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Sunday September 6, 2015
(Brief Update)

Andrei Purgin

Andrei Purgin

Purgin to be Replaced by Another DPR Representative at Minsk, said Pushilin / DAN / Edited autotranslation / September 5, 2015 / The functions that the former chairman of the DPR National Council Andrei Purgin served in the peace talks in Minsk will be assigned to another representative of the Republic. This was stated by Acting DPR Parliament Speaker Dennis Pushilin. “In the sub-groups at the talks in Minsk there was initially [a place?] for two people, there will be a person who participated in the recent meetings, [sic]” said Pushilin, who heads the DPR delegation in Minsk. He stressed that despite the personnel changes in the NPT negotiating process as a whole will not undergo changes. “Despite the events that took place yesterday and today, which is almost resolved, all in Minsk goes according to plan, as scheduled earlier. Intentions are the same, as is the agenda the same,” said the representative of the Republic. On September 4, Andrei Purgin was dismissed from his post as chairman of the National Council to address the vast majority of MPs gathered for an extraordinary session. The former speaker of the peace talks was one of the DPR representatives in the sub-working group on political issues. The next meeting of the Contact Group for the peaceful settlement and its four subgroups is scheduled for September 8. Quemado Insitute comments: We question Pushilin’s statement that the events that took place yesterday and today (the disimissal of Purgin) are “almost resolved.” It is also disturbing that DAN has not published a statement by Zakharchenko on Purgin’s removal. Was it some sort of political “coup” on the part of Pushilin, or is it for the good of the DPR?

Andrei Purgin (

Andrei Purgin (–

Dispelling Myths about Purgin’s Removal / By Alexander Chalenko / Fort Russ / September 6, 2015 / Andrei Purgin was dismissed from his position as head of the Parliament of DPR. His duties will be performed by Denis Pushilin who will be representing Donetsk at the talks in Minsk. It would be absolutely wrong to use Purgin’s resignation for the next bout of speculation about the “betrayal of Novorossiya”. For example, Purgin was against Minsk-2, and Pushilin, on the other hand, in favor of Minsk-2, and hence for handing the Donbass back to Ukraine. They say that for this, Purgin was removed. Then there are conspiracy theories about “selling out Novorossiya” in support of these conspiracies they cite the recent statement by Deinego (representative of the LPR in the Contact group in Minsk) that he supports transition of the control over the border between DPR and Russia to Ukraine. These comrades do not understand that when Deinego said about it, he was talking about a Ukraine which does not exist, because Ukraine which completed all terms of the Minsk-2, is no longer a fascist Ukraine. Is it possible? No. Therefore, Kiev will never gain no control over the border. And thus anyone who says that the removal of Purgin is “the sellout of Novorossiya” is simply delusional. First, Purgin, is a member of the Contact group talks in Minsk just like Pushilin. He recognizes the Minsk-2, and never was against it. If he did, please provide a quote from him where he said that? Secondly, his removal was not due to the fact that he was resisting Minsk-2, or was against Zakharchenko, or something else. There were no complaints about him until the very last moment. He was one of the leaders of the ruling party in the DPR – “Donetsk Republic” which belongs to the ruling class of the DPR. The questions arose after he was taken under the protection of the chief of staff of the people’s Council of the DPR Alexei Alexandrov, which, according to experts, became engaged not in the work of the apparatus, but in politics, and influence on the work of the Parliament. And this, in the opinion of the responsible persons of the Republic, caused damage to the DPR. Therefore they decided not to let Alexandrov in the DPR. Purgin, stood up for him, so he was removed from the post of Chairman of the people’s Council of DPR. That’s all. Therefore, all speculations and people’s complaints about “the sellout of Novorossiya” must stop. They will stop, I don’t doubt that in the coming days. Personally I respect Purgin, one of the outstanding figures of the Russian spring in Donetsk in 2014. I’m sorry that it all happened. But he has all the capabilities as he remains the member of the National Council, he will continue his political activities in the DPR and his work for the good of the Republic, which he will do, no doubt. Quemado Institute comments: We are unable to verify that Alexander Chalenko is an authority on the topic of Purgin’s dismissal. His analysis only seems to contribute to the confusion. Chalenko says, “Purgin, stood up for him [Alexandrov], so he was removed from the post of Chairman of the people’s Council of DPR. That’s all.” That’s all? Does Chalenko mean that the simple act of defending Alexandrov is sufficient grounds to remove a man of Purgin’s stature? If Chalenko is correct that Purgin was dismissed simply for defending Alexandrov’s right to reenter the DPR, which we understand was barred by Denis Pushilin himself, then this revelation implies even more strongly that Purgin’s removal was a political “coup” or seizure of power by Pushilin, which according to Strelkov (See under September 5 below) was driven by Kremlin pressure. At any rate, concerned speculation where there is cause for suspicion, as in this case, should not be construed as conspiracy theory. Official DPR government website dnr-online has published a video in Russian by Pushilin on the incident. We are awaiting a definitive statement from Alexander Zakharchenko. As of 03:00 September 7, no such statement has appeared on either the Donetsk News agency or dnr-online.

