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Friday, October 23, 2015
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Alexander Zakharchenko

Alexander Zakharchenko

Poroshenko’s Defeat in Minsk Equal to “Debaltsevo Cauldron” – said Alexander Zakharchenko / Zakharchenko website / October 22, 2015 / During a press conference Alexander Zakharchenko, the Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic told about the meeting, “A Norman Quartet” in Paris, and the reasons for the extension of the Minsk Agreement for 2016. “We need peace, in order to establish peace in the life of the Donetsk Republic. We want to solve all the issues – including the territorial one by political means. And that is why we are interested in preserving the Minsk format. In February in Minsk Poroshenko suffered a diplomatic defeat comparable to the defeat on the battlefield in Debaltsevo. Do you know what the defeat means? Kyiv authorities have to be reborn for the execution of a range of measures, and Ukraine has to recover from Banderovskyi virus. Only by such means the political settlement, registered in Minsk is possible. And of course we are interested in such results”, – he said. “Do you believe that Poroshenko does not understand that he has defeated? Of course, he does. That is why, starting from February, he has delayed and simulated the solutions within the framework of the Minsk process. We had to keep the Minsk format (Russia – Germany – France) and did not let Kiev to involve the United States in order to force Poroshenko to return to the Minsk process and to go for direct negotiations with our republics”, – said the Head of the DPR. “Here we relied on Germany and France, which are interested in the success of the Minsk process. To succeed, we resorted to the political escalation and saw that Kiev was blocking the Minsk process, so we began to implement it unilaterally. We called the elections, as it was spelled out in a set of measures. As we expected, Kiev turned on our elections, warmed the public both in Ukraine and in Europe”, – said Alexander Zakharchenko. “When we have brought Kiev to the boiling point, we agreed to postpone the elections. I emphasize – to postpone, but not to cancel. As the result, firstly, the Minsk format resembled unchanged, and secondly Kiev has been prescribed to implement all sections of the Complex measures by Germany and France. So, Poroshenko has defeated again. And we have time to build our young Republic. So, now you can see yourself, how it was important to prolong the Minsk Agreement 2016”, – summed up the Head of the Republic.

Neither Russians nor US Marines leave theirs behind. Unless politicians or the contract(ion) of the soul says otherwise (Commentary on Minsk Agreements) by Vladimir Suchan / Logos Politicos / October 22, 2015 / The Minsk Agreements are anti-Novorossiya. They are also anti-Donetsk and anti-Lugansk People’s Republics. For they abolish the Donbass referendum and the republics too. In their stead, they allow only for “special areas of Donetsk and Lugansk regions” for which, in its law, the junta foresees military rule (occupation regime) behind the cipher of “special management.” The Russian acronym for “special/individual areas of Donetsk and Lugansk regions” instead of the DPR and the LPR, to which Zakharchenko and Plotnitsky signed under Moscow’s command, while simultaneously dropping their official DPR and LPR titles, makes for “ORDILO,” which, in turns, comes in English close to “ORDEAL.” The Minsk Agreements are supported by the fascist junta and by the US and NATO. And by Moscow. They are pro-junta for their main core principle is the sovereignty of the Kiev Banderite regime over “the whole of Ukraine”–with one singular exception of the Crimea according to Moscow, but not according to all the rest of Normandy 4. The Minsk Deal is anti-Novorossiya. It means it is also anti-DPR and anti-LPR. Anti-Donbass. Russian oligarchs support Minsk. Only Minsk. Not Novorossiya. Not the DPR or the LPR. The Minsk Deal is thus pro-oligarchic. The Kremlin also supports Minsk. Putin: “There is no alternative to Minsk.” Anti-Novorosssiya.

slavoct23xUAF and Militants of Nationalist Battalions Clashed Last Night Near Shirokino / DAN / Edited autotranslation / October 23, 2015 / Ukrainian security officials and militants of the nationalist battalions staged a clash near Shirokino last night. This was announced to DAN today by a source close to the situation. “IN the area Shirokino last night there was a fight between the Ukrainian military. The clash lasted for several hours. The number of victims is hard to say,” said the source. He added that the reason was the verbal sparring by commanders on the radio, and drunkenness of one of the security officials. The last clash in the ranks of Ukrainian military was recorded by DPR intelligence a month ago, on 20 September. Then nationalists, while intoxicated, began to sort things out with the UAF military, resulting in a four-hour battle in the area of Avdeevka north of Donetsk.

Vladimir Putin, Valdai Club (

Vladimir Putin, Valdai Club (–

Ukraine situation to hardly be settled without Europe, US — Putin / Novorossia Today / October 23, 2015 / The situation in Ukraine will hardly be settled without participation of Europe and the United States as Kiev does not implement the Minsk Agreements, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday while speaking at a meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club. “Without participation of Europe and the United States, it will be hardly possible to settle the situation. It is useless to endlessly accuse Russia of failing to implement or failing to prompt the authorities of the unrecognized republics in Ukraine’s southeast to implement the Minsk Agreements, if the key provisions of the Minsk deals are not implemented by the Kiev authorities,” Putin said. “And they are not implemented by the Kiev authorities,” he said.

