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Monday October 19, 2015

Alexander Zakharchenko (--DAN)

Alexander Zakharchenko (–DAN)

Zakharchenko Imposes Sanctions against Poroshenko and Oligarchs Kolomoisky, Lozhkina, Kurchenko / DAN / Edited autotranslation / October 19, 2015 / The Head of the DPR Alexander Zakharchenko imposed personal sanctions against a number of prominent businessmen of Ukraine and the leader of this country, President Poroshenko. The decree to this effect was published on the DPR Council of Ministers website. “[There is a decision] to conduct personal sanctions against Kolomoisky Igor Valerievich, born in 1963, Kurchenko Sergei V., born in 1985, Lozhkina Boris Paton, born in 1971, Poroshenko Peter I was born in 1965,” stated in the text. The reason the sanctions were called for is “a number of physical activities and related entities, aimed at the organization and financing of aggressive military action against the People’s Republic of Donetsk, and destabilization of the political and socio-economic situation in the Republic.” Anyone subject to the sanctions and persons affiliated with them are prohibited from the purchase of real estate and other assets, as well as banking operations in the DPR. All the committed transactions are recognized as void. Any violation by the natural or legal persons of the decree is the reason for the introduction of public administration at the enterprises of these persons [sic], regardless of ownership. Document control is entrusted to the DPR Ministry of State Security, DPR Interior Ministry, and the DPR Prosecutor General. The decree came into force on the date of its signature, 13 October 2015.


Ukrainian checkpoint in Donbass (–

Human Rights Violations By The Poroshenko Regime, DPR Citizens Stage Protests At OSCE / Novorossia Today / October 19, 2015 / Some 500 citizens of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) gathered for a protest outside the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) office in Donetsk on Monday. The protesters who come from Donetsk, Illovaisk, Yenakiyevo and Shakhtyorsk call for taking under control the Ukrainian checkpoints saying Kiev forces systematically violate human rights there. “The citizens have gathered here to draw your attention to what the Nazi Ukrainian military are doing at the checkpoints between the DPR and Ukraine. There are huge queues there and even those people who come to the DPR from Ukraine are complaining,” one of the protesters said. People are also concerned about bribe-taking and abuse against peaceful citizens crossing the border. The protest organizers have called on the OSCE to set up a separate team of monitors who will be present at the checkpoints on a permanent basis and report about the situation there. The head of the OSCE office in Donetsk, Olga Skripovskaya, has promised that all the demands will be included in the organization’s report. In late July and in early August 2015, the Donetsk republic’s citizens also staged protests saying they were dissatisfied with the work of the monitors which they said was biased.

Viktor Yanukovych (--Sputnik/ Sergei Guneev)

Viktor Yanukovych (–Sputnik/ Sergei Guneev)

Ousted President Yanukovych Takes Ukraine to European Human Rights Court / Sputnik / October 19, 2015 / Yanukovych was ousted from power and had to flee Ukraine in a February 2014 coup followed by a snap election. Yanukovych has repeatedly said that Ukrainian courts had failed to investigate several attempts on his life. / KIEV / Former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has lodged a complaint with the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), the legal firm acting on his behalf said Monday. “President Yanukovych has brought this action now because it is clear that the Ukrainian authorities are determined to bring prosecutions against him,” his UK lawyer Joe Hage of Joseph Hage Aaronson LLP said in a published statement. According to the statement, the motion had been filed in Strasbourg because Ukrainian courts were heavily influenced by senior state officials. In one incident, a Pechersk court allowed the special pre-trial investigation stage of a case against Yanukovych to be completed in his absence denying him permission to participate via video link. “They have allowed unfair trials to proceed which infringe his basic human right to be present and to defend himself against allegations which President Yanukovych vigorously denies,” Hage asserted. According to the complaint, Ukraine has violated several of Yanukovych’s human rights, including the right to a fair trial, the right to an efficient investigation of attempts made upon his life and the right to protection, as well as the right not to be discriminated against because of his political status and opinions.

Karel Vereycken (

Karel Vereycken (–

Against the Clock: Pentagon Pushing Ahead With Nuclear Buildup in Europe / Commentary by Ekaterina Blinova / Sputnik / October 19, 2015 / While Russia is eradicating the terrorist threat in the Middle East, the US and NATO are busy with modernizing their European nuclear arms aimed at some unknown menace and pressuring the EU, particularly Belgium, into spending more on US weaponry, founder of Agora Erasmus movement Karel Vereycken told Sputnik. It is naïve to believe that the Obama administration, lambasted by both right and left-wing parties in the US for its inconsistent policy in the Middle East, is perplexed or distraught. Undoubtedly, it has a well-thought-out foreign strategy and Europe is one of its targets. In his earlier interviews to Sputnik, Karel Vereycken, journalist, founder of the Belgian political organization Agora Erasmus and editor-at-large of the French newspaper Nouvelle Solidarité, called attention to the fact that the Pentagon and NATO are pushing ahead with the project of re-nuclearization of Europe. The Pentagon aims to deliver its upgraded B61-12 thermo-nuclear warheads to Europe, as well as its new and much-talked-about the Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighters. Karel Vereycken told Sputnik that NATO and the Obama administration is currently pressuring Belgium into increasing its military spending. Meanwhile, Vereycken pointed out, on October 7, over a hundred thousand unionized Belgian workers took the streets in Brussels to protest austerity policies destroying their country. “But for the international war party, time has come for Belgium to increase its military spending,” the journalist underscored. “True, today, military spending represents only less than 0.9 percent of Belgian GDP, while NATO members commit themselves to spend at least 2 percent. The real worry for Washington is the fact that, with the current budget, it is hard to think . . . MORE>> Click here. Quemado Insitute comments: Contrary to what the author Blinova imagines, it is far from naive to assert that the Obama administration has no well-thought-out foreign strategy. To fancy that the acting “US President” has a coherent game-plan in foreign affairs, especially one targetting Europe, is overly simplistic and smacks of paranoia. While the acting US president may not be “perplexed or distraught”, neither is he committed enough to America’s future to develop any strategy related to the country’s welfare whatsoever. He has evacuated his power domain, permitting less than sane elements such as the Pentagon to act a loose cannons. We contend it is naive of Blinova to imagine any integrity, evil or benign, in the foreign policies of the present US executive branch, unless it is to encourage the spread of Islamic aggression.

Julian Assange (--Sputnik/AP)

Julian Assange (–Sputnik/AP)

UK Police Admit ‘No Imminent Prospect’ of End to Assange Case / Sputnik / October 19, 2015 / New documents reveal sharp differences of opinion between Swedish and British prosecutors over the prospect of arresting WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who is holed-up in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. Assange took refuge in the Ecuadorian embassy in August 2012 when the South American country granted him political asylum. He was avoiding extradition to Sweden on allegations relating to sexual molestation and one count of unlawful coercion. Assange denies the accusations which were dropped in August 2015 under the statutes of limitation. Assange was avoiding being extradited to Sweden as he feared onward extradition to the US, where he is wanted under the Espionage Act over WikiLeaks releasing the Bradley (now Chelsea) Manning material, disclosing nearly three-quarters of a million classified or unclassified but sensitive military and diplomatic documents. Assange was arrested on a European Arrest Warrant (EAW) in December 2010 and his extradition ordered him to answer criminal allegations in Sweden. He was bailed to live under house arrest, pending an extradition hearing. However, he jumped bail and fled to the Ecuadorian embassy. He is subject to arrest under Section 7 of the Bail Act, for failing to . . . MORE>> Click here. Quemado Institute comments: The absurd prolongation of Assange’s confinement makes the British government look foolish. We hope, if the issue is not resolved sooner, that future US President Donald Trump will pardon Assange for his alleged violation of the Espionage Act.


Sunday October 18, 2015
(Brief update)

Donald Trump (--Sputnik/Reuters/Mike Stone)

Donald Trump (–Sputnik/Reuters/Mike Stone)

Donald Trump on MH17: Don’t Blame Russia / Quemado Institute (Guest Article from Sputnik News) / October 18, 2015 / Trump: US Has More Important Things to Do Than Blame Russia for MH17 Crash / Donald Trump, a leading Republican nominee for the 2016 presidential election, called on Americans to focus on making the US “great again,” rather than accusing Russia — or anybody else, for that matter, without proof – of taking down the Malaysian airliner over the Donetsk region in the summer of 2014. Trump, who has often spoken out in support of Russia and its president Vladimir Putin, said during an interview with US cable news network MSNBC that despite the recent Dutch report that concluded Malaysia Airlines flight 17 was brought down by a Russian-made missile, it doesn’t mean the Russians fired the rocket. “It may have been their weapon, but they didn’t use it, they didn’t fire it, they even said the other side fired it to blame them,” he said. “I mean to be honest with you . . . MORE>> Click here.

Saturday October 17, 2015

Alexander Zakharchenko (--dnr-online)

Alexander Zakharchenko (–dnr-online)

Our Part of the Minsk Agreement, We Perform – Alexander Zakharchenko / dnr-online / Edited autotranslation / October 17, 2015 / Head of [the Donetsk People’s Republic] Alexander Zakharchenko spoke about the process of the Minsk negotiations and drew attention to the fact that the leadership of the Republic has shown its willingness to carry out the Minsk Agreements, bringing unilaterally to adopt, and [presenting to] Kiev and the OSCE, its proposals for political [settlement] and the call for an election in accordance with the Minsk Agreements. “Our motivation is simple: we do not want war. We have shown how we are able to win. But we do not want our people to be dying in the land of Donetsk. Why have we moved the elections to 2016? It’s simple. The ‘Normandy format’ negotiations in Paris changed the situation. Our European partners have noticed, finally, that Kiev does not fulfill, and only simulates, the performance of the Minsk Agreements, and called on them to comply with their obligations. Especially in their political affairs. We also believe that the ball is in the court of Kiev, and the postponement of elections on our side is another step towards a political settlement. We understand that it will take time for Poroshenko to fulfill the political part of the Minsk Agreements. And we are ready to give him that time. The main thing is that he use it to carry out his part of the Minsk Agreement. We are fulfilling our part,” said Alexander Zakharchenko.

slavoct17yMH17 Report Does Not Implicate Russia, Donbass Militia – Malaysian Ministry / Sputnik / October 17, 2015 / Russia’s results of a separate probe into the MH17 crash would be taken into consideration, the Malaysian minister of transport said. BALI (Sputnik) — The final report of the Dutch Safety Board on the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 crash in eastern Ukraine did not blame Russia or Donbass militia for the downing, Malaysian Minister of Transport Liow Tiong Lai said. The Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777, en route to Kuala Lumpur from Amsterdam, crashed over the Donetsk region in eastern Ukraine on July 17, 2014, killing all 298 people on board. “I do not see any accusation, whatsoever on Russia [or any separatist group], in this case,” Liow Tiong Lai was quoted by The Malaysian Star newspaper as saying on Friday. Liow added that Russia’s results of its separate probe would also be taken into consideration by the technical investigators. The Dutch Safety Board issued a final report of the crash investigation on Tuesday, saying the Malaysia Airlines passenger plane crashed as a result of a ground-to-air missile explosion near the left side of the plane. The organization said an additional forensic investigation would be needed to establish the exact launch location of the missile. According to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, the report cannot be considered objective as Russia was not part of the probe and arguments made by the Russian side were ignored. Quemado Insitute comments: Liow is right that the initial Dutch investigation report blamed neither Russia nor the DPR/LPR. The Dutch, however, plan to conduct another lengthy study to establish responsibility for the downing. The problems with the first report having attributed the crash to a BUK missile are 1) it is probably not true, and 2) it allows blame to be falsely cast on the DPR/LPR militias in the future study.

slavoct16zMH17 Dutch Investigation Weak, Inconclusive: Quemado Institute Analysis / by Kennedy Applebaum / Quemado Insitute / October 16, 2015 / Flawed Dutch MH17 Report Proves Nothing / On the numerous flaws in the Dutch Investigation: The official 279-page Dutch Investigation Report (DIR) on the crash of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 (click here) is flawed in a number of aspects. The report is surprisingly nontechnical, as compared, for example, with the detailed September 2014 study conducted by Russian engineers entitled Analysis of the causes of the crash of Flight MH17- Malaysian Boeing 777 (click here). Discussion of the most critical evidence is completely omitted from the DIR document. What evidence there is appears to have been carefully selected, and even that is weak and inconclusive. The Dutch report contends that the Malaysian Boeing 777 was destroyed in flight by a BUK missile explosion occurring slightly left of and above the cockpit. I will call this the “BUK scenario”. The Dutch investigation falls far short of actually proving this scenario. In our estimation, the most likely event was that the MH17 was shot down by machine gun, cannon and/or missile fire from a Ukrainian military jet, possibly an SU-25. I will call this the “SU-25 scenario”. This scenario is convincingly argued in the Russian study mentioned above. We were surprised the Dutch dismissed this scenario by claiming there were no fighter aircraft within 30 km of the Boeing. We thought the presence of military aircraft had been established beyond a doubt. The alleged absence of military aircraft was based on . . . MORE>> Click here. [Links available at source.]

Eduard Basurin (

Eduard Basurin (–

Dutch MH 17 Report: Statement by the DPR Ministry of Defense Corps Representative Eduard Basurin / DAN / Edited autotranslation / October 14, 2105 / Now that the Dutch Safety Board has issued its final report, we see that the conclusions of the international technical committee are fundamentally wrong and do not jibe with the real situation and the objective facts. Detailed investigations, supported by rigorous analysis and several natural experiments on the Russian side, categorically say 100% of the real rocket launch site is different from that indicated by the Council on safety of the Netherlands. And at first, the chairman of the Security Council, for some reason, said that in the final report the launch area is not specified, and then goes to speak to parliament and there announced that the rocket was launched from within the territory controlled by the militias. Also, representatives of the Russian corporation “Almaz-Antey” held a briefing, which presented the results of its investigation into an alternative of this tragedy. Russian experts announced that as a result of large-scale modeling, an anti-aircraft missile complex “Buk” has been released from a position near the village of Zaroschenskoe. I recall that at the end of April this year, during the briefing, we presented a variety of captured documents from the Ukrainian army, obtained by us after their retreat. One of the documents we found was a working map of the commander of the 1st Battalion 95 separate airmobile brigade. I present this document for your attention again. As you can see, the above map shows the start position of the Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile systems “Buk”. One position is at the village Gruzsko-Zoryanskoe three kilometers west Ilovaysk. The second – two kilometers south of Shakhtersk near the village of Zaroschenskoe at an altitude of 224.8 marked. That is just exactly the place indicated by Russian experts. This document, in our opinion, is a direct evidence proving the guilt of Ukrainian servicemen in the destruction of the Malaysian Boeing. Moreover, I remind you that the representatives of the Netherlands up to the end of September this year the received from our Prosecutor’s Office nearly 500 fragments of the crashed plane, which could not in such a short time be studied and included in the investigation. Already on the basis of these facts, we cannot consider the results of the investigation, published yesterday by the International investigation team, objective and reasonable. It is obvious that, like all the ongoing investigations, the commission’s findings are highly politicized and biased. All the evidence has been deliberately tailored to the advance a specific version, that of accusing the militia of Donbass of involvement in the tragedy. With full responsibility I declare that no militia member would have committed such a crime. Needless to say, the quality of the conclusions can be assessed, using as evidence the certificate bloggers and stuffing information from the Ukrainian side and ignoring the officially provided data and expert analytical and mathematical calculations. Any sane person, having studied all the official evidence, including maps provided by us, can not help but come to the conclusion that if the Boeing 777 was shot down from the ground, it could be only from controlled territory of the Ukrainian army – the village Zaroschenskoe – and the weapon is still available and in service with the Ukrainian Army.

Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin (

Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin (–

Ukraine brings charges against 304 LPR officials / TASS / October 17, 2015 / KIEV / Law enforcers of Ukraine’s Lugansk region have brought charges against 304 officials from the self-proclaimed Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR), the press service of the Ukrainian prosecutor general’s office said on Friday. “In conformity with Ukraine’s criminal code, charges have been brought against 304 persons who are government officials and law enforcers of the LPR,” the press service said. These people are charged with “overthrowing the constitutional system, seizing state power in Ukraine and altering the country’s borders.” The press service also said, investigators have arrested 163 transportation vehicles, 95 apartments, 41 private houses, seven land plots and 13 non-residential facilities owned by these people. Kiev says 148 people still kept prisoner in self-proclaimed republics. Kiev says as many as 148 people are still kept prisoner in the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics (DPR and LPR). “A total of 148 Ukrainians are [kept prisoner] in Donbass. Information about them is collected . . . MORE>> Click hereMark Sleboda’s Twitter comment: “Ukraine charges Donbass leaders. So much for amnesty & Minsk2. Can NAF please go back to overthrowing Putsch now?”

Vladimir Putin (-- Photo

Vladimir Putin (–

Putin’s Unprincipled Policy toward Donbass / Commentary by Vladimir Suchan / Facebook / October 17, 2015 / Attempts to defend and justify Putin’s unprincipled, traitorous policy towards Donbass have at last becoming what they always had been in their essence– nothing much else than trying to justify the surrender of Donbass to the fascists and Minsk-sanctioned return of the people of Donbass to the fascists, which in itself is wrong, amoral, perverse, and lethal for Russia both as a state and as a nation. Thus, the argument to save Putin and his policies now only confirms and proves again the fact of betrayal and surrender. The argument that Donbass was “never Russia” (false), that Donbass and its people (mostly Russians) are not as good or important or patriotic as Russians in Crimea (false, perverse), the argument that, “unlike” with Crimea, the West would not like if Russia protected Donbass, that only Crimea was “a sure bet,” that to protect Donbass would be “doing what your enemy wants you to do” (long discredited argument) are both factually wrong and morally, plus politically untenable.

Donetsk City at Night
New Russia Press



Wednesday October 14, 2015

Alexander Zakharchenko (--DAN)

Alexander Zakharchenko (–DAN)

Reconciliation with Ukraine Will Only Happen on Conditions of Donbass, and Under Control of the Region – Zakharchenko / DAN / Edited autotranslation / October 14, 2015 / Ukraine will become a part of Donbass, rather than the DPR and LPR returning to the control of the Kiev authorities. This statement was made by the head of the DPR Alexander Zakharchenko. “You know, soon Ukraine will be part of this region,” said Zakharchenko. Recall that the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has repeatedly demanded the return of the territory of the DPR and LPR to Ukraine. At the heart of a peaceful solution to the conflict in Donbass lie the Minsk agreements made by the Contact Group on September 5 and 20, 2014, and February 12, 2015. On the first occasion, the group had agreed on a peace plan and a cease-fire agreement, on the second, it adopted a memorandum on the implementation of the ceasefire. On February 12 a package of measures was signed for the implementation of the agreements reached in Minsk. It involved an immediate and comprehensive ceasefire in Donbass on February 15, 2015, the withdrawal of heavy weapons, the establishment of a security zone, the resumption of the discussion of modalities of payments of benefits and pensions for residents of the DPR and LPR, as well as constitutional reform in Ukraine, the result of which should be a profound decentralization of public administration.

Alexander Zakharchenko, MH17 Memorial Service (--DAN)

Alexander Zakharchenko, MH17 Memorial Service (–DAN)

Crash of Malaysian Boeing is Guilt of Kiev, which was Responsible for Sky over Donbas – Zakharchenko / DAN / Edited autotranslation / October 14, 2015 / The Ukrainian authorities are the main culprit in the crash of the passenger liner of Malaysian Airlines, as in spite of the fighting, Donbass airspace was not closed to civilian aircraft. This was stated today to journalists by the Head of DPR Alexander Zakharchenko, commenting on the findings published yesterday by the Dutch investigators. “The Commission concluded that the aircraft was shot down by a missile, presumably air defense system Buk, but as they say, the Dutch experts blame mainly Ukraine. Because the state should have closed the airspace over the territory in which the operations were conducted, but it did not. This is the main cause of death of these people,” said the Head of the Republic. He also stressed that the DPR Ministry of Defense was armed during the summer disaster of 2014 as now, and there were no BUK anti-aircraft missile systems.