Purgin’s Dismissal, Twitter Report. Reliable Donbass supporter Vera Van Horne tweeted 22:00 UTC: “You know, what’s funny? (and, totally my guess) Russia removes bright Novorossia’s leaders, convinced by US that it’s the way to peace.” To which Sa replies: “If you are talking about purgin I see real donetsk residents having zero wish to back him up at all. The failed rally is a proof.” Vera Van Horne answers: “Actually, majority of people in Donetsk were too cautious to express their support at all. But, they are angry, as hell.” Quemado Institute comments: Vera Van Horne’s first tweet agrees with the opinion attributed to Igor Strelkov (See under September 5 below). The “failed rally” refers to a protest in support of Purgin attended by about 100 people in Donetsk.

Andrei Purgin

Andrei Purgin

Andrei Purgin arrested and held in the building of the MGB / Novorossiya Information Agency / Autotranslation / September 6, 2015, 20:12 / Despite yesterday’s statement by the DNI authorities to release Andrei Purgina, he and his wife Elena are still under arrest in the MGB DNI. This was circulated to the press service, “Staff Antimaydan St. Petersburg” with reference to the deputy of the People’s Council DNI Hellas Shaftner. The “Staff Antimaydana” emphasize that while no specific charges brought against them are not. For information about the general state of health and Andrew Paton and his wife’s friends and relatives are not received. Recall, September 4 at about 9 o’clock in the morning, while trying to cross the border DNI, chief of staff of the People’s Council DNI AG Aleksandrov and President of the National Council of DNI AE Purgin they were detained by Border Guard DNI. With the help of deputies they managed to break into the DNI. After that, the local media reported that Purgin detained, and others managed to escape. Later, the MGB in a statement reported on the detention of his son Alexandrov. On the same day, at 21.00 held an emergency session of the People’s Council of the NPT, which resulted in Andrew Purgin was sacked and was replaced by Denis Pushilin. A source in the DNI to our agency confirmed the information.

Petro Porkoshenko (--REUTERS/ Valentyn Ogirenko)

Petro Porkoshenko (–REUTERS/ Valentyn Ogirenko)

Kiev to Ignore Russia’s Remarks on Constitution Amendments – Poroshenko / Sputnik / September 6, 2015 / Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said that he still had hopes in the Minsk peace agreement with militias but was working on “Plan B” for addressing the armed conflict in Donbass. KIEV (Sputnik) — Kiev will not take into account Russia’s comments on the participation of Donetsk and Luhansk in the process of amending the Ukrainian Constitution on decentralization, President Petro Poroshenko said Sunday. “We have fulfilled our obligations regarding the start of the constitutional process, although Russia has written notes on 20 pages — it will not happen, we are not going to consider these remarks during constitutional amendment,” Poroshenko said in an interview with three local TV channels. The president added that Kiev had conducted all the necessary procedures and was “simply not interested” in the fact that Russia did not like it. “It means the opposite — that what we are doing is the right thing,” Poroshenko added. Also Ukrainian leader said that Kiev would appeal to the “international coalition” with the request to expand and extend sanctions against Russia if Ukrainian eastern regions of Donetsk and Lugansk hold independent local elections. “If there are elections, we will negotiate and reach an agreement with the international coalition in support of Ukraine concerning the extension and deepening, expansion and increase of sanctions,” Poroshenko stated. Poroshenko mentioned “Plan B” on which he is working. “Plan B is what I am busy working on right now, although I still have hopes and am doing my best to… return Ukrainian territories under Ukraine’s control,” the president said. A new ceasefire came into effect on September 1, in a fresh bid to end violence in the southeast of the country. The parties to the conflict last agreed on a truce in Belarusian capital Minsk in mid-February 2015, but both government forces and militias since accused each other of violating the deal. . . . MORE>>

