Donetsk Lugansk News Nov 3-7 2015

Saturday, November 7, 2015
(Brief update)

slavnov7zDPR Defense Ministry Confirms Shelling of Center of Donetsk by Ukrainian Forces / DAN / Edited autotranslation / November 7, 2015 / The DPR Ministry of Defence confirmed the shelling today in the center of Donetsk from multiple rocket launchers by the armed forces of Ukraine. “The shelling was carried out by the UAF [Ukrainian Armed Forces] with the use of MLRS from the occupied village of Peski,” the deputy commander of the DPR Ministry of Defense Corps Eduard Basurin told DAN. We add that the residential sector in the capital of the DPR was fired upon using MLRS “Grad” today around at 6:50. Shells fell on the street Solovyanenko 96. Since the beginning of the last truce in Donbass, which was officially announced on September 1, the center of Donetsk has come under fire for the first time. Editor’s note: an additiional article from DAN today reports: The shelling of the town center by UAF volley fire from “Grad” systems is aimed at disrupting the Minsk agreements. This was stated by the deputy commander of the DPR Ministry of Defense Corps Eduard Basurin. “This shelling was carried by the nationalist battalions beyond the control of Kiev, who are working to disrupt the peaceful settlement of the conflict in Donbass,” he said. Earlier, DPR intelligence reported that the militant nationalist groups “Azov”, “Dnepr” and “Lions” of up to 2 thousand people are completely outside the command of the UAF and are close to the line of contact. They are armed, and there were up to 50 units. According to the agreement reached at peace talks in Minsk on September 1, at the contact line in Donbass was announced complete cease-fire, but the Ukrainian security forces are still regularly shelling the territory of the DPR. Particularly heavy fire hit the northern outskirts of the capital, where the Donetsk airport is located, as well as nearby towns.

Equipment withdrawal < 100 mm (--DAN)

Equipment withdrawal < 100 mm (–DAN)

DPR Will not Return Equipment to Position Assigned Because of Shelling of Houses in Donetsk – Eduard Basurin / DAN / Edited autotranslation / November 7, 2015 / The DPR will not return military equipment to the position previously assigned because of the shelling of residential areas of Donetsk, the purpose of which was only to disrupt the peace process. This was reported today at a briefing with DAN by deputy commander of the DPR Ministry of Defense Corps Eduard Basurin. “At the moment, we are not considering the question of the return of military equipment to their positions. The event, which took place in the morning, confirms the fact that in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, there are people in the subdivision who do not want us to have peace, and are trying to provoke clashes,” said Basurin. According to him, the authorities of the DPR have already sent a letter to the OSCE mission with a request to understand this fact, and conduct an investigation. A similar letter was sent to the Ukrainian side. “We must be strong in spirit, and not respond to these provocations,” said Eduard Basurin. Early this morning, Kiev nationalist battalion gunmen fired at a residential area in the center of Donetsk rockets from “Grad” multiple launch rocket systems using a homemade launcher. No one was hurt. [What?? Is the DPR completely bedazzled by Angela Merkel? — Editor’s slip]

Friday, November 6, 2015
(Brief update)

(--Yuri Smityuk/TASS )

(–Yuri Smityuk/TASS )

Ukrainian forces shell Donetsk’s western outskirts from Grad systems — media / TASS / November 6, 2015 / MOSCOW / Ukrainian forces have shelled the Staromikhaylovka settlement to the west of Donetsk and settlements of Spartak and Zhabichevo to the north of the city, an informed source told Donetsk News Agency on Friday. “Around 8pm on November 5, Ukrainian Armed Forces opened fire from Grad [multiple rocket launcher systems] at the Staromikhaylovka settlement. Around three volleys were made, and fire was also opened from small arms. Around this time, the shelling of Zhabichevo and Spartak started and continued until 5am,” the source said. The northern outskirts of Donetsk were shelled from mortars of 82mm caliber, he noted. Moreover, Ukrainian forces have fired 53 mines at the settlements of Spartak and Zhabichevo in Donetsk’s northern outskirts over the last night, the source added. “Over the last night Ukrainian forces fired 53 mines of 82mm caliber at the settlements of Spartak and Zhabunki,” the source said. At the meeting of the Contact Group in Minsk on August 26, the participants confirmed their plans to ensure ceasefire in Donbas from September 1. Over the last weeks, only few violations of ceasefire regime were registered in Donbas. Observing ceasefire by both sides is one of the main conditions for completing withdrawal of weaponry of less than 100mm caliber from the contact line in Donbas. The Minsk accords were signed on February 12, after negotiations in the so-called “Normandy format” in the Belarusian capital Minsk, bringing together Russian President Vladimir Putin, French President Francois Hollande, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. The Minsk accords envisage ceasefire, weaponry withdrawal, prisoner exchange, local election in Donbass, constitutional reform in Ukraine and establishing working sub-groups on security, political, economy and humanitarian components of the Minsk accords. The Ukrainian forces and the self-defense forces of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk republics have repeatedly accused each other of violating ceasefire and other points of the Minsk agreements.