Pavlo Klimkin (--Novorossia Today)

Pavlo Klimkin (–Novorossia Today)

Ukrainian FM: Deploying UN peacekeepers in Donbas impossible without Russia’s agreement / Novorossia Today / October 23, 2015 / Deploying UN peacekeepers in Donbass is impossible without Russia’s agreement, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin said on Friday. “UN can do this rather fast. There has been such experience but it, of course, requires Russia’s agreement in [UN] Security Council,” Klimkin told the Ukrainian newspaper “Segodnya” (Today). “Now we have more opportunities as we received a status of non-permanent member in UN Security Council. We have friends and partners. However, since Russia is a permanent member of [UN] Security Council, the component [UN peacekeepers] cannot be deployed without its agreement,” he said. The foreign minister added that “UN reform is a key issue today.” “That is why we, together with France and Mexico, propose an initiative on voluntary restriction of veto right and want to move to the reform that will narrow the possibility of using veto right, at least in cases that directly concern UN Security Council permanent members,” he stressed. Kiev is already holding talks on possible deployment of peacekeepers with EU and UN, and Ukraine insists on expanding the OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation) mission in Donbass. “I think that we will come to this [deployment of peacekeepers] because someone has to control the stabilization process,” Klimkin concluded. Quemado Institute comments: Klimkin pretends to overlook the fact that UN peacekeepers would violate the Minsk accords, meaning DPR/LPR agreement would also be needed.

slavoct23uKiev Hysterical Over Prospect of Losing Poland Due to Historical Bad Blood / Sputnik / October 23, 2015 / Vropeyskaya Pravda, an EU-financed online newspaper founded ahead of the Maidan revolution, has published a worrying analysis on the prospects for Ukrainian-Polish relations, suggesting that Ukraine can no longer count on unqualified support from Poland, as Warsaw grows increasingly irritated over Kiev’s glorification of WWII-era war criminals. The analysis, written by Ukrainian Institute of World Policy director Alena Getmanchuk, suggests that if before, authorities in post-Maidan Kiev could count on Polish support seemingly no matter they did, today, the situation is changing. With Poland set to hold parliamentary elections this Sunday, Getmanchuk, the director of an institute whose publicly stated mission is to increase support for ‘Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic aspirations’, suggests that these days, Ukraine is becoming more and more unpopular in Poland, both among ordinary Poles and among the political elite. “The more one talks with our Polish partners, and the more the discussion turns to Ukraine, the stronger the concern becomes that, even after the passions brought up by the elections settle, our relationship with Poland will be different,” she warns. Unfortunately for Kiev, Getmanchuk notes that “it cannot come as anything but a surprise that few people in Ukraine notice the disturbing trends which have become visible in Poland over the past year. Many still seem to think that support for Kiev . . . MORE>> Click here for substantial commentary.

slavoct23tNATO Used Ukraine Crisis to Justify Massive Drills, Buildup in Europe / Sputnik / October 23, 2015 / MOSCOW / by Svetlana Alexandrova / NATO has used the Ukrainian crisis to justify its massive military drills in Europe and boost the presence of its forces near Russia’s borders, the vice-chairman of the Hungarian National Assembly’s Foreign Affairs Committee told Sputnik. NATO reinforced its military presence in the Baltic region after the conflict in southeastern Ukraine broke out in April 2014. On October 21, NATO Trident Juncture-2015 military exercise involving over 36,000 troops from 30 NATO countries and partner states, together with 140 aircraft and 60 ships, moved into its active phase. All the Baltic nations are participating in the drills. “Since the last NATO summit, the bloc abandoned its defensive doctrine, demonstratively declared its offensive goals against Russia while conducting extensive military exercises and building up troops in the Baltic and Eastern European states, using the Ukrainian crisis as a pretext,” Marton Gyongyosi said. Gyongyosi mentioned in particular NATO’s September drills in the northwestern Hungarian town of Tata. “That [the Tata drill] could be understood only in the context of the Ukrainian crisis, in which the West and the United States are trying to provoke an open conflict with Russia,” the lawmaker claimed. He added that the US-led military alliance had a history of starting wars globally under false pretenses. “It should be about time when we look around and count how many wars have been provoked by the United States and its allies directly or indirectly,” Gyongyosi said. The alliance has conducted several military exercises, of various scales, in Eastern Europe, citing the need to defend its European allies in response to what it terms as Russia’s aggressive actions in Ukraine. Russia has expressed concern over NATO’s growing military presence in Eastern Europe, warning that it could be a threat to regional security.

Vesti editor-in-chief Igor Guzhva after the offices were attacked July, 2014 (--ukrainecomment)

Vesti editor-in-chief Igor Guzhva after the newspaper’s offices were attacked July, 2014 (–ukrainecomment)

Did Kyiv silence Ukraine’s biggest opposition newspaper? Part 2 / UkraineComment (reposted at / October 17, 2015 / In our last post we described how its critical, conservative view of the Euromaidan revolution, the new government’s reaction to the so-called Russian Spring and the conduct of the Donbas War earned it the Ukrainian newspaper Vesti the deep distrust of the authorities and the moniker “Mouthpiece of the Kremlin” among many Ukrainians. Here we will describe how the paper came under pressure from both the government and “activists” (re: radicals) over the past year and a half. According to former editor-in-chief Igor Guzhva, in April 2014 the holding was approached by figures within the new government who proposed that Vesti hand over part of its shares, free of charge, as means to avoid conflict. This was refused, and in May began a series of investigations, searches and official denunciations of Vesti by high ranking officials. First the paper’s offices were raided and trashed by uniformed men claiming to be tax authorities, although they did not present any identification. They seized the paper’s servers. The next day a press conference was held by the Cabinet of Ministers, where the allegedly shady financial scheme of the newspaper was presented to assembled reporters. However, Vesti journalists were denied access to the press conference, supposedly because they did not have “accreditation”. The government then alleged that Vesti laundered 93.6 million hryvnia ($4.2 million) through a complex . . . MORE>> Click here. [For Part 1 of this article, click here.]