Mykola Azarov (

Mykola Azarov (–

Ukraine’s New Military Doctrine is ‘Hitler’s Dream Come True’ – Former PM / Sputnik / September 6, 2015 / Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov says that Ukraine’s new military doctrine, which defines Russia as Kiev’s main “military adversary,” is “Hitler’s dream come true.” In a Facebook post published Sunday, Azarov wrote that “the so-called National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine…has adopted a new military doctrine for Ukraine, which defines Russia as the main military adversary of our country. This is Hitler’s dream come true –to incite the peoples of the Russian world against one another.” The politician noted that “despite the absurdity, unreality and muddled nature of this doctrine, the regime in Kiev will continue to develop further the idea of preparing for war with Russia.” Azarov also warned that if Ukraine’s leadership goes ahead to actually launch a war against Russia, this will have catastrophic consequences for the people of both countries. “If this criminal regime, with the assistance of its Western backers, goes ahead and unleashes a war with Russia, can it be won? How many victims and how much suffering will it bring our peoples, all in the interests of a regime which is robbing our people today?” Azarov asked. The former prime minister called the whole idea ‘madness’. “A country with a miserly budget, with a collapsing economy, and with enormous debts is planning a war with Russia? This is a characteristic of madness, which is a lack of intelligence.” “Mad men may claw their way to power; this has happened in history before, but surely the rest of the country has not been swallowed up by this madness?,” Azarov pleaded. . . . MORE>>

Saturday September 5, 2015
(Brief Update)

Igor Strelkov (

Igor Strelkov (–

Strelkov comments on Purgin’s Dismissal / ruskaya vesna / Edited autotranslation / September 4, 2015 / On September 4, former DPR Defense Minister Igor Strelkov said that Andrei Purgin was removed from his post because of the sanctions imposed by the United States against Russia. “MMMschik Minsk Pushilin took the Council. Purgin was shifted. US sanctions have pressed the Russian Federation and it was decided to speed up the drain. Andrew Purgin was removed from the post of the speaker of the People’s Council, without explanation,” wrote Strelkov on his page on the social network. Editor’s note: Some say Strelkov does not have a social network page. This report may have come from the page of the organization that uses his name and photo, which is nevertheless considered reliable. Quemado Institute comments: Strelkov has likely hit the nail on the head. We believe Moscow is sabotaging the DPR/LPR and has been doing so since May, 2014. It is a tragedy. Putin’s neglect of Donbass is unforgivable.

Friday September 4, 2015
(Updated throughout the day)

Denis Pushilin (--Niqnaq)

Denis Pushilin (–Niqnaq)

Denis Pushilin Becomes Interim Speaker of DPR Parliament – Source / Sputnik / September 4, 2015 / A source claimed that Denis Pushilin was elected on Friday interim speaker of the parliament (People’s Council) of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) in eastern Ukraine. / MOSCOW / Denis Pushilin was elected on Friday interim speaker of the parliament (People’s Council) of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) in eastern Ukraine, a source told RIA Novosti. “Pushilin is the interim head of the DPR People’s Council,” the source, who spoke on the phone on condition of anonymity, said. According to the source, the decision was adopted at an extraordinary meeting of the People’s Council. The post of the speaker was previously held by Andrei Purgin. The replacement of speaker of Ukraine’s southeastern self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Andrei Purgin with former deputy speaker Denis Pushilin is related to the former’s anti-DPR policy, Pushilin said. “The last straw for the deputies was today’s attempt [by Purgin] to disrupt the meeting of the People’s Council, when the deputies had to listen to false declarations made with the aim of increasing tensions and destabilizing the situation,” Pushilin said as quoted by the Donetsk News Agency. Quemado Institute Update: Purgin Will Continue to Serve as a Deputy. According to the Donetsk News Agency (DAN), as of September 5th, 2015 0:46, Andrei Purgin, who was dismissed today from the office of the Speaker of the DPR People’s Council, will continue to serve as a deputy. This view was expressed to DAN by the Chairman of Health Committee Alexander Avdeyev of the faction “Free Donbass”. “As a deputy he will stay for sure. Everything remains on track,” Avdeyev said. As for the new Acting President of the National Council Denis Pushilin, the opposition faction supported his candidacy. “Free Donbass” almost unanimously supported Pushilin, and there was an understanding that at this point you need to maintain unity,” concluded Avdeev.