(--Nova Gazeta/Russia Insider)

Click to enlarge. (–Nova Gazeta/Russia Insider)

DPR has Direct Evidence of Guilt of UAF in Destruction of Boeing – Eduard Basurin / DAN / Edited autotranslation / October 14, 2015 / The Ministry of Defence of the Donetsk People’s Republic has direct evidence of guilt in the destruction of the Malaysian “Boeing” by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in 2014. This was announced today at a briefing in the DAN press center by deputy commander of the Ministry of Defense Eduard Basurin, showing the appropriate document. “This document, in our opinion, is direct evidence proving the guilt of Ukrainian servicemen in the destruction of the Malaysian Boeing” said the corps representative. The document is a trophy card of the commander of the 1st Battalion of the UAF 95 separate airmobile brigade, which previously the DPR Ministry of Defense already demonstrated to the press. “As you can see, the above map shows the start position of the Ukrainian anti-aircraft BUK missile systems,” said Eduard Basurin. “One position is at the village of Gruzsko-Zoryanskoe three kilometers west of Ilovaysk, the second is two kilometers south of Shakhtersk near the village of Zaroschenskoe at an altitude of 224.8 marked. That is just exactly where Russian experts indicated,” said Basurin, recalling the results of the investigation of the Russian corporation “Almaz-Antey.” “Any reasonable person, having studied all the official evidence, including maps provided by us, cannot help but come to the conclusion that if the Boeing-777 was shot down from the ground, it could be only from territory controlled by the Ukrainian army in the village of Zaroschensko, and the weapon, is still available in service with the Ukrainian Army,” summed up the representative of the Defense Ministry. A passenger plane of Malaysian Airlines, flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, crashed in the mining district of the DPR on July 17, 2014. All 298 people aboard the plane were killed. DPR authorities [have striven] to provide all possible assistance for the search and rescue and criminal investigation by the Netherlands and Malaysia. Nevertheless Kiev and the West, not even waiting for the first results of the investigation, rushed without substantiation to blame the incident on the militias of Donbass, and hold this position up to the present.

slavoct14yFindings of International Commission on Cause of Crash of Boeing Highly Politicized – Eduard Basurin / DAN / Edited autotranslation / October 14, 2015 / The results of the international investigation into the Boeing disaster in Donbass does not take into account all known facts due to political goals. This was announced today at a briefing in the press center fo DAN bu deputy commander of the Ministry of Defense Corps Eduard Basurin. “We can not consider the results of the investigation, published yesterday an international investigation team, objective and reasonable,” said the corps representative. “It is obvious that, like all the ongoing investigations, the commission’s findings are extremely politicized and biased. All the evidence has been deliberately tailored to advance a specified version, to accuse the militia of Donbass of involvement in the tragedy.” According to Basurin, the corresponding evaluation of the results of the investigation is based, in particular, on the fact that the participants ignored captured documents of Ukrainian security officials at the disposal of the DPR Ministry of Defense. “Moreover, I remind you that the representatives of the Netherlands, up to the end of September this year, have received from our prosecutors about 500 fragments of the crashed plane, which could not be in such a short time studied and included in the investigation,” said the representative of the Defense Ministry.

Viktor Ozerov (from

Viktor Ozerov (photo from

MH17 investigation suggests attempts to conceal Boeing crash cause — lawmaker / TASS / October 13, 2015 / The Dutch Safety Board’s report on investigation into the MH17 plane crash suggests attempts to conceal the true causes that led to the Boeing 777 tragedy, a Russian lawmaker said on Tuesday. “The course of the investigation suggests that someone wants either to drag it on or conceal the tragedy’s true causes,” Viktor Ozerov, the head of the Russian Federation Council Committee for Defense and Security, said. “Conclusions that the missile was allegedly launched from an area with a range of 320 square kilometers and that the missile hit the plane on the left side from the cockpit are similar to what the first witnesses of the tragedy used to say,” Ozerov said. “Naturally, Russia wants to establish the true causes behind the Boeing crash. But the report which the Dutch Safety Board presented on Tuesday is unlikely to resolve this problem. On the contrary, it is raising a number of new questions and makes further investigation necessary,” the Russian lawmaker stressed. He believes Russia found itself in a difficult situation after the international community had barred it from the investigation. Russia has accumulated “great experience in investigating such accidents. There is an impression that the Netherlands and British experts involved in investigating the tragedy started their work with a clean sheet,” Ozerov went on to say adding the investigators had refused to attract experts from Almaz-Antey, Russia’s leading manufacturer of anti-aircraft missile systems. . . . MORE>> Click here.

Nadezhda Savchenko (

Nadezhda Savchenko (–

Luhansk republic leader ready to testify on Savchenko’s case in Russian court / TASS / October 14, 2015 / Igor Plotnitsky, the head of the self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR), said on Wednesday he was ready to testify on case of the former Ukrainian army officer, Nadezhda Savchenko, who is charged with the death of two Russian journalists in Ukraine’s Luhansk region, in a Russian court. Previously, Savchenko’s defense lawyers insisted that the LPR head be questioned as a witness. “I will testify on Savchenko’s case if the court deems that necessary and summons me to testify as a witness,” the LuganskInformTsentr news agency quoted Plotnitsky as saying. Plotnitsky, however, believes the Russian court already has enough evidence to sentence Savchenko. Russian investigators believe that Savchenko who served in the volunteer Aidar battalion in eastern Ukraine, allegedly adjusted fire and provided the coordinates for a mortar attack against a militia checkpoint, which was full of civilians, including three Russian nationals, near Metallist village of the Luhansk region on June 17, 2014. As a result, two Russian journalists – Igor Kornelyuk and Anton Voloshin – from the All-Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Network (VGTRK) were killed. The Savchenko trial is taking place in the border town of Donetsk, Russia’s southern Rostov region.

Tuesday October 13, 2015
(Brief update)

slavoct13uMH17: Dutch Safety Board Investigation. Conclusions of Dutch Safety Board – News, Commentary and Opinion / Quemado Institute / October 13, 2015 / The Dutch Safety Board investigation Report on the Malaysian Boeing 777 Flight MH17 airline disaster has been released, and we are now preparing a summary based on our own research. What we find most surprising about the report is that the Dutch deny there were any Ukrainian fighter aircraft within 30 km of the Boeing at the time of the shootdown, contrary to facts established by eye witnesses and Russian military radar. Meanwhile, a preliminary analysis by Quemado Insitute points to the deliberate shootdown of the airline by agents of the Kiev government for military purposes, as outlined in our commentary Flight MH17: Theory on the Motive for the Shootdown (July 29, 2015) Click here. From the Dutch Safety Board official website: Final report MH17 Press release, October 13, 2015. Buk surface-to-air missile system caused MH17 crash. The crash of flight MH17 on 17 July 2014 was caused by the detonation of a 9N314M-type warhead launched from the eastern part of Ukraine using a Buk missile system. So says the investigation report published by the Dutch Safety Board today. Moreover, it is clear that Ukraine already had sufficient reason to close the airspace over the eastern part of Ukraine as a precaution before 17 July 2014. None of the parties involved recognised the risk posed to overflying civil . . . MORE>> Click here.

Monday October 12, 2015

slavoct12yContact Group Plans to Hold Seven More Meetings in 2015 – Press Service of Pushilin / DAN / Edited autotranslation / October 12, 2015 / Seven meetings of the Contact Group in Minsk are scheduled for later this year. This was reported to DAN today by the press service of the head of DPR delegation to the talks, the Speaker of the People’s Council Denis Pushilin. “The planned schedule of talks before the end of the year is prepared. Meetings of the Contact Group will be on 20 and 27 October, 17 and 24 November, and 8, 15 and 22 December,” said the agency. The press service added that the negotiations of relevant subgroups are scheduled more frequently than the Contact Group. “There are negotiations subgroups in video format, but the dates may change,” it was added. Meanwhile in Minsk today talks of subgroup of Political Affairs are being held, which will last until tomorrow. “The focus will be a planned part of the future negotiations of the profile of the subgroup that was schedule and logging specific solutions,” it was said. Earlier, on October 6, during a regular meeting of the Contact Group in Minsk (DPR, LPR, Ukraine, the OSCE and the Russian Federation) Lugansk and Donetsk offered to adopt the rules of peaceful consultations. Such a move on their part would allow to determine both differences and compromises among negotiators, because the lack of formalized and published decisions led to the Kiev sabotage of the peace process.

CSTO meeting (

CSTO meeting in 2012 (–

CSTO Will Take Part Along With OSCE Monitoring Mission / Novorossia Today / October 12, 2015 / The Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) will support the Special Monitoring Mission of the Organization for Security and CoOperation in Europe (OSCE), CSTO’s Secretary General Nikolay Borduzha said on Monday. OSCE’s Secretary General Lamberto Zannier participating in the meeting invited CSTO to take part in the Monitoring Mission in Ukraine as OSCE’s tasks in the region are expanding. The CSTO chief said all of the organization’s members may participate in the mission. “Thus, we shall add to objectivity of the observation there,” he said. “We welcome this suggestion and will have people chosen in our member-countries.” The official however noted that the requirements for people particicipating in the mission will be strict. According to him, applicants should have military training or education, should know about weapons and have experience in post-conflict settlements. Editor’s note: The American think tank Stratfor says, “The CSTO is a military bloc that emerged after the collapse of the Soviet Union, consisting of the newly independent former Soviet countries that at that time made up the Commonwealth of Independent States. The bloc was designed to facilitate security cooperation between members and had a policy akin to NATO’s, in which an attack against one is an attack against all. It began as the Collective Security Treaty in 1992 and by the time the treaty came into effect (for a 5-year period beginning in 1994) it included Russia, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.slavoct12v By 1999, Uzbekistan, Georgia and Azerbaijan had become closer with the West and had withdrawn from the bloc.” According to Wikipedia, the member states are: Current – Armenia (1994), Belarus (1994), Kazakhstan (1994), Kyrgyzstan (1994), Russia (1994), Tajikistan (1994); Observers – Afghanistan (2013), Serbia (2013); Possible candidates – Iran; Former members – Azerbaijan (1994-1999); Georgia (1994-1999); Uzbekistan (1994-1999, 2006-2012). Quemado Institute comments: The participation of CSTO observers in Donbass would seem to require, in addition to OSCE Secretary General Zannier’s invitation, the signatures of the Contact Group. We imagine Kiev would object to the presence of observers from the Russian-dominated alliance. [Map from]

Lamberto Zannier (

Lamberto Zannier (–

OSCE SMM needs more monitors in Ukraine to de facto act as peacekeepers – Zannier / Interfax-Ukraine / October 12, 2015 / The OSCE is planning to enlarge the number of monitors in the Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine (OSCE SMM), OSCE Secretary General Lamberto Zannier has said. He said at a meeting of the CSTO Permanent Council on Monday that the OSCE was preparing for and actually monitoring the withdrawal of heavy armaments and weapon storage sites. Indeed, it will be necessary to enlarge monitoring subgroups due to their expanded functions, Zannier said, noting that they would need many monitoring groups consisting of civilians with a military background as they will de facto act as peacekeepers. Zannier said that monitors would be appointed by OSCE member countries but invited CSTO states to support the project and assign their representatives to the monitoring groups. He said he would like to use the occasion to invite CSTO countries to send their representatives to the monitoring groups as well. Quemado Insitute comments: The term “peacekeepers” raises concern, as even civilian “de facto peacekeepers” would blur the distinction between observers and enforcers, possibly leading to a gradual introduction of armed troops charged with policing the ceasefire, in contradiction to the spirit of Minsk.

slavoct12xDutch Regime Media Propaganda War Machine Against Russia And Donbass / Novorossia Today / October 12, 2015 / A propaganda war in Dutch media to show the alleged role of Russia or Donbass Freedom Fighters in the crash of a Malaysia Airlines plane escalates ahead of the release of a report on MH17 crash in Ukraine, this according to Dutch journalist and MH17. Dutch media are “setting the tone” ahead of the release, said Joost Nuemoller, the author of a book on the MH 17 crash. The latest in the chain of propaganda materials was an interview to NOS news broadcaster by a former officer from the Ukrainian Security Service, Vassily Vovk, he said. Until June 2015, Vovk represented Kiev in an international team investigating the tragedy. Speaking to journalists, Vovk said fragments of a Russian-made BUK missile had been found in crash victims. He alleged that the missile was fired from a missile system that had been redeployed to Ukraine from Russia and returned back after the crash. The journalist said he was surprised at seeing this presented as “the news” as he had already heard about it earlier. “What came as real news to me, was that Ukraine was once again leaking information on international investigation,” the expert said, adding that the Dutch authorities were strongly against this. On October 13, the Dutch Safety Board will make public its final report, summing up results of 15-month investigation work. The document is to answer the question about the reasons behind the crash on July 17, 2014 that claimed the lives of 298 people on board. On 17 July 2014, a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 passenger airliner on flight MH17 from the Dutch city of Amsterdam to the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur crashed in the Donetsk Region of Donbass, killing all on board. Most passengers – 193 people – were Dutch nationals. The suspected cause of the crash is that the plane was hit by a surface-to-air missile. The Dutch Safety Board is conducting the investigation.

Petro Poroshenko, Helen Clark (--UNDP)

Petro Poroshenko, Helen Clark, Kiev, March 2015 (–UNDP)

UN Seeks Bidders for Technical Assistance for Institutional Restructuring of Donbas / Quemado Institute / October 12, 2015 /
The United Nations Development Program has posted a procurement notice on its website today, seeking bidders for Institutional Restructuring of 15 cities in the Donetsk and Lugansk Oblasts. The list of cities is not yet determined, and will depend on requests from the local city governments, as well as on the security situation in Donbass. Whether cities in the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics proper will be considered has not been specified. According to the UN procurement document: “The Project will cover at least 15 cities in two crisis-affected regions of Ukraine (Donetska and Luhanska regions) and at least two villages in each region. Participation of cities and villages in the project will be based on the interest of the local governments expressed in a written cooperation agreement with UNDP…. The list of participating cities will be verified with the view of changing security situation…. [F]urther efforts to expand UNDP activities in the area of local governance and decentralization reform would be needed to adjust UNDP programming in line with the changing social and political contest.” The mission of the UN project is described on page 27: “The ongoing conflict in the Donbas has affected strongly the life of people in Donetsk and Luhansk oblast, leading to a deterioration of social relations and trust, political and economic processes, and ultimately to a sharp decrease in the security and quality of life of people…. The conflict has affected as well negatively the capacity of the government … to provide basic social, administrative and communal services for the communities. Support to local governance … in conflict-affected areas is critical not only to guarantee a speedier reconstruction and economic recovery and the continuous delivery of social and other services to local communities and IDPs alike, but also improve the public trust towards the capacities of the state to play its role of protection for all citizens, including the most vulnerable, and to guarantee better equality between Ukrainian regions.” The UN program will lead to an increased presence of NGOs in the region and entail intervention in political functioning at the local level. According to the  UNDP website, Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme and Chair of the UN Development Group, Ms. Helen Clark visited Ukraine in March, 2015 and met with the highest level of leadership to discuss UN assistance for recovery and peacebuilding in Ukraine. Clark met with the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko; Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk; Vice Prime-Minister Henadiy Zubko; and the Presidential Envoy for the peaceful settlement of the conflict, Iryna Herashchenko. She reiterated UNDP’s commitment to being a partner in Ukraine’s path to recovery and development. ‘The relationships we have established throughout Ukraine can now be leveraged to support recovery, jobs, livelihoods, and decentralization reforms.'”


Sunday October 11, 2015

Eduard Basurin (

Eduard Basurin (–

Ukrainian Security Forces Break Ceasefire 13 Times in One Day / DAN / Edited autotranslation / October 11, 2015 / DONETSK / Over the past day, the DPR Defense Ministry has recorded 13 violations of the ceasefire on the line of contact by the Ukrainian security services. This was announced to DAN today at a briefing in the press center by deputy commander of the Ministry of Defense Corps Eduard Basurin. “During the past day the Ukrainian criminals violated the ceasefire 13 times,” said the Corps representative. “It was released 14 minutes and 82 caliber 120 mm, as the shelling was carried out of the BMP [sic].” In particular, according to the Ministry of Defence, 120-mm mortars were used in the shelling on the eve by the Kiev region in Donetsk and the adjacent village of Veceloye. As previously reported, the resulting fire killed a DPR soldier, and two others were injured. “Currently, the situation in Donetsk People’s Republic has deteriorated,” stated Basurin. According to the agreement reached at the talks in Minsk on September 1, a complete ceasefire is to be observed at the contact line. The truce is a key condition for the start of the new withdrawal of weapons in accordance with the agreement, which was initialed on 29 September in the Contact Group, and then signed by the Heads of the DPR, LPR and Kiev. Editor’s note: Well-known Twitter commentator Gleb Bazov expressed the opinion today that renewed UAF attacks on Donbass have been instigated by the US in response to Russia’s actions in Syria.

Eduard Basurin Demands Ukraine Investigate Shelling of Veceloye / / Edited autotranslation / October 11, 2015 / The DPR administration is ready to cooperate with Kiev to clarify the circumstances of the incident [shelling of Veceloye], Deputy Commander of the DPR militia headquarters Eduard Basurin said, urging Ukraine to work together to identify those responsible for the deaths of soldiers in Donetsk. “I appeal to the Ukrainian side, if it is interested in a peaceful settlement of the conflict and respect for the agreements in Minsk, to conduct its own investigation of the incident and submit its findings to the OSCE,” he said. According to Basurin, a DPR investigation team is currently working at the site of fire, along with representatives of the Joint Center for Monitoring and Coordination of the ceasefire and the OSCE observers. “All the circumstances of the incident will be recorded, documented and communicated to international organizations,” he said. As reported on the eve by Eduard Basurin, the UAF fired mortars of various calibres in the village of Veseloye in the DPR district of Yasinovatskiy and on a residential building in the Kiev region of Donetsk. The incident resulted in the death of one DPR soldier, while two others were injured.

slavoct11pEscalation in Donbass – multiple UAF Minsk violations (Videos) / by Ollie Richardson / Fort Russ / October 11, 2015 / On the 10th of October, there was a sudden spike in Ukrainian Army ceasefire violations after a period of relative calm. Givi’s Headquarters at the New Terminal of Donetsk airport were shelled, as well as the populated areas of the city. OSCE’s comments on the matter were of the usual ‘hear no evil, see no evil’ format: At 14:55hrs on 10 October at the Joint Centre for Control and Co-ordination (JCCC) observation post at the “Donetsk People’s Republic” (“DPR”)-controlled Donetsk railway station (8km north-west of Donetsk city centre), the SMM heard an explosion to the north, at least 3km away. At 16:10hrs, a Russian Federation representative to the JCCC and a “DPR” member told the SMM that there had been a shelling incident involving casualties in “DPR”-controlled Vesele (9km north-west of Donetsk city centre). At 16:30hrs, the SMM – on the way to Vesele – observed all floors in a nine-storey building on fire on Vzletnaia Street. (8.2km north-north-west of Donetsk city centre). The SMM noted an impact from an undetermined projectile on the north-north-west facing wall of the first floor of the building. The SMM noted no casualties. Continuing on towards Vesele, the SMM at 17:40hrs – 300m south of the destroyed “DPR”-controlled new terminal airport building (10km north-west of Donetsk city centre) – observed a projectile impacting on the new terminal building. At 17:50hrs, the SMM observed what it assessed as a fresh mortar impact 3m west of Stratonavtov Street in Vesele. The SMM observed blood and human remains around the impact area and a small bone fragment embedded in a nearby tree. Armed “DPR” members present told the SMM that one person had been killed and two injured – all members of the “DPR” – in the incident, which they said had occurred between 14:10 and 14:20hrs. Following crater analysis, the SMM assessed that an infantry-type mortar round, possibly of a caliber of 60mm, had caused the crater, which had a 10cm depth and 35cm diameter. Due to the high incoming angle of the projectile, the SMM could not ascertain the direction of fire. The SMM intends to follow up on the incident, including through visits to hospitals and the morgue. [Videos available at source.]

Petro Poroshenko (--Russia Insider)

Petro Poroshenko (–Russia Insider)

Poroshenko Promises to Return Vacated Weapons to Donbass at “Lightning Speed” / vzglyad / Edited autotranslation / October 11, 2015 / Ukrainian law enforcers intend to return retracted arms to their former positions immediately in the event of violations of the truce by militias in Donbass, said the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. According to the President, on August 29, a regime of a bilateral cease-fire, which has been sustained, thanks to the meeting of the “Normandy Quartet” in Paris, according to RIA Novosti. “We were able to force the enemy to accept the withdrawal of weapons from the line of contact. By the way, rest assured that we are moving our equipment and arms in accordance with a specially well-developed plan. This plan allows us to return them to their positions lightning [fast] if the Russians and their mercenaries decide to break the truce. The fact that we are able to respond quickly to these challenges, we have demonstrated time and again, in Marinka, Starognatovke, and other places,” the president said in a televised address to the Ukrainian people. It should be noted, on the eve, the representative of the Ministry of Defence of the People’s Republic of Donetsk Eduard Basurin said that the Ukrainian security forces are increasing their presence at the line of demarcation, bringing their tanks and self-propelled artillery. Prior to that, on Saturday, Ukraine had declared the withdrawal of guns from the boundary line with the LPR. On Monday morning, Ukraine announced the beginning of removal of equipment of caliber of less than 100 mm in Donbass. The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko previously reported that the removal of light weapons in Donbass should take 41 hours. The DPR said that the removal of weapons in accordance with the agreement signed recently will begin after October 18, subject to the truce. On September 29 in Minsk, an agreement on the withdrawal of weapons caliber of less than 100 millimeters and tanks from the line of contact in Donbass was initialed. OnSeptember 30 the agreement was signed by the head of DPR Alexander Zakharchenko and the head of the People’s Republic of Lugansk Igor Plotnitsky.

slavoct11qNAF Commander Likens Denis Pushilin to Chamberlain – Message from Commander with Call Sign “Varyag” (Alexander Matyushin) / Integrative*Mind (source in Russian:, posted by Vladimir Suchan) / Autotranslation (with minor editing by Quemado Institute) / October 11, 2015 / Yesterday Donetsk was fired upon. Burning high-rise building and at the same time, Eduard Basurin reports about the latest troop movements. … Has Ukraine chosen the tactics of silent terror: a war without war, where every day there will be three or four violations, because of which and like the world can not be forfeited, and everything is constantly in tension is in case of resumption of hostilities whether troops Novorossia push the enemy from the city? This question was answered legendary militia “Varyag” Alexander Matyushin: “Indeed yesterday Ukrainian troops again fired Donetsk, once again, violating the truce. Since the announcement, Mr. Pushilin [restated] the fact that peace has come. Ukrainian troops have not once violated this fragile truce. Moreover, the statement of Mr. Pushilin reminded me of a statement made by Chamberlain after the signing of the Munich agreement in 1938, when Chamberlain said that he had brought the world a year later flared all the world, and started the bloodiest war in human history. But this is a digression. . . . MORE>> Click here.

slavoct11nDonetsk shelled again: Ukrainian military actions or state terrorism? / DONi News / October 11, 2015 / Civilian houses are burning and grenades are flying to people’s living rooms – again and again. People are dying, injured and homes are devastated, their lives are ruined. Ukrainian president Poroshenko and Western mainstream media are spreading illusions from truce in Donbass, but reality is different. Radical troops are killing ordinary people here with artillery strikes, but no one is willing to ask the most important question, who are those real terrorists in Europe? “At the moment the situation in the Donetsk People’s Republic is being escalated. On 10 October 2015 Veseloe village and Kievsky district of Donetsk were fired with 120 mm mortars from the direction of the Ukrainian positions in Peski. As a result one soldier of the DPR’s Army died and two were seriously wounded”, Vice-commander Eduard Basurin said on Sunday. The 9-storey house is burnt down. The people are left without dwelling”, he said. One person got killed and one was wounded when a shell . . . MORE>> click here.

Angela Merkel, Petro Poroshenko (

Angela Merkel, Petro Poroshenko (–

Postponement of Elections in Novorossiya will Force Poroshenko to Answer to Merkel / Commentary from SouthFront / October 11, 2015 / Very optimistic comments followed both from Ukraine and from Russia, as well as from the EU, immediately after the decision of the DNR and LNR to postpone the local elections planned in the republics. Poroshenko even declared the beginning of the return of the Donbass to Ukraine “without occupation armies”. What does the decision of the unrecognized republics of Novorossiya actually mean? The Donetsk and Lugansk national republics agreed to postpone until 2016 the local elections which had been planned earlier for October 18 and on November 1, respectively, this year. Thus the Donbass agreed with the key condition which had been put forward at the October 2 Paris meeting of the “Normandy Four”. It is impossible to conduct elections earlier than February–March, if Poroshenko is going to fulfill these requirements. Here, the envoys of the DPR and LPR in the Contact Group, Denis Pushilin and Vladislav Deynego, demanded from Kiev full implementation of the Minsk agreements. It is important that one of the conditions for postponing elections in the Donetsk and Lugansk National Republics is cancellation by the Ukrainian authorities of the so-called anti-terrorist operation (ATO). A source close to negotiations reported on this. In a special statement, representatives of the DPR and LPR emphasized: “We note with satisfaction that the proposal of the LNR to postpone elections in Donbass until February 21, 2016 with the condition of full implementation by Kiev of the political points of Minsk 2 has been considered by the Normandy Four. We studied the statements and recommendations of Madame Merkel and Mister Hollande. Here today, in Minsk, consultations were conducted with . . . MORE>> Click here.

Anatolii Sharii (

Anatolii Sharii (–

Anatolii Sharii Interviews Colonel Eduard Alexandrovich Basurin – Transcript / The Saker / october 11, 2015 / Basurin on the frozen Novorossiya project, Putin, war and media. This interview is with Colonel Eduard Alexandrovich Basurin, Deputy Corps Commander for personnel and Zakharchenko’s (the head of the Donetsk People’s Republic) assistant on social rights of servicemen and their families. What was your pre-war occupation? Business. Polymers and PVC production. My military career started in July 2014; before joining the Corps, I was involved in securing safety of the people arriving to and leaving the region and monitoring humanitarian deliveries. Have the Ukrainian militia called you in for questioning yet? There are lists of the ones to be questioned, you know. Waiting on it. They are fighting on two fronts, legally accusing us of terrorism – banditism, probably, or whatever they term it, and also trying to pressure us and our families psychologically. Say, my son regularly gets all sorts of messages on social networks slinging mud at me. Have any of your Ukrainian friends cut off contact with you? To begin with, there are not that many friends – real friends; mostly people I have certain common interests with. I am an open person and welcome any communication.slavoct11e I guess there are people avoiding contacts with me now – well, so be it then. I am here, as well as my wife, my children, my parents, who all refused to leave the region choosing to stay by my side; we are here, simple people living for simple but so important things – just like all others around us. I always try to put myself in their place so that to understand what our people need and strive for, and most importantly – how to help them. You are a public person now. How do you feel about it? Strange. I still can’t get used to being public – well, not public but recognizable, that’s a better word. Do you keep an eye on the Ukrainian media? I try to be in the know and thanks to journalists I always am, even though we are often at loggerheads. They usually ask me to comment on what the Ukrainian officials say. It’s not right and so I tell them – it is the Ukraine who should comment on us, not the other way round. There is something amiss in the very concept . . . MORE>> Click here.

MH17 (

MH17 (–

Russia Furious After Investigators in MH17 Probe Ignore Key Evidence / Sputnik / October 11, 2015 / With less than two days before the release of the long-awaited official report into the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 tragedy, Russia is angered with the conduct of the investigators, New Straits Times (NST) reported. Over the past 15 months the Dutch Safety Board (DSB) carried out the investigation of the MH17 tragedy that took place on July 17, 2014 above war-torn eastern Ukraine killing all 298 people on board. Oleg Storchevoy, the deputy director of the Russian Federal Air Transport Agency, sent a letter to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) accusing the DSB of ignoring “comprehensive information” related to the investigation provided by the Russian side. Instead of looking into evidence provided by the Russian side, the DSB chose to stick to their own earlier version that the MH17 flight was shot down by a BUK missile. The investigators had already come to this conclusion before even studying the characteristics of the warhead. Moreover, the DSB failed to explain how they identified data and methods to find out where the missile was fired from, NST reported. “All these detailed calculations were ignored by the DSB. As a result, the DSB arrived at conclusions that contradict common sense and are not consistent with the design of this weapons system,” Storchevoy said in the letter. In other words, it seems that the DSB, from the very beginning, was set to prove that the MH17 was supposedly shot down by a BUK missile. After the incident Ukraine and the West accused Donbass militia forces of shooting down the MH17 flight with a Russian-made BUK missile. Russia reportedly denied the accusations.

slavoct11j‘Future US President’ Trump Invited to Visit Crimean City of Yalta / Sputnik / October 10, 2015 / The mayor of the Crimean city of Yalta praised the participation of Donald Trump in the presidential campaign, saying it is a “good reason for them to meet” following the real estate mogul’s claims that Vladimir Putin is “a great person” to deal with and support for Russia’s military campaign in Syria. That makes at least one statesman in Russia, who is ready to present an “olive branch” to the American politician – though not to the president in power now Barack Obama — but to his possible successor Donald Trump, the Washington Post wrote. “After your win in the upcoming presidential elections you are planning to build friendly relations with President Putin – and it’s a great thing to do,” Andrey Rostenko stated on the official site of the Yalta municipality. The chairman commented on Trump’s stepping into the presidential run, hailing him as an “extraordinary person.” Rostenko also added he would follow the Republican Party hopeful’s move into politics. Trump himself once said that Putin is one of those people, who is good to have relations with, welcomed the launching of Russian air forces’ operation in Syria, and highlighted that continuing tensions between Russia and the US is an indication of a failed policy by Obama’s administration. “You want to pal around with China, we want the same for ourselves,” Yalta’s Mayor said to Trump in the statement. “You support Russia’s efforts in the fight against international terrorism, so do we. We have a lot in common and this is a reason why we have to meet at some point.” Rostenko also hinted that “one more street” may be named after an American president in Yalta – referring to one named after President Franklin Roosevelt, who took part in the Yalta Conference in 1945. According to the Washington Post, mayors in Crimea are putting forth their best effort to attract foreign celebrities and politicians to land on the “picturesque shores of the peninsula.” Recently, Fred Durst, frontman of popular group Limp Bizkit, expressed the wish to move to Russia and become its citizen. The Russian statesment in response offered him to choose Crimea for that purpose.

Donald Trump (--Marshall Report)

Donald Trump (–Marshall Report)

Breaking News: Russia Exposes Western Failed Foreign Policy, Praises Trump / by Diane Marshall / The Marshall Report / October 10, 2015 / Putin has recently exposed the US and Obama’s failure to seriously contend with ISIS in the middle east. He pointed out in various interviews, and recently on 60 minutes, how the US has trained mercenaries only to have them join the opposing sides. In recent reports Russia’s department of defense expressed that they failed to see any evidence of serious missile strikes on ISIS strongholds as previously claimed by the US, and questioned their efforts in stopping ISIS in the area. This is not the first time Putin has questioned the U.S. intentions and failed foreign policy in the middle east. He has raised many questions regarding the U.S.’s leading role in toppling sovereign nations especially Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Putin has expressed his concerns numerous times before the U.N. and on international news. Four years ago he made an eye-opening speech about U.S. Foreign Policy in response to a statement posed at him by a U.S. journalist claiming that Russia had few allies. Putin responded, “You said that Russia had few allies? Incorrect, Russia has many allies. And when I arrived in Guatemala for the meeting to discuss the hosting of he Olympic Games, I can assure you…I’m being genuine here, the overwhelming majorities of the countries present there, either publicly or by whispering in my ear, said they would be voting for Russia. If only because we carry out independent politics on the world arena. At that point Putin was interrupted by the one who posed the accusation and responded quickly, “Hang on, hang on. I didn’t interrupt you either, did I?” He then continued. “They are all potential allies. They are not regulated in the soviet. People are tired of the dictatorship of one country. Not talked about cooperating with the U.S. We would like that very much. But from what I can see now and what I spoke about in Munich, that is not cooperation. Sometimes I feel the US does not want allies. They want vassals.” The room broke out into applause after Putin spoke those words. “But we do want and we will develop relations . . . MORE>> Click here.

Lev Golinkin (

Lev Golinkin (–

Radicals Will Blow Ukraine Before ‘First Snow Falls’ – US Media / Sputnik / October 11, 2015 / An increasing dissatisfaction by Ukrainians with the state’s inability to cope with the current problems is playing into the hands of far-right radicals, who are stepping out against Kiev and may inspire a new revolution that will eventually result in the collapse of Ukraine. Armed radical factions can bring Ukraine to its end as a state even before snow falls for the first time this year, American journalist Lev Golinkin wrote for Foreign Policy. He pointed out that the vast majority of revolutions in Eastern Europe usually start as winter begins. “Once the cold settles in, the [Ukrainian] government’s empty promises are laid bare. Over the next several days, forecasters are predicting, the temperature in Ukraine will plunge to freezing. When President Petro Poroshenko looks at the thermometer, he should be worried,” Golinkin wrote. According to Golinkin, Ukraine’s citizens are fuming because of falling living standards and the government’s inability to rid the country of raging corruption and punish the oligarchs. These are considered the problems that “sparked” the Maidan protests in 2013. “Ukraine — fresh off a revolution and followed by 19 months of war — is far from stable. Its citizens have more weapons than they do trust in their government,” the journalist wrote, explaining that if Ukrainians can’t “scrape” money . . . MORE>> Click here.

Riding a Minibus from Donetsk to Torez – 12 Minute Video / KremlinTroll / October 11, 2015 / MH17 Note Block or my diary if you prefer. Here I will publish information gathered with the hope they will expedite and improve real open source social media research. 11OCT2015 – Today I took a minibus ‘Buk route’ Donetsk – Torez. 12 Minute video including 3 Buk sighting locations. [Video available at source.]

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