Vladimir Putin (--Alexei Nikolsky/Russian Press Office/TASS)

Vladimir Putin (–Alexei Nikolsky/Russian Press Office/TASS)

Putin familiarized himself with Carter’s data on IS positions — Kremlin / TASS / October 23, 2015 / President Vladimir Putin has familiarized himself with data on Islamic State positions in Syria supplied by former US President Jimmy Carter, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, noting that the information had been supplied through open channels as it was not of military nature. Confirming that such data had been sent, he said military information could be passed only through closed military channels. Peskov did not give the details of this information. Earlier, Jimmy Carter offered to Russia maps showing positions of the Islamic State that had been drafted by his expert center. They were handed over through the Russian Embassy to the United States. Russian diplomats stated that the maps were not classified information, as most of them could be found on the website. “However, we are very grateful for this gesture of the former US president, who is obviously sincerely seeking united effort in fight against terrorism and is concerned about the fate of the Syrian people,” embassy sources said.

Maria Zakharova (

Maria Zakharova (–

Foreign Ministry confirms Jimmy Carter hands in maps with ISIS positions / Russia Beyond the Headlines / October 22, 2015 / A former president of the United States, Jimmy Carter has provided the Russian Embassy in Washington with maps depicting the positions of ISIS militants in Syria, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has said. “Indeed, Jimmy Carter proposed Russia that he sent us maps drawn by his presidential center, showing the current locations of the warring sides in Syria, including the positions of the government troops, ISIS and other groups,” the spokeswoman said at a briefing on Oct. 22. “The obtained geographical materials are not classified, most of them area available on the center’s website led by Carter. At the same time, it was with a big thanks that we accepted this gesture by the former U.S. president who obviously is sincerely calling for joint efforts in the fight against terror and is concerned about the fate of the Syrian people,” she said. Russia hopes Pentagon will follow the example of Jimmy Carter, Zakharova said. “Of course, from our point of view, it would be far more logical and efficient if the same constructive approach was shown by those who today in Washington have full information on that score and have the power to make political decisions,” she said. It would be quite logical to expect a reply to this Russian request “from another Mr. Carter, namely, the current U.S. Defense Secretary, Ashton,” she said. “Unfortunately, Pentagon has so far dodged not only our proposed exchange of date on ISIS positions in Syria but it has in exactly same way dodged cooperation on, for instance, humanitarian issues,” Zakharova said. “We are talking about search and rescue of military aircraft crews,” the spokeswoman said. “Although it might, for example, affect U.S. pilots, among others. As you know, our proposal has been rejected by the U.S.,” she said.

Jimmy Carter, Bashar al-Assad (--Russia Insider)

Jimmy Carter, Bashar al-Assad (–Russia Insider)

Carter Center Statement on Syria Conflict Maps / / October 22, 2015 / ATLANTA — The Carter Center closely follows events in Syria and regularly publishes reports about conflict developments on its website. These reports are publicly available and are forwarded to all interested parties, including Syrians across political divides and governments in the west and in the region. A recent report details Russia’s ongoing airstrikes in Syria, underscoring that the vast majority of the airstrikes do not target ISIS, as the Russian government asserts. Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter brought the Carter Center’s published reports and maps on the Syrian conflict to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s attention on Oct. 15, and his office shared a copy of the same publicly available online report and maps with the Russian Embassy in Washington on Oct. 19. [For Carter Center maps and analysis of Syrian war, click here.]

Thursday, October 22, 2015
(Brief Update)

"The city is alive."

“The city is alive.”

DPR Communications Breakthrough: Zakharchenko Offers Official English Website / Quemado Institute / October 22, 2015 / The Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic Alexander zakharchenko is offering a website of his own with stories and commentaries in English. Two quotes Zakharchenko posts today: “…We were learning everything – to fight, to hold sessions… there were so many events that a year seemed to pass in a day. Two hours of sleep during a day, day and night alertness, constant nervous tension…” “…We have vast fields, we have the sea…, we have a well-developed industry and an advanced infrastructure, therefore we don`t see any obstacles for our country to live better than any European country. We have both labour and war problems. However, the reconstruction of everything, that has been destroyed is our main problem, we will have to solve after the victory.” Quemado Institute has long waited for an official English DPR news site. Click here.

Alexander Zakharchenko

Alexander Zakharchenko

Oligarchy is a chronic disease of Ukraine – the Head of the DPR / Zakharchenko website / October 21, 2015 / Alexander Zakharchenko commented on the signing of the decree number 382 on 13 October, 2015 “The application of personal sanctions.” According to the Head of the Republic, the document allows to stop a devastating effect of the Ukrainian oligarchs on the economy of the DPR. “Kurchenko is the representative of the most ardent Kiev oligarchy, which is a chronic disease of Ukraine. He knows only one thing how to steal a lot of money, but not make them. We have nothing against rich people. We are against the fusion of business and government”, – said Alexander Zakharchenko. The Head of the DPR said that the enterprises of the Ukrainian oligarch worked exclusively for shady schemes. “A published decree is one of the measures against people who govern the authorities in Ukraine and try to interfere in the affairs of the Republic. Earning money from us, they will feed the Ukrainian authorities. Today, we check all the companies belonging to Kurchenko. It also applies . . . MORE>> Click here.

slavoct22qGraham Phillips Video: DPR Tank Withdrawal / Novorossiya News / October 22, 2015 / Tanks Withdrawn, Speaking to Tankists. Video includes a brief on-site report from Eduard Basurin. English subtitles. Click here.



slavoct22kUkrainian forces shell Oktyabrsky district in Donetsk from mortars — local administration / TASS / October 22, 2015 / Ukrainian Armed Forces have shelled the Oktyabrsky settlement in Donetsk’s Kuybyshevsky district, local administration Ivan Prikhodko said on Thursday. “We just received information that at night Ukrainian forces shelled the Oktyabrsky settlement,” Donetsk News Agency quoted Prikhodko as saying. He added that no one was injured in the incident. Prikhodko said that Ukrainian forces have violated ceasefire regime three times over the last 48 hours. Kiev forces shelled the positions of self-defense forces of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) near the Volvo Center last night, he added. “Ukrainian forces opened fire around 11pm. The shelling stopped only after midnight,” Prikhodko said. According to preliminary information, Ukrainian forces opened fire from mortars of 82mm caliber. Prikhodko said that intensified shellings at DPR positions “indicate Kiev’s desire to disrupt the ongoing weaponry withdrawal.” At the meeting of the Contact Group in Minsk on August 26, the participants confirmed their plans to ensure ceasefire in Donbas from September 1. Over the last weeks, only few violations of ceasefire regime were registered in Donbas, with the most serious case registered overnight to September 5, when one civilian was killed and two others injured. [… More background at source.]

 (--Sputnik/ Valeriy Melnikov)

(–Sputnik/ Valeriy Melnikov)

About 40 Cultural Sites in LPR Damaged Amid Military Operations / Sputnik / October 23, 2015 / Oksana Kokotkina, Minister of Culture of self-proclaimed Lugansk People’s Republic said that some 37 buildings and various cultural institutions have been damaged over military operations that Kiev forces have been conducting in LPR. / LUGANSK / Some 37 buildings and various cultural institutions have been damaged over military operations that Kiev forces have been conducting in self-proclaimed Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR), Oksana Kokotkina, Minister of Culture of LPR said Thursday. “The first priority for our ministry would be the restoration of cultural sites that have been damaged during fights. Currently, there are 37 such objects,” Kokotkina said. According to the ministry, the greatest number of destroyed buildings is located in settlements near the demarcation line, including Perevalsk, Slovianoserbsk, Kirovsk, Pervomaisk and Sverdlovsk. Ukraine’s Donetsk and Lugansk regions have been badly affected by fighting between Ukrainian troops and local independence supporters, which started in April 2014 when Kiev launched a military operation in Donbass.

slavoct22zUkrainian Armed Forces Transfer Two Special Battalions to Mariupol for the Crackdown – Intelligence / DAN / Edited autotranslation / October 22, 2015 / The Ukrainian command has brought to Mariupol the special battalions “Donbass” and “Dnepr-1”, which Kiev authorities can use to disperse protesters. This was announced today at a briefing in the DAN press center by deputy corps commander Eduard Basurin of the DPR Defense Ministry, citing intelligence data. “DPR intelligence recorded the arrival of personnel of the special battalions “Donbas” and “Dnepr-1″ in the town of Mariupol and Talakovka (a village near the occupied Mariupol – approx. DAN), respectively,” said Basurin. “The specificity of these units is the dispersal of demonstrations and protests that may arise in connection with the falsification of election results by the Ukrainian authorities.” In addition, according to intercept, some UAF [Ukrainian Armed Forces] units do not intend to withdraw heavy weapons from the boundary line in order to continue shelling the positions of the armed forces and civilian targets of the DPR and the territories controlled by the Ukrainian authorities. “Such actions are likely to have a goal to organize provocations in the preparation and conduct of local elections in the territories occupied by the UAF, [and] for the advance of the army in an attempt to disrupt the … Minsk accords and crimes [of the] Ukrainian Nazis against their civilian population,” said Eduard Basurin. Editor’s note: the Ukrainian local elections are to take place October 25.

Lenin Square, Donetsk, October 2014
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Wednesday October 21, 2015
(Brief update)

slavoct21sChurch in DPR’s Yasinovatskiy Area Burned by Ukrainian DRG – Defense Ministry / DAN / Edited autotranslation / October 21, 2015 / The destruction of the church in the village of Krasny Partizan in the Yasinovatskiy district of the DPR on Monday, October 19, was the result of sabotage by Ukrainian security officials. This was reported today by the deputy commander of the DPR Ministry of Defense Corps Eduard Basurin. “Particularly cynical is the burning of the church by sabotage and reconnaissance groups in the village of Krasny Partizan. slavoct21tThis fact suggests that there are a few punitives who just kill innocent civilians, they have threatened the most sacred thing a man has – his faith,” said Basurin. He noted that the recent provocations and attacks on the territory of the DPR from the UAF [Ukrainian Armed Forces] are frequent. Yesterday Ukrainian security forces twice attacked the Republicans in the “Volvo-Center” in the north-western outskirts of Donetsk. As a result of these actions of the UAF, one militiaman was killed, another was wounded. As Eduard Basurin previously reported today to DAN, frequent provocations by the Ukrainian security forces due to the increase in the number of so-called Kiev nationalist battalions on the contact line and the desire to freeze the peaceful settlement of the conflict. The village is located near the Krasny Partizan contact line to the north of Donetsk. In the period of active hostilities, this town has repeatedly been subjected to massive bombardment by the UAF. District authorities determined there was multiple destruction and damage to the housing. Editor’s note: An Eduard Basurin Video Sitrep with English subtitles is available at Fort Russ>> Click here.


Alexander Zakharchenko (from --Valery Sharifulin/TASS)

Alexander Zakharchenko (from –Valery Sharifulin/TASS)

Donetsk Republic blocks $800,000 on Ukrainian oligarch’s accounts / TASS / October 21, 2015 / MOSCOW / The authorities of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) have blocked over 50 million rubles ($794,000) on accounts of Ukrainian oligarch Sergey Kurchenko, DPR leader Alexander Zakharchenko said Wednesday. “As of today, thanks to a number of operative and manhunt activities, the accounts of his enterprises – Donetskoblgaz and some affiliated ones – have been blocked,” the Donetsk News Agency quoted Zakharchenko as saying. Earlier, Zakharchenko imposed personal sanctions against Kurchenko, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko as well as oligarchs Igor Kolomoisky and Boris Lozhkin. The sanctions were imposed over the activity of these persons and structures they control to finance military aggression in Donbas and destabilization of the social and economic situation in the DPR. The persons on the sanctions list and affiliated persons are banned from acquiring property or carrying out financial operations in the DPR. [… More background at source.]

slavoct21mResidents of Donetsk and Lugansk Republics will receive Russian passports before the end of 2015 / Translated by Kristina Rus / / October 21, 2015 / The issuance of Russian passports to the residents of Donetsk and Lugansk will begin before the end of 2015. Until the end of 2015 in Rostov-on-Don will open the office which under a simplified procedure will start issuing Russian passports to citizens of DPR and LPR, on condition of anonymity said a high-ranking source in LPR government. “We have no choice – Ukraine has done everything to push Donbass away, and our people need to live. They need documents. And they will use Russian passports. At first the idea was to open offices directly in Donbass, but because Ukraine and Americans will make a fuss, it was decided to do it in Rostov”, — reported the source. According to him, currently Moscow is working out the issue of who will be able to get passports first. “Apparently, the first will be those who do not even have Ukrainian passports. This applies, first and foremost, to adolescents. But we, the leaders, I can absolutely assure you, we will get Russian passports last, and only after everyone receives them”. The source also reported that those citizens of DPR and LPR, who have relatives in Russia can qualify for accelerated procedure. “They will go through a simplified system and will quickly receive the documents”, — said a representative of the republic.

(--Sputnik/Sergey Pivovarov)

(–Sputnik/Sergey Pivovarov)

Russian Convoy Heads for Ukraine to Deliver Humanitarian Aid to Donbass / Sputnik / October 22, 2015 / EMERCOM is sending its 42nd humanitarian aid convoy to residents of Ukraine’s crisis-hit southeast. / MOSCOW / The Russian Emergencies Ministry is sending its 42nd humanitarian aid convoy to residents of Ukraine’s crisis-hit southeast (Donbass), a ministry spokesperson told RIA Novosti early on Thursday. “At 04:00 Moscow time [01:00 GMT], the 42nd humanitarian convoy of the Russian Emergencies Ministry left the Donskoy rescue center in the [Russian] Rostov region,” the spokesperson said. Over 100 vehicles will deliver more than 1,000 metric tons of humanitarian cargo to Ukraine’s Donetsk and Lugansk regions. “The humanitarian cargo for the convoy came from public organizations and trade unions from various Russian regions,” the Emergencies Ministry spokesperson said. Ukraine’s Donetsk and Lugansk regions have been severely affected by fighting between Ukrainian troops and local independence supporters, which started in April 2014 when Kiev launched a military operation in Donbass. Overall, Russia has delivered more than 50,000 metric tons of humanitarian aid to Donbass since August 2014. On Tuesday, Martin Sajdik, Special Representative of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) in Ukraine, told reporters that UN aid convoys had been unable to reach Donbass because of access challenges.

Graham Phillips

Graham Phillips

Drones in a War Zone – Some Do’s and Don’ts (VIDEOS) / by Graham Phillips / The Truthspeaker / October 21, 2015 / The world of drone-flying is still new, unchartered territory – affordable domestic drones have only really appeared in the last year, now there are hundreds of thousands all over the world. They’ve quickly become more powerful too, capable of flying kilometres in range, vertically. Effective mini-helicopters, free of legislation which has failed to keep up with them. So many ‘who knows?’ about drones – can you fly them in cities? Could you fly one in central London say? Will the future, as they proliferate, be drones buzzing and wizzing about all our skies? There are signs of the law starting to reign in the era of the drone ‘free for all’ – I was very pleased to see my drone footage featured recently in the Huffington Post. However, it’s not always been plain flying operating a drone in the war zone. Back in April, I crowdfunded my first drone, a Phantom 2. It’s actually a fairly basic drone, but there are few feelings quite like your first drone – actually operating what’s in effect a mini helicopter. Putting something up in the sky . . . MORE>> Click here. [Drone videos of Donbass available at source.]

slavoct21kDotsya: Young warrior-poet of the Ghost Brigade / by Alexander Alexeyev / Red Star Over Donbass / Donbass burns! Donbass weeps! Our steppes burn! Mother sobs. Wife in tears. And our children are dying. There is a Nazi, crawling horde – destroying all living things. Forgive us, Mother Earth … For what they do? Enemies will not conquer Donbass! The people don’t kneel! And there will be peace! And there will be a mother! And children running around …. Young Bogdanka Neshcheret read this heartbreaking poem of her own composition at the funeral service for the late Brigade Commander Alexei Mozgovoi in the Soviet Square of Alchevsk. “We have all of you, dear friends, remember this!” After that Bogdanka . . . MORE>> Click here.

slavoct21jCanada To Pull Out Of Iraq And Syria – New Prime Minister Trudeau / Novorossia Today / October 21, 2015 / Canadian Prime Minister-designate Justin Trudeau has confirmed he will withdraw Canadian fighter jets from the air strikes against Islamic State (IS) in Iraq and Syria. He informed US President Barack Obama of his decision hours after leading his Liberal Party to victory in the polls. As part of his election campaign, Trudeau pledged to bring home the CF-18 fighter jets that were deployed to the region until March 2016. He has not yet given a timescale. Justin Trudeau’s Liberals swept to power in Monday’s election, ending nearly a decade of Conservative rule under Stephen Harper. Trudeau, an ex-high-school teacher, is the eldest son of late Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. In his first telephone conversation with the US president as Canada’s prime minister-designate, Trudeau informed Barack Obama that he would make good on his . . . MORE>> Click here.

Voktor Yanukovych (--TASS/AP/Ivan Sekretarev)

Viktor Yanukovych (–TASS/AP/Ivan Sekretarev)

Security guaranteed to Ukraine ex-president if he comes to Kiev’s court — prosecutor / TASS / October 20, 2015 / KIEV / Security will be guaranteed to former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych if he attends a court session in Ukraine, Prosecutor General’s Office department of special investigations head Sergey Gorbatyuk said on Tuesday. “Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office states that security will be guaranteed to him [Yanukovych] during the process,” Gorbatyuk said. The case on usurpation of power against the former president was opened on April 8, 2015. The Prosecutor General’s Office also opened a criminal case against him on the illegal ownership of the state property – real estate complexes PuschaVoditsa and Mezhigorye. Yanukovych has earlier lodged a claim with the European Court of Human Rights over regular human rights violations against him by Ukraine, according to a report by the British law firm Joseph Hage Aaronson LLP, which represents Yanukovych’s interests. “President Yanukovych has lodged a claim with the European Court of Human Rights on the grounds that Ukraine has repeatedly breached his human rights,” the report says. In his application, Yanukovych asks the court “to declare violations of his rights under the European Convention on Human Rights, including the right to a fair trial (Article 6), the right to an effective investigation of attempts made upon his life and the right to protection (Article 2), and the right not to be discriminated against because of his political status and opinions (Article 14).” “President Yanukovych has brought this action now because it is clear that the Ukrainian authorities are determined to bring prosecutions against him,” said Joe Hage of Joseph Hage Aaronson LLP, President Yanukovych’s UK lawyer, who had issued the claim.

Pavlo Klimkin (2nd from left) (

Pavlo Klimkin, F. Mogherini (–

Ratification of Ukraine’s association agreement with EU “actually” being completed / TASS / October 20, 2015 / KIEV / Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry on Tuesday announced “actual completion” of the ratification of the association agreement with the European Union as 22 European Union member states have ratified this agreement. “We are actually completing the ratification in a span of one year,” Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin said, adding it was an “unprecedented” short term for such a procedure. He said twenty-two European Union member states “have completed ratification procedures.” “The ratification procedure is completed not when national parliament pass relevant decisions or the head of state puts his signature under the document but when the European Union secretariat is notified about the completion of domestic procedures,” he said, adding that a number of other countries “are rounding off ratification procedures.” Quemado Institute comments: Excuse our political incorrectness, but the EU leadership must be a sick bunch of people. Their endorsement of a war criminal government is an atrocity.

Vladimir Putin, Valdai Club (--Fort Russ)

Vladimir Putin, Valdai Discussion Club (–Fort Russ)

Putin on Crimea: the Bear does not ask Permission (VIDEO) / by Inessa Sinchougova / Fort Russ / October 20, 2015 / In March 2014, after a violent government coup in Kiev, Crimeans voted for independence from the Ukrainian state, seceding to become a part of the Russian Federation. Crimea was gifted to the Ukraine in 1954 by Soviet leader Kruschev, without the foresight that one day the Soviet Union may not be one unified territory. The majority of Crimeans today still identify as ethnic Russians. However, accusations of “annexation” replaced principles of legal self-determination in Western media. In his talk at the Valdai Discussion Club, Putin describes the situation with a quote; “that which is permissible to Jupiter, is not to the ox.’ In Latin; “aliis si licet, tibi non licet” was coined by Terence, a playwright of the Roman Republic. The phrase is often translated as “Gods may do what cattle may not”. It indicates the existence of a double standard and essentially means “what is permitted to one person or group, is not permitted to everyone.” Putin goes on to differentiate the hypothetical ox from a bear, as a mascot of the Russian Federation. “The bear will not seek permission” is often misquoted as an aggressive, expansionist stance on behalf of Putin. In context however, it simply means Russia will not seek permission from the ‘Gods’ in the defence of its national interests and its people. He concludes by reiterating that Russia is not seeking to expand its territories – of those it has plenty – and states that the only type of global leadership Russia will assume is the leadership over the imposition of international law in global politics. ** Perhaps we should call him ‘Professor Putin’. There has probably never been a world leader to speak as clearly and consistently in the language of international relations and geopolitics as ‘the prof’. In this excerpt from Valdai in October of 2014, we are given a refreshing summary of the real foundations and logic of international relations and international law. In retrospect, we can look back at the statements and rationale of US leadership and find something strange. Their proclamations and actions use a distinct language and exceptionalist rationale that stands outside of the framework of consensus international law. When we compare these to consistent use of universal and qualitative terms, it is really night and day. — Fort Russ editor. Editor’s note: Video of Putin at Valdai Club available at source>> Click here.

Justin Trudeau (from --Reuters/Chris Wattie)

Justin Trudeau (from –Sputnik/Reuters/Chris Wattie)

Should We Expect a Thaw in Russia-Canada Relations? / Sputnik / October 21, 2015 / On Monday, the Liberal Party crushed its Conservative opponents, winning a 184 seat majority in the country’s 338 seat parliament. With Prime Minister-designate Justin Trudeau set to form his cabinet next month, the question on the minds of Russian Canada-watchers now is: what will the Liberal victory mean for relations between the two countries? Hours after defeating Stephen Harper’s Conservatives, Trudeau told President Obama that Canada would soon begin to withdraw its fighters from the US-led coalition’s campaign of airstrikes against ISIL in Syria and Iraq. Moreover, analysts have suggested that the Liberals could now very well back out of the Harper government’s commitment to purchase Lockheed Martin’s F-35 fighter bombers. Canadian experts speaking to Sputnik have suggested that there is reason to hope that the Trudeau government will take a softer line on Russia, including over the conflict in Ukraine. Considering the implications of a Liberal victory, Russian experts too are hopeful that a new government in Ottawa will be able to help facilitate a thaw in the chilly relations between the two northern neighbors. Opinion is divided over just how much room there is for improvement, but experts are confident that, given the historic low point to which relations have already sunk . . . MORE>> Click here.

(--Sputnik/MO RF)

(–Sputnik/MO RF)

One Way No More: NATO Rings Alarm Over Russia’s Might in Mediterranean / Sputnik / October 21, 2015 / NATO military chiefs are raising alarm over what they now view as “a wider strategic plan of Vladimir Putin’s Russia to challenge the west closer to home”; they now fear Russia’s fast-developing arsenal of ship-launched cruise and ballistic missiles is able to restrict the alliance’s “ability to easily deploy military assets” in the Mediterranean. “Russia has not had any sizeable presence in the Mediterranean since the end of the Cold War. And a lack of investment until recently in its decaying Black Sea fleet, based in Crimea, had led many strategic military planners to overlook the entire theatre as a possible source of concern when it came to Moscow,” reads a recent article in the UK newspaper The Financial Times. However Russia’s recent success in Syria has changed Western rhetoric. “We have to be prepared for Russia to be [in Syria] as a factor for a long time,” the newspaper quotes Alexander Vershbow, NATO’s deputy secretary-general as saying. He especially noted what he referred to as “Moscow’s permanent, disruptive presence south of the Bosphorus”. “[We have to] think about the broader consequences of this build up in the Eastern Mediterranean and the capacity of these airbases,” he said. What sparks even more alarm is that “Russia’s renewed presence” apparently “threatens to . . . MORE>> Click here.



Exceptional Right to Kill: US Losing Moral Compass, Expanding Drone Strikes / Sputnik / October 21, 2015 / America’s worldwide assassination drone program has been recently brought into the spotlight; does Washington really have the right to kill people without trial, asks former US congressman Ron Paul, bemoaning the fact that the US is losing its moral compass. A new US government whistleblower has stepped in and shed light on Washington’s controversial worldwide assassination program. Former US congressman Dr. Ron Paul called attention to the fact that the Pentagon is de-humanizing its targets: they have no rights, no dignity, no humanity and they are never referred to by their names. “But I think there is more than just de-humanizing the enemy: the process [of killing] de-humanizes the person [drone operator]… The individual who does the killing has to be de-humanized as well. They [the US government] condition people to do this. This is so bizarre and so contrary to humanity and contrary to what I think should be the exceptional position for America,” Ron Paul (--Laura Segall/Getty Images) Dr. Paul said in a conversation with Daniel McAdams for Liberty Report. To complicate matters even further, a huge number of “targets” eliminated during drone strikes turned out to be innocent people. However, the Pentagon has seemingly become accustomed to it: it classifies these victims as “enemies killed in action.” “I’m still optimistic enough that the human race can change and actually make progress. I think it’s a natural instinct. I don’t think war is natural,” Dr. Paul stressed, adding that it is absolutely “unnatural” to allow those in power to manipulate the US people through . . . MORE>> Click here. [Photo: Ron Paul (–Laura Segall/Getty Images)]

Tuesday October 20, 2015
(Brief update)

Alexander Zakharchenko

Alexander Zakharchenko

Zakharchenko: the Oligarchs will not come back / (VIDEO at source) / Edited translation / October 21, 2015 / The purpose of the recently signed decree about introduction of personal sanctions against a number of Ukrainian businessmen, including the President of the country Petro Poroshenko, is the elimination of their activities on the territory of the DPR. This was reported today to journalists by the head of the Republic Alexander Zakharchenko. “This decree is not only against Poroshenko, actually it is a decree against the oligarchs. It is a struggle against those whose actions harm the state and people of the Republic,” he said. According to the Head of the Republic, with the outbreak of hostilities, the oligarchs of Donbass naturally disappeared, and now they’re trying to come back. “We live in the Donetsk People’s Republic, and a basic tenet of our country is the fight against the oligarchy. Business and government are no longer to be aligned,” said Zakharchenko. The Head of the Republic recalled that “Maidan” began under the slogan of struggle against the oligarchy and corruption. “Unfortunately, the Ukrainian people were cheated. We’ on our territory will make the oligarchy never come back to us,” said Zakharchenko. Recall that on October 13 the Head of the DPR Alexander Zakharchenko signed the decree about the introduction of personal sanctions against the President of the country Petro Poroshenko, and the oligarchs Serhiy Kurchenko, Igor Kolomoisky and Boris Lozhkin. The sanctions imposed in connection with activities of the oligarchs and their control of structures for the financing of “military aggression in Donbass and destabilization of the socio-economic situation in Republic”. These persons are not allowed to own property and to carry out financial transactions on the territory of the DPR. For violation of the decree, legal entities and individuals are threatened with the imposition of state control of their businesses or property.

Alexander Zakharchenko (

Alexander Zakharchenko (–

Alexander Zakharchenko appreciated the “wish-list” of Yatsenyuk on the elections in Donbas / (VIDEO at source) / Edited translation / October 21, 2015 / The head of the Donetsk People’s Republic commented today, October 20, during a meeting with journalists on the “four conditions of elections in Donbass of Yatsenyuk”. Question: Have you heard of the four conditions for holding elections in Donbass? How can you evaluate them? Zakharchenko: You know, I’m more and more convinced that the Kiev authorities are living as if in a parallel, virtual reality. Ukraine itself becomes under their leadership, a virtual reality. This also applies to the latest proclamations of Yatsenyuk about the elections in our Republics. What Russian troops is he talking about? [QI editor: Yatsenyuk had said Russian troops must leave before elections can be held.] And imagine the participation in the elections of those parties which created political cover for the punitive operation in Donbass and in fact justify the genocide of our people? All these statements only confirm that Kiev rulers have no idea how and what people live here, what our way of life is like. Here sits this Yatsenyuk and the like, and voices from the rostrum of his “Wish-list”. They do not just not know what’s going on here, they do not want to know. This is characterized by the inability of Kiev to conduct a dialogue. They’re only willing to conduct a dialogue with themselves, and even then not always. But not with the people of Donbass. But intelligent thought got lost among of all these wishes. Still, even in their virtual reality Yatsenyuk has to admit that for the elections in Donbass we need a separate law. So let’s see how they will take it, having to agree with us.

Eduard Basurin (

Eduard Basurin (–

URGENT STATEMENT BY THE MINISTRY OF DEFENCE OF THE DPR / (VIDEO at source) / October 21, 2015 / Today at 11:45 the Ukrainian army units (up to platoon), by the shelling of the specified district (ed. Volvo center) from automatic grenade launchers and heavy machine guns, launched an attack of positions of our troops. A battle began, which lasted more than an hour and a half. The attack of the enemy was repulsed. As a result of the Ukrainian provocations by the militia one serviceman was killed and one wounded, the enemy lost up to 5 people. The fact of ceasefire violation by the Ukrainian military was fixed by representatives of the OSCE Mission. Leadership of the Donetsk People’s Republic considers that this provocation is a consequence of impunity of actions of the Ukrainian military, carried out on the 10th of October this year, the firing of 120-mm mortars of the village [of Veceloye] and the Kiev district of Donetsk city. And it happened with the connivance of the OSCE observation Mission refused to investigate this armed provocation from the APU. Then, as a result of Ukrainian shelling one soldier in the army of the DPR was killed and two were seriously injured.

Donald Trump (--Sputnik/AP/Rich Schultz)

Donald Trump (–Sputnik/AP/Rich Schultz)

Trump: George Bush had ‘Advance Notice’ About 9/11 Attacks / Sputnik / October 21, 2015 / We all remember the days when Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump insisted on seeing President Obama’s birth certificate, insinuating he was Kenyan-born, and ineligible for office. Trump, once a birther, may now be a 9/11 truther. In his latest feud, billionaire Donald Trump has traded insults with Republican rival Jeb Bush, and it all began when the former bashed the latter’s big brother. “I’m not blaming George Bush,” Trump said on Fox News Sunday. “But I don’t want Jeb Bush to say, ‘My brother kept us safe,’ because September 11 was one of the worst days in the history of this country.” […] “They did know it was coming,” he said referring to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. “George Tenet, the head of the CIA, told them it was coming. So they did have advanced notice.” . . . MORE>> Click here.

Justin Trudeau (--Sputnik/Flickr/Alex Guibord)

Justin Trudeau (–Sputnik/Flickr/Alex Guibord)

New PM Tells Obama Canada to Withdraw Fighter Jets From Syria, Iraq / Sputnik / October 21, 2015 / Mere hours after defeating Stephen Harper, Canadian Prime Minister-designate Justin Trudeau has told US President Obama that he will withdraw Canadian jets from Syria and Iraq. According to Reuters, the pledge was made as President Obama called to congratulate Trudeau on his election win. The Liberal leader ran on a promise to withdraw Canada’s CF-18 bombers from the US-led coalition’s military campaign against the self-proclaimed Islamic State terrorist group. Earlier this year, Canada’s Liberal Party fought against the Conservative government’s proposal to extend combat missions from Iraq into Syria. On the campaign trail, Trudeau also floated the idea that his administration may consider bolstering local forces in the region, and increasing Canada’s humanitarian aid. Earlier on Tuesday, the US State Department addressed questions as to whether or not it was concerned that Canada’s new government may not support US foreign policy regarding IS presence in Afghanistan. “These are all decisions the Canadian people have to make and Canadian legislators have to make…and their Prime Minister [has to make],” department spokesperson John Kirby told reporters. “We have stood shoulder to shoulder with Canadian armed forces…in Iraq and Afghanistan,” he added.

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