Thursday, November 5, 2015
(Updated throughout the day)

Ukrainian Security Forces Shell Northern Outskirts of Donetsk with More than 120 Mines During the Night – Source / DAN / Edited autotranslation / November 5, 2015 / DONETSK / During the night, the UAF shelled the northern outskirts of the capital of the DPR, releasing 124 mines. This was reported today to DAN by a source in the administration of the DPR. “For the last night, the Ukrainian punitive forces have released in the area Volvo Center and the Spartak industrial zone, a total of about 124 mines of caliber 82 and 120 mm,” the source said. Against this background, the DPR today is [conducting] the final stage of withdrawal of weapons in the region, a transport to the rear of mortars and 120 mm [artillery]. [Editor: the autotranslator rendered the Russian word “Min” in one case as “mines” in another as “minutes”. That it might have been “124 minutes” is not far-fetched. Local sources on Twitter reported hearing continuous loud volleys over a long period of time.]

Eduard Basurin (--DAN)

Eduard Basurin (–DAN)

DPR Defence Ministry: Situation Report, 5.11.2015 / DONi Press / November 5, 2015 / The situation in the Donetsk People’s Republic has remained tense over the past day. Ukrainian war criminals seven times violated the ceasefire regime. Donetsk airport was shelled with mortars of 120 mm and 82 mm calibre from the positions of the nationalist battalions from Avdeyevka, Opytnoe settlements. In total more than 100 mortar shells were fired. Spartak settlement was fired with small arms and grenade machine guns from the ventilation shaft of Butovka mine. Our intelligence continues to record violations of the Minsk agreements on the withdrawal of heavy weapons from the line of contact. Thus, the location of 3units of MRLS BM-21 “Grad in Golmovskoy settlement (1 km to the contact line) was detected. The approach march of tanks and 20 self-propelled artillery systems from the territory controlled by the Ukrainian forces in the direction of the settlement Dyleyevka (9 km to the contact line) is recorded. According to operational data obtained from our units on the frontline, the approach march of six tanks near the settlement Peski and four tanks near the settlement Maryinka was recorded. The shelling in the area of the new airport’s terminal and Zhabunki settlement are observed during the day. Also there was the shelling with mortars of 120 mm calibre at 14.07 pm. We call on the OSCE Mission to fix these violations by the Ukrainian side immediately and we ask JCCC to prevent armed provocations. The unavailability of 3 units of 152 mm howitzers MSTA-B and 12 units of MRLS BM-21 “Grad” at the storage site of heavy weapons was registered in the OSCE report published on November 2, 2015. The facts of residential areas’ shelling with heavy weapons are confirmed by the Ukrainian artillerists. For example, in the interview published on November 3 on the internet resources the senior sergeant of the 1st howitzer self-propelled artillery battery of the 92d separate motorized rifle brigade Dmitry Gorbanev confessed to shelling the settlements and explained that he is not interested where the shells hit. The military criminal – commander of the 92d separate motorized rifle brigade Victor Nikolyuk inspires his subordinates that the killing of civilians – is not a crime, and calls not to think about the consequences. Thus, we see the cynicism and degradation going on in the Ukrainian army and the society and the attacks which became more frequent show that before the withdrawal of weapons and the forthcoming meeting of the Ministers of foreign affairs, the Ukrainian side continues its provocative actions aimed at disrupting the activities on peaceful settlement of the conflict.

slavnov5wDPR brought arms’ withdrawal to an end / DONi News / November 5, 2015 / DONETSK / The Donetsk People’s Republic finished the act of arms’ withdrawal according to the “Addition to the Package of measures for the implementation of the Minsk accords” from September 29, 2015 – the Joint Center on Control and Coordination of the ceasefire regime (JCCC) and the DPR’s Ministry of Defence. “Today we completely accomplished the last stage of arms’ withdrawal prescribed by the “Addition to the Package of measures for the implementation of the Minsk accords” — the Chief of the DPR’s Defence Ministry’s Staff Ruslan Yakubov claimed amplifying the similar statement made by Hassan Kaloev, the head of the Russian JCCC representational office. According to the representatives of the above-mentioned institutions, there is only infantry and small arms present at the disengagement line. The DPR finished withdrawal of tanks on October 22, artillery of under 100 mm calibre on October 28, and the withdrawal of mortars was completed as planned today, November 5. Quemado Institute comments: We have rarely reported lately on the topic of arms withdrawal. This is because we suspect the reports are inaccurate, whether the sources are pro-Ukrainian or pro-Donbass. For example, during last night’s heavy exchange of fire, a number of local Twitter sources said they heard volleys going in both directions. Minsk or no Minsk, we believe the DPR needs to defend itself, is defending itself, and should continue to do so.