Alexei Alexandrov (--Niqnaq)

Former Head of Public Council Alexei Alexandrov (Niqnaq)

Resignation of Head of DPR Parliament Associated with his Claim to Power – Expert / DAN / Edited autotranslation / September 5, 2015 / The resignation of the head of the Public Council of the People’s Republic of Donetsk Alexei Alexandrov was related to his claims to power and budget. This opinion was expressed by the director of the Tass Agency for Strategic Communications Oleg Bondarenko. “Recent events in Donetsk are the result of the fact that a group of local deputies, led by the Chief of Staff of the DPR People’s Council Alexei Alexandrov, using the achievement of peace, decided to create a redistribution of power in its favor,” the expert said. “According to my information, the inadmissibility of such actions has been repeatedly stated. However, the desired effect is to no avail. As a result, on the morning of September 4, the DPR Ministry of State Security made the decision to ban Alexandrov entry into the territory of the republic, which he ignored. “The dismissal of Andrei Purgin as head of the DPR National Council is also associated with the figure of his protege Alexandrov, who attempted to replace the leadership of the republic’s parliament,” said Bondarenko. “The new head of the National Council Denis Pushilin in this situation should promptly consolidate deputies. It is obvious that the conflict arose, having technical character, will try to take advantage of Kiev [sic]. It can not allow for the strengthening of the young republic.” Recall that on Friday, September 4, DPR Border Guard officers tried to forbid the entry into the Republic of the National Assembly led by the Alexei Alexandrov apparatus. However, he stood with Speaker Andrei Purgin. With the support of other deputies, taking advantage of their immunity, they were given the opportunity to enter DPR territory of Alexandrov [sic]. At the same time a number of rumors of misconduct were distributed to the media by law enforcement agencies. The Ministry of Public Security launched an investigation into all the circumstances of what happened. In the late afternoon, in an emergency session of parliament, Purgin and Alexandrov were relieved of their posts. Deputy Speaker Denis Pushilin became acting Chairman of the Parliament.

MGB Launched Investigation Against Former Head of DPR Public Council Alexandrov / DAN / Edited Autotranslation / September 5, 2015 / DONETSK / The DPR Ministry of State Security (MGB) initiated an investigation concerning a number of illegal actions by the Head of the DPR People’s Council Alexei Alexandrov. This was reported in a statement by the agency. “MGB denied entry into the DPR of the Chief of Staff of the DPR People’s Council AG Aleksandrov in connection with his destructive activities that pose a threat to national security of the Republic,” it was stated in the text. The service said that today Alexandrov made an attempt to penetrate into the territory of the DPR, which was foiled by members of the Border [Service -?]. “At the same time, Purgin (Andrei Purgin, at the time the speaker of parliament) with a group of deputies, using the parliamentary immunity, contributed to illegal border crossing of AG Aleksandrov and now contribute to his shelter from justice,” stressed the MGB, according to the facts under investigation.”

Andrei Purgin

Former speaker Andrei Purgin, replaced Sept 4, 2015

Andrei Purgin Left Post, Denis Pushilin Appointed Acting Speaker of the People’s Council / DAN / Edited Autotranslation / September 4, 2015 23:34 / Andrei Purgin was dismissed today from the post of the Speaker of the People’s Council of the Donetsk National Council. … Vice-speaker Denis Pushilin became the acting chairman of the parliament. This was announced to DAN today, as reported by the press service of the People’s Council. “The decision on the resignation of Andrei Purgin as chairman was taken overwhelmingly at a meeting of the Council of People’s Deputies. Denis Pushilin was appointed as acting Chairman,” a spokesman said.

Denis Pushilin (--TASS/Zurab Dzhavakhadze)

Denis Pushilin (–TASS/Zurab Dzhavakhadze)

Clashes near Ukraine’s parliament have no effect on talks in Contact Group — DPR / TASS / September 4, 2015 / A total of 141 people have been injured during clashes near Kiev’s parliament building August 31 as MPs initially backed constitutional amendments supposed to give greater powers to Donbas. / MOSCOW / Monday’s clashes near the Verkhovna Rada in Kiev have not affected the negotiations process on peaceful settlement in Donbas, and vote on amendments to Ukrainian Constitution in the parliament is assessed as “imitation activity”, the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) envoy to Contact Group Denis Pushilin said on Friday. “What happened near the Verkhovna Rada could probably have affected only Ukraine’s position on part of justifications. We have a signed document from 12 February 2015, and guarantor countries signed it, and we are proceeding from this. We do not need these justifications,” Donetsk News Agency quoted Pushilin as saying. “In other words, it did not have any effect,” he said. Pushilin noted that Ukraine cannot stand by its decisions, and voting in the Rada on amendments to the Constitution in the first reading was an “imitation”. “It an imitation far from what was signed in Minsk. It does not concern us, we do not agree with this,” the envoy stressed. [… More background at source.]

DPR Intelligence Established Fire between Ukrainian Armed Forces and National Guard in Shirokino / DAN / Edited autotranslation / September 4, 2015 / DONETSK / DPR investigators documented clashes between units of the [Ukrainian] armed forces and the National Guard in the Ukrainian village of Shirokino on the frontline. This was stated by the DPR Ministry of Defence corps commander Eduard Basurin. “In the period from 1 to 3 September, our intelligence has repeatedly documented mutual attacks between the units of the National Guard and the Armed Forces of Ukraine Ministry of Internal Affairs in the village of Shirokino,” said the corps commander. Eduard Basurin added that “most likely, the armed clashes were provoked by the clashes in Kiev, which affected the morale of Ukrainian soldiers in the National Guard-occupied village.” On Monday in Kiev, there were clashes at the Verkhovna Rada during the vote on the law on decentralization, killing three soldiers as a result. On July 1, the DPR unilaterally declared Shirokino, which is located on the contact line in the southern part of the Republic, a demilitarized zone. The next day the militia left the village. On July 4, the village leaders held talks with the STSKK and the OSCE on the final demilitarization of Shirokino. It was proposed to deploy in the village a post Monitoring Group, composed of representatives of Kiev, Russia, Donetsk and the STSKK with the participation of the OSCE. However, according to the STSKK, later in Kiev this was abandoned. Ukrainian units continue to be in the area of the village.

Russia urges to set up round-the-clock monitoring posts at most problem areas in Donbas / TASS / September 4, 2015 / Russia urges to set up round-the-clock posts of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) in the most troubled areas in Donbas, the Russian foreign ministry said on Friday citing Russian Permanent Representative at the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Alexander Lukashevich as saying in Vienna. “Now, the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine has a long-awaited possibility to invigorate its activities in the security zone in Donbas,” Lukashevich said. “The more unbiased and complete reports the SMM provides the more efficient its work will be, the bigger trust it will enjoy by the parties to the conflict. Obviously, it will have a positive effect on security of the monitors. … Once again, we urge to ensure the establishment of round-the-clock SMM monitoring posts in the troubles areas,” the Russian diplomat stressed. “We think it to be a serious factor of control over the situation and containment. Regrettably, it often happened that as soon as OSCE monitors had left populated localities shelling resumed. … Tighter placing of SMM patrols along the line of engagement will require more personnel,” the Russian diplomat noted. “Under its mandate, the mission can increase its contingent up to 1,000 people. It’s high time to take this opportunity. We consider pretexts used not to do that – such as speculations that it is hard to implement or non-topical – as far-fetched.”

Normandy Four foreign ministers Pavlo Klimkin (Ukraine), Laurent Fabius (France), Frank-Walter Steinmeier (Germany), Sergei Lavrov (Russia) (--Novorossia Today)

Normandy Four foreign ministers Pavlo Klimkin (Ukraine), Laurent Fabius (France), Frank-Walter Steinmeier (Germany), Sergei Lavrov (Russia) (–Novorossia Today)

Press Digest: EU and U.S. may impose new sanctions over Donbass elections / Russia Beyond the Headlines / Elections in Donbass may result in new sanctions against Russia. The Kommersant business daily reports that the European Union and the U.S. are reviewing the possibility of introducing new sanctions against Russia. This will happen in the event that the governments of Ukraine’s self-proclaimed republics of Donetsk and Lugansk [the DPR and LPR] refuse to hold their local elections on Oct. 25, the day in which they will be held throughout Ukraine. The DPR elections are planned for Oct. 18 and the LPR will hold polling on Nov. 1. “If the representatives of Donetsk and Lugansk continue to insist, and the elections in Donbass are held separately from the Ukrainian ones, do not correspond to Ukrainian laws and are not monitored by international observers, this will be a serious and demonstrative blow to the Minsk agreements,” said a Kommersant source within western diplomatic circles. “In essence, this will be the final nail in the coffin of the peace agreement. No one in Europe and the U.S. will believe that Russia is capable of influencing the separatists to turn away from this dangerous path.” The issue of the period and conditions for holding the local elections in Donetsk and Lugansk will be discussed this week in Minsk during a meeting between the foreign ministers of Ukraine, Russia, France and Germany. Editor’s note: the DPR/LPR planned elections are an attempt to abide by Minsk unilaterally, since Kiev failed to pass elections laws compatible with the Minsk agreements. It is Kiev, not Donbass, that is in violation of Minsk. For analysis of the election issue, see Ambiguity Plagues Berlin War Talks: Merkel, Hollande & Poroshenko Exclude Putin.

Oleg Bondarenko (

Analyst Oleg Bondarenko (–

Delay of Local Elections in Donbass Until October 25 Late and Incorrect – Analyst / DAN / Edited autotranslation / September 4, 2015 / DONETSK / Today is too late to talk about the possibility of postponing the local elections in Donbass until October 25, the director of the Agency for Strategic Communications [Moscow] Oleg Bondarenko told TASS today. “That’s the Verkhovna Rada’s vote in mid-July in which it was decided not to hold local elections throughout Donbass, even including the territory under the control of Kiev,” he said in an interview with Trend, according to the Russian news agency. “It was a sovereign decision of Kiev, to which no one is affected [sic]. So today it is incorrect to talk about the postponement of elections in Donetsk and Lugansk. Especially because, according to Ukrainian law, local elections shall be three months before the date of their conduct [sic].” Bondarenko noted that in May, representatives of the DPR and LPR offered Kiev a separate draft law on local elections in Donbass, but Ukrainian representatives chose to ignore it. “Now, some anonymous sources claim that this will create conditions for strengthening sanctions against Russia,” continued the political analyst in connection with publications on the subject that appeared today in the Russian press. “Such opinions come primarily from Kiev, seeking only frustrate the Minsk process. Berlin and Paris, for their part, are interested in the implementation of the Minsk Agreement.” Bondarenko said that another important point is that the local elections are held in the Donbass under the law on the special status, frozen in Kiev, and the spirit of the Minsk agreements. “In turn, Kiev did not even try to agree on constitutional changes with the DPR and LPR, which directly requested agreements,” he said, stressing that these changes [made by Kiev] are purely imitative and do not fix the Basic Law of Ukraine with respect to special status for Donbass.

Alexander Lukashevich (

Alexander Lukashevich (–

Kiev’s tightening blockade of Donbas leads to its further isolation — Russian diplomat / TASS / September 4, 2015 / MOSCOW / Kiev’s non-fulfilment of the Minsk-2 package forces Donetsk and Luhansk to follow their own way, Russian Permanent Representative at the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Alexander Lukashevich said at a meeting of the OSCE Permanent Council. The text of his speech was published on Friday on the official website of the Russian foreign ministry. “Regrettably, we can note no positive changes in terms of lifting the financial and economic blockade off Donbas. On the contrary, it is being only tightened,” he said. “Such Kiev’s policy of ignoring legal rights and demands of Donbas’ population, evading direct dialogue with Donetsk and Luhansk leads only to the further isolation of that region. … Strengthening of direct dialogue between Kiev and Donetsk and Luhansk has a key importance for reaching peace and stability in southeastern Ukraine,” the Russian diplomat stressed. “First of all, it is applicable to the principal issues fixed in the Minsk Package of Measures as subject to agreement with representatives of these regions.” One of such issues is “dialogue geared to agree the modality of local elections,” he noted. “Despite the urgency of the problem and Donetsk’s and Luhansk’s preparedness for joint work, no reciprocal steps are coming from Kiev. It has provided no reaction to the initiatives proposed by representatives of Donbas within the specially established format of the Contact Group’s working subgroups.” Lukashevich recalled provision 12 of the Package of Measures reading that issues related to local elections are to be discussed and agreed with representatives of the certain districts of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions on the basis of Ukraine’s law on temporary procedure of local self-rule in the certain districts of the Luhansk and Donetsk regions, “which is not working so far.” “For some reason, our Western partners keep on overlooking it,” he said. “Kiev’s efforts to impose unilateral decisