to attack our positions. […] We appeal again to the political and military authorities of Ukraine with an urgent request to place on our territory the JCCC representatives on the Ukrainian side to document a more accurate picture of violations of the ceasefire. We have provided them with documents stating our commitment to safety. In this regard, we draw attention of the Ukrainian authorities to the criminal actions of A. Taran, the JCCC head on the Ukrainian side. He completely ignores or fears to make a decision about the presence of officers from the Ukrainian side on the territory of the DPR. (–Vice-Commander of the DPR Defence Ministry Corps Eduard Basurin, official translation by DONi News Agency) [Source: – To view source, cut and paste into Google URL and change “(dot)” to “.”]


slavmar20vVIDEO: Eduard Basurin Situation Report – March 20, 2016


slavmar20uBreakthrough Attempt of Ukrainian Army Near Yasinovataya Failed / Essence of Time / March 20, 2016 / The Ukrainian Army used flamethrowers trying to break through the Donetsk People’s Republic defense in the area of Yasinovataya, Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Deputy Defense Minister Eduard Basurin informed Donetsk News Agency on March 19th. The report states that the massive mortar shelling of DPR positions by the Ukrainian Army took place a night before. At the end of the shelling, Ukrainian military made a breakthrough attempt using flamethrowers. The attack was repelled by the 11th Guards regiment of DPR Armed Forces, one soldier was killed, and five were wounded. Intense combat is underway for the part of Donetsk-Yasinovataya-Gorlovka route since the beginning of March. The Ukrainian army tried to break through the defense of the DPR Armed Forces many times, but all the attacks were repelled. According to DPR Defense Ministry, the Ukrainian side lost 30 men killed and 73 wounded in the attacks. (Source: Donetsk News Agency) [Source: eu.eot(dot)su/2016/03/20/breakthrough-attempt-of-ukrainian-army-near-yasinovataya-failed/ – To view source, cut and paste into Googel URL, then change “(dot)” into “.”]


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