Mo Brooks (

Mo Brooks (–

US congressman urges arming Ukraine to take Donbass back / Stop Imperialism / Mo Brooks, a Republican US congressman, said that giving lethal weapons to Ukraine could help it to return the “occupied” territories. He also added that Minsk agreements and cease-fire in Donbass didn’t lead to the return of the so-called “occupied” territories of Ukraine. The most interesting question in this regard is what the congressman meant under “occupied” territories. And occupied by whom? ‘By receiving lethal weapons from the US, Kiev could stage a military operation aimed at the return of the occupied territories and thus force Russia to transfer additional military resources to Ukraine’, Brooks said. However, there have never been Russian troops in Ukraine during all the time of the conflict. Obviously, the US want to provoke Russia and Ukraine to begin an open armed conflict which let the Americans to further pursue their interests in the region. He added that Russia could not afford to maintain the parallel powerful military operations in Syria and Ukraine. It’s evident that the US are interested in the escalation of the Ukrainian conflict because it can presumably reduce Russia’s military presence in Syria. Quemado Institute comments: Mo Brooks is obviously ignorant about Russia’s military non-presence in Donbass. The article is correct in this regard. However, Brooks does not represent the opinions of all American congressman, and therefore his views, although reflective of prevailing policy, cannot be equated to those of the “US”. See our commentary US-Russia Relations: A Hearing by Experts.

Valery Rashkin, Sergey Obukhov (--RIA Novosti/Vladimir Fedorenko)

Valery Rashkin, Sergey Obukhov (–RIA Novosti/Vladimir Fedorenko)

Communists ask Russian govt to blacklist Ukrainians responsible for Donbass war / / November 5, 2015 / Two communist MPs have asked PM Dmitry Medvedev to issue a lifelong ban for entering Russia for Ukrainian police and military who waged war against people’s militia in the Donetsk and Lugansk Regions of that country. “We are asking you, in cooperation with law enforcement bodies, to create the fullest possible list of persons who were taking an active part in the so-called ‘anti-terrorist operation’ [in eastern Ukraine] in order to issue them with a lifelong ban from entering Russia,” reads the letter by Valery Rashkin and Sergey Obukhov. Copies of the letter have been also forwarded to the head of the Federal Migration Service, the prosecutor general, interior minister, director of the Federal Security Service and the head of the Investigative Committee. In the same letter, Rashkin and Obukhov expressed concern that recent violations of the ceasefire agreement by the Ukrainian military could be a sign of preparations for a resumption of the full-scale operation against the people of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics. “Considering the disastrous consequences of the crimes committed by Ukrainian . . . MORE>> Click here.


Wednesday, November 4, 2015

slavnov4dFighting Escalates Sharply In Donbass / Quemado Institute / November 4, 2015 / Sources on Twitter report a sharp increase in fighting today, with battles in the north and west of Donetsk. At about 21:00 UTC, Elias J. S. tweets, “Ukraine is attacking hill 251.2 at Donetsk airport this moment. Attacking a hill from open range. Stupid? Drunk?” He posts this message along with the map shown. Enrico Ivanov tweets at 20:50 UTC: “Breaking! Fightings near the airport and north of Spartak! Suburbs of Donetsk!” Sergey Bobkov tweets at 20:50 UTC: “Significant clashes between Ukraine & NAF at Donetsk airport and Spartak. Small arms, 120mm arty, casualties on both sides. #ATO” An enemy source says, “Shelling can be heard in #Donetsk and surroundings this evening, sometimes heavy.” Gregor Martin tweets at 21:08: “Looks like battle in #Optyne-#Donetsk airport area. You can hear quite clearly.” Below are two sitreps tweeted as images by Pete John at about 21:00 UTC. (Click to enlarge)slavnov4e slavnov4d

04.11.2015 Military Report of Novorossia / / November 4, 2015 / The situation in DPR has become tense over the past day. The number of attacks almost doubled. Zhabichevo, Spartak settlements, the area of “Volvo-Center” and the Donetsk airport were heavy shelled from the positions of the Ukrainian forces from the direction of the Avdeyevka, Peski settlements and from the mine shaft Butovka. In addition, Zaitsevo and Ozeryanovka were shelled with mortars from the direction of the Zhovanka and Novoselovka settlements. In violation of the Minsk agreements by the Ukrainian side the positions of two MRLS BM-21 “Grad” in Granitnoe settlement were detected. The attack on the settlement of Staromykhailovka by the Ukrainian side using rocket systems on November 2 was confirmed. OSCE have detected and identified several pieces of shells MRLS BM-21 “Grad” in this settlement. In connection with these and other facts of violations, DPR has asked the OSCE monitoring mission to record these incidents impartially and include them in their reports to inform the public and international human rights organizations.

Alexander Zakharchenko (--DAN)

Alexander Zakharchenko (–DAN)

Donetsk People’s Republic: The Progress of a Nation / Integrative*Mind / November 4, 2015 / Introduction by Quemado Institute: The following is a summary of the challenges and achievements of the Donetsk People’s Republic during the first year since Alexander Zakharchenko’s election to Head of State. This substantial report offers highlights on the Republic’s military, economic, cultural, political, and diplomatic history and aspirations. Due to the length of the article, we present it in autotranslated form with only minor editing. / Alexander Zakharchenko: A Year of Great Difficulties, Great Strides / DAN / November 4, 2015 / DONETSK / Exactly a year being fulfilled today since the entry of Alexander Zakharchenko as the head of the People’s Republic of Donetsk. The official ceremony of his oath was held on November of 2014 in the Donetsk Music and Drama Theatre. “I solemnly promise to serve the interests of the people of the People’s Republic of Donetsk and conscientiously perform my duties,” declared Zakharchenko on that day. He won the first elections as Head of the DPR in the Republic, with the support of 765,340 people. Two of his opponents collectively received 204,304 votes. The election of the Head of the DPR has given impetus to the development of the state in the Donbass region, provided an opportunity for the public for the first time to determine the vectors of development of the region. Sentinel Republic: Construction of fighting the military establishment in the DPR has become one of the key achievements of the Zakharchenko team, believes the Ministry of Defense. The need to protect the population from the aggression of Ukraine, which was accompanied by the constant bombardment of residential areas of the DPR, predetermined the priority of . . . MORE>> Click here.

Donetsk protests Doctors Without Borders (

Protest in Donetsk against Doctors Without Borders (–

Zakharchenko Describes Work in DPR of Western Security Services under Guise of Humanitarian Organizations / DAN / Edited autotranslation / November 4, 2015 / DEBALTSEVO / Western secret services operate in the territory of the DPR under the guise of the activities of humanitarian missions. This was announced today at a press conference, journalists said, by the Head of the DPR Alexander Zakharchenko. “Last year we arrested and handed over to US authorities two scouts, who were members of one of the humanitarian organizations. Can we allow these organizations among us, who under the guise of [bringing] corned beef and packs of insulin, have reported the movement of our troops and our position?” said the Head of the Republic. Zakharchenko said that medicines are supplied to the DPR not only by Western missions, but, above all, by Russia. “Thanks for each package of insulin, but the same thing comes to us from Russia,” he said. “The face of the enemy is different, but the worst when they hide behind the Hippocratic Oath,” summed up the head of the country. Earlier it was reported that an inter-ministerial committee on accreditation of humanitarian missions in the DPR canceled the accreditation of “Doctors without Borders” because of the participation of the organization’s staff in collecting data, and the illegal supply of psychotropic substances in the Republic.

AI Canada Board of Directors (

Amnesty Int’l Canada Board of Directors (

Human rights groups in Canada sounded alarm four months ago about arms to Ukraine / By Murray Brewster, The Canadian Press / / November 2, 2015 / Two human-rights groups have teamed up to oppose a plan by the outgoing Conservative government to allow the sale of so-called prohibited weapons to Ukraine, including automatic assault rifles and armoured vehicles. Amnesty International Canada and Project Ploughshares have written to the Department of Foreign Affairs expressing concern about the potential consequences of adding the embattled eastern European government to the list of countries to which Canada can sell automatic firearms. There are 39 countries on Canada’s automatic firearms country control list, including Saudi Arabia, to whom General Dynamics Land Systems in London, Ont., recently sold $13-billion in armoured vehicles despite the opposition of human-rights groups. Foreign Affairs has been in the process of consulting on the Ukraine proposal since it was introduced last summer, around the time Prime Minister Stephen Harper signed a free trade agreement with the country’s prime minister, Arseniy Yatsenyuk. The move was seen at the time as opening the door for Canada to expand its support for Ukraine, which to this point has only received non-lethal defensive equipment and medical supplies to offset its losses in the ongoing conflict with Russian-backed rebels. Both Amnesty and Project Ploughshares say exporting weapons should be withdrawn until the human rights situation in the country improves, citing brutal police tactics used to suppress the anti-government protests in the fall of 2013 – something that led to the overthrow of Viktor Yanukovych’s government the following year. Despite the change in government and police reforms undertaken by the international community, the groups say there is still the threat . . . MORE>> Click here.

Mateusz Piskorski (--Fort Russ)

Mateusz Piskorski (–Fort Russ)

Exclusive Fort Russ interview with Mateusz Piskorski / by J. Arnoldski / Fort Russ / November 4, 2015 / Mateusz Piskorski is best known as the leader of the new Polish political party Zmiana (“Change”), deputy editor in chief at the European Center for Geopolitical Analysis, board member of the International Institute for Newly Established States, and as an ex-member of the Polish parliament (Sejm). His views on geopolitics, international relations, social movements, and anti-liberal ideologies are renowned in Poland, Russia, Ukraine, and other Eurasian states. He has participated in a number of observatory missions, including ones to Crimea and Donbass, and has been a featured guest at various conferences in Novorossiya. Fort Russ’ J. Arnoldski had the opportunity to conduct an interview with Piskorski covering a number of controversial topics ranging from Poland’s geopolitical situation to Zmiana, the information war, European and Eurasian integration, and more. The program and platform of Zmiana, published for the first time in English, can be found below. [Question:] Many of our Western readers express significant optimism or even hostility when they read about the geopolitical situation and loyalty of Poland as a state in the context of the global confrontation between the US and Russia. As is obvious in our comment section, many people think that all Poles are hopeless Russophobes and pawns of the Atlanticists. What would you like to say or explain to such people with such views? Is there really a difference between the policies of the Polish state and the attitudes of ordinary Poles? [Piskorski:] According to recent public opinion polls, only 33% of Poles believe that NATO is a guarantor of military security for Poland. The rest either have no opinion on this issue or are convinced that the alliance is an unreliable organization. Over the past two years, opposition among various social groups to the media manipulation employed in Poland as part of the information war against Russia has grown. Entrepreneurs want to . . . MORE>> Click here.

Mikhail Delyagin (

Mikhail Delyagin (–

How to survive globalization: Russian secrets of personal success / By Mikhail Delyagin, translated by Kristina Rus / Fort Russ / October 28, 2015 / “How to behave in the new old world”, a speech by Mikhail Delyagin to young Russian audience / Mikhail Delyagin is a former head of Russian presidents analytical center, adviser to Prime Minister of Russia, director of the Institute of Issues of Globalization, editor-in-chied of “Svobodnaya Misl” (“Free Thought”) / The World of Globalization – Strange and Unclear: You have entered a very interesting world – this has never happened in the entire history of mankind. It is denoted by means of a worn-out word “globalization”, but the essence is simple and comes down to two essential – and new – aspects. All the rest – are consequences. The first is obvious: the ability to instantly and almost at no cost receive any information and instantly transfer any money anywhere in the world. This freedom of communication opens up previously unimaginable prospects – but also hinders the development of all those who for one reason or another are deprived of it even partially. The world is more divided than ever before, and as long as the principles of world development will not change – until you change them – a weak society can not become strong. Second – and this aspect of globalization is usually in the shadow – is that thanks to modern technology the developed part of humanity is engaged in the first place in changing not the material world but consciousness – as of the less developed parts of humanity, and of their own. It is more profitable in commercial terms, and those neglecting it lose competitiveness. Humanity is moving from development by changing the surrounding world to direct change of itself. Schisms of this magnitude have never happened before. We describe it and analyze some of the implications, but we are not aware of it as a whole. There is nothing to worry about. While in the past the scale of change was smaller, humanity also did not know how to analyze it, and lived without a firm foundation. It seems that the growth of uncertainty – is a natural reaction to an increase in cognitive abilities of mankind. The world you are entering, in which you are fighting for a spot that you will have to build for yourselves, is changing rapidly. It is designed not as your teachers were taught, and even not quite the way you were taught. And this is normal. After all, learning – is not memorization of facts and concepts that will become obsolete if not today then tomorrow, but mastery using these facts and concepts of the methods of cognition . . . MORE>> Click here.


Tuesday, November 3, 2015

UAF Use “Grad” in Shelling of Western Suburbs of Donetsk – Local Authorities / DAN / Edited autotranslation / November 3, 2015 / DONETSK / Ukrainian law enforcers, during the shelling of the urban settlement Staromykhailivka in the Kirov district of the DPR capital, used “Grad” multiple rocket launchers. This was reported to DAN today by the administration of the Kirov district. “During the examination of a private house, which was destroyed by UAF [Ukrainian Armed Forces] fire in Staromykhailivka on the night of November 2-3, fragments of fresh MLRS ‘Grad’ were found,” a spokesman said. Recall that during the shelling last night in Staromykhailivka, a direct hit destroyed the roof of a private house. According to the Defense Ministry, the northern outskirts of the city also underwent shelling from positions of the Ukrainian security services. The shelling of the Kirov district was determined in the afternoon [tr?].

slavnov3yFour DPR Militiamen Hit by UAF Shelling / DAN / Edited autotranslation / November 3, 2015 / DONETSK / Four DPR fighters were wounded in the shelling of the western edge of the DPR capital by the VSU [tr?]. This was reported to DAN today at the Republican center of emergency medical aid. “As a result of the shelling of the Kirov and Petrovsky areas of the city yesterday, November 2, a mine blast injured four employees,” said the agency. They added that all the victims suffered severe shrapnel wounds to the limbs, body, head and chest. Earlier it was reported that fire from the Ukrainian security officials hit the north-western outskirts of the DPR capital. As a result, the night attack damaged the roof of a residential building in the small town of Staromykhailivka in the Kirov district of the capital. Recall that in the past two days, the DPR Ministry of Defense reported an increase in the number of attacks by the VSU [tr?]. [On] November 2, according to the military establishment, there were 16 ceasefire violations in Donbass.

slavnov3sUkrainian town of Svatovo completely destroyed from blast of 3.5 tons of ammo / Translated by Kristina Rus / Fort Russ / November 2, 2015 / LPR: Svatovo is completely destroyed after the fire at Ukrainian warehouses, people are fleeing the city The [Kiev-controlled] town of Svatovo is completely destroyed after a large-scale fire at Ukrainian ammunition depots just in time for the cold, people are fleeing their homes, which Ukrainian authorities are not in a hurry to restore, reports LPR press-service. “Svatovo fire showed the incompetence of authorities, and fear of responsibility for what happened at all levels of management spiral. It has been more than three days since the fire, and the authorities to this time did not give a decent explanation of the causes of the tragedy. Referring to alleged mythical arson committed by “saboteurs”, and maybe it was mice with matches? The nonsense of defence minister Poltorak and his entourage, brainwashing the simple layman, without explaining why a deadly warehouse with more than 3.5 tons of ammunition was located inside the city line without proper security and basic fire extinguishing means. Four people were killed, more than 100 are in hospitals. The head of Lugansk regional military-civil [Ukrainian] administration, Georgy Tuka, is blatantly lying on air: “When determining location of such objects there are certain regulations. All, absolutely all regulations have been met in this case – as far as distance to residential properties (minimum distance of 500 meters, in fact – 1200)… As far as location and safety everything was executed beyond required regulations”. Meanwhile ammo scattered three kilometers from the source of fire. And after that, Georgy Tuka put a final nail in the coffin of local residents, reporting it is impossible to efficiently use the allocated budget funds for liquidation of consequences of emergency situation in Svatovo because of bureaucratic difficulties. Thus effectively leaving the residents of Svatovo to their own devices. Currently, more than 50% of local residents are afraid to return to Svatovo, marauders have taken over the city, there is no water, no heat, outside temperature is below zero, the power has been restored only partially, many buildings have damaged windows and roofs. Of five schools, only one partially survived. The schools are completely closed in the city. In addition, destroyed and badly damaged: kindergarten, art school, pension fund office, city council, gymnasium, child development center, orphanage, two pharmacies, DOSAAF building,” stated the report from LPR.

Aidar Battalion members (--Evgeny Kotenko/Sputnik/newcoldwar)

Aidar Battalion (–Evgeny Kotenko/Sputnik/newcoldwar)

Luhansk republic’s counterintelligence claims preventing series of terrorist attacks / TASS / November 2, 2015 / MOSCOW / The Ministry of State Security of the self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR) has prevented a series of terrorist attacks in the republic thanks to the successful infiltration of its undercover agent into Ukraine’s Aidar punitive battalion, the ministry’s press service reported on Monday. “As part of the operational search actions, officers of the Ministry of State Security have prevented a series of large-scale terrorist attacks in the republic, which were to be carried out by accomplices of the Aidar punitive battalion. The main targets of saboteurs were to be Government House and crowded places, “LuganskInformTsentr quotes the ministry’s report as saying. Thanks to professional actions by employees and senior officials at the LPR Ministry of State Security, all attempts by Kiev-controlled forces to destabilize the situation in the republic have been averted. Individuals involved in the preparation of the terrorist attacks and kidnappings identified during the operation have been detained.

slavnov3tAzov Members Arrested in Moscow / Translated by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ / Fort Russ / November 2, 2015 / 10 members of the neo-nazi “Azov” battalion were detained for the smuggling and sale of weapons today in Moscow, reported Lifenews, citing a source in law enforcement. It is reported that among the captured soldiers of the battalion were a few Russian nationalists, who had lived in Ukraine the past six months. “The Russian representatives were importing weapons of nationalist movements which have joined the” Azov “after the events on the Maidan. They were mostly traded combat pistols and rifles that were imported from Kiev to Moscow, and then spread to other regions of Russia “- a source told the channel. A clamp down on all groups succeeded after several special services operatives were able to infiltrate the gang as buyers. “Several addresses in Moscow were found , where members were of the group “Azov”, basically they are citizens of Russia, who joined them” – said the source. The operation to arrest them was conducted by the FSB and the Interior Ministry of Russia GUUR.

Anna Gopko (2nd R), Geoffrey Pyatt (R) (--Fort Russ)

Anna Gopko (2nd R), Geoffrey Pyatt (R) (–Fort Russ)

Ukrainian PM: “Ukraine’s mission is collapse of Putin’s Moscovia” / Translated by Kristina Rus / Fort Russ / November 2, 2015 / The chief for foreign affairs in Ukrainian parliament: “The mission of Ukraine is “the collapse of Putin’s Moscovia” The mission of Ukraine is “the collapse of Putin’s Moscovia”, said on air on Kiev TV channel “Inter” the head of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Anna Gopko. She made it clear that the so-called “democratization of Russia” is a plan for its collapse. “Kievan Rus will destroy Putin’s Moscovia. Geographically God made us neighbors. I think that Ukraine’s success — is a way of democratization and transformation inside Russia. Sooner or later, I believe in reasonable Russian people, who, thanks to hardy and reasonable Ukrainian people will understand that they too want to live with democracy, dignity and freedom. Therefore much depends on us. And I, in principle, as a person who believes in God, I believe that in the 21st century we have a great double mission — to become successful ourselves and to transform our neighbors, so that we finally have a horizontal relationship, a partnership. Because first there was Kievan Rus. Hagia Sophia was built in the early 11th century, when Moscow was not even on the map of the world. And so, when Putin is trying to steal our history, building the monument to Vladimir in Moscow, it has no relation to the history of Moscow,” announced Gopko.

NATO Sec. Gen. Jens Stoltenberg, Petro Poroshenko (--Sputnik)

NATO Sec. Gen. Jens Stoltenberg, P. Poroshenko (–Sputnik)

Poroshenko to Consider Petition for Referendum on Ukraine’s NATO Membership / Sputnik / November 3, 2015 / A petition for holding a referendum on Ukraine’s accession to NATO has passed a 25,000-vote threshold, requiring President Petro Poroshenko to consider it. / KIEV (Sputnik) / The petition was registered on the presidential website on August 29. Ukraine dropped its non-aligned status last year, opening the way for NATO membership and drawing criticism from Russia and many other states. In September, Poroshenko signed a new military doctrine in which one of the main objectives for the development of the country’s armed forces is to bring them in line with NATO standards. Earlier, Poroshenko vowed to launch a bid for NATO membership if the move was backed by a majority vote, and as soon as the country had implemented all the required reforms.

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Following municipal elections, denial of Ukraine’s political divisions helps no one / By Mark Adomanis / / November 2, 2015 / Note by New Cold In the following article, the writer overlooks the multi-faceted political repression that has descended upon Ukraine since February 2014, including the formal banning of political parties such as the large Communist Party of Ukraine. This means that anti-democratic elections in present-day Ukraine can hardly be used as an accurate measure of opinion in the country. Notwithstanding this oversight, the following article provides valuable insight. / Before the Maidan uprising, Ukraine’s politics were rather obviously divided along regional lines. The Western part of the country tended to vote for more pro-European candidates, while the Eastern part of the country tended to vote for more pro-Russian ones. Is that an oversimplification that partially masks a more complicated and multifaceted reality? Sure. There were a range of other factors that helped determine who would come to the fore of Ukraine’s oligarch-dominated political system including language, religion, and class. Region was related to these differences, but was not a perfect proxy for them. Nonetheless, despite the existence of numerous other cleavages, the map of the past several presidential elections reflected a blatantly obvious division between the North and the West and the South and the East. Since Maidan, and particularly since the start of Russia’s “hybrid war” in Donetsk and Lugansk oblasts, many Western observers have convinced themselves that these regional divisions had melted away. Sagacious proclamations that “Ukraine is united in its European choice” were regularly splashed across the editorial pages of major newspapers like the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. Ukrainian politicians also got in on the act, solemnly intoning that, whatever might have been the case in the past, the old dividing lines were no longer . . . MORE>> Click here.

Petro Poroshenko (

Petro Poroshenko, owner of Roshen (–

As Ukraine gets poorer, president’s wealth grows / / November 2, 2015 / AFP, KIEV / The value of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko’s assets soared despite economic crisis and conflict in Ukraine, while those of other tycoons shrank, according to an annual wealth list published on Friday. The 50-year-old, Western-backed president’s business empire ranges from chocolates to media holdings that still remain under his control. Friday’s independent Novoye Vremya weekly showed the Ukrainian leader — often criticised for failing to curb the political powers of fellow tycoons — ranked as the country’s sixth-richest man. His assets reportedly rose by 20 per cent during the past year to $979 million (889 million euros) — barely supporting his claim of no longer being a billionaire. Poroshenko retains control of a top TV channel and has failed to follow through on his . . . MORE>> Click here.

slavnov3wWestern media makes light of political repression in Ukraine / By Eric Draitser, New Eastern Outlook / / Oct 30, 2015 / Political repression and violence are allegedly incompatible with Western liberal democratic values. Respect for human rights, freedom of expression, and protection of the rights of minorities are all purportedly the hallmarks of “free societies,” the goals toward which all nations should be striving. And yet, such standards of freedom and democracy are only selectively applied, and only when beneficial to the Western (US-UK-EU-NATO) agenda. Western media and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are quick to highlight abuses, both real and imagined, in countries where it is politically useful to do so, such as in North Korea, Venezuela, Iran, Russia, and China. However, when it comes to the US-EU project in Ukraine, magically the liberal democratic values and human rights are no longer of central importance. Indeed, were one to read the Western media coverage of Ukraine, not only is political repression and violence not concerning, it’s downright funny. The real story: An article published in the exalted liberal pages of Britain’s The Guardian ran with the headline The force awakens (in Ukraine): Darth Vader statue replaces Lenin monument (23 October 2015). The story highlighted the transformation of a statue of Lenin in the city of Odessa, into the Star Wars villain Darth . . . MORE>> Click here.

Former British ambassador to Russia Sir Tony Brenton (--bbc)

Former British ambassador to Russia Tony Brenton (–bbc)

West Replaces Distrust With Russian Support Over Syrian Conflict / Sputnik / Although the West opposed Russia’s operation in Syria from its very beginning, it’s becoming clear now that Moscow has stuck the right line regarding Syrian conflict. And it is high time for Western politicians to start collaborating with Russia, a former UK Ambassador to Russia claimed. The emerging situation in the world indicates the West is ready to start moving towards Russia, Tony Brenton told in an interview to RT. He pointed out that idea of suspension of relations with Russia in the West was caused by the Ukraine crisis. “We’ve demonstrated our discontent. Now and I’d rather hope that over time we’ll begin to move back to more normal relationship,” Brenton said. “I think over time it’s become clearer that we have strong shared interest with Russia. And quite prominent figures here in the United States – Henry Kissinger and Jimmy Carter, for example – both’ve written encouraging the US to cooperate with Russia on this,” Brenton highlighted. From day one of the conflict the Western countries were against Bashar al Assad staying in power, but now they agree he should resign within a determined period of time and it means that relative progress has been done in this regard, Brenton added. “[W]e also agree with Russia that we don’t want Assad go in the way, which leaves us in a total mess and Islamist takeover. So there is a lot of common ground there.” To resolve the Syrian conflict, the diplomat continued, “Russia, the US — the West, countries in the region — Turkey, Syria Iran [have] to get together and [have] to encourage a process of political transition in Syria.” And Assad in his opinion is an essential actor in this procedure, as he represents the current state government. But in the end, he should step out from power, according to former ambassador. In the West for a long time many cherished illusions that there are some moderate forces which could lead the way in the country once Assad was ousted. However, it’s become obvious ISIL has a very strong influence in the region. According to Brenton, so-called “moderate” rebels include Free Syrian Army, which remain linked to extremist groups like ISIL and al-Nusra Front, a subdivision of al-Qaeda. And it would be difficult to figure out, which of them are “good guys,” deserving to rule the country during the transition period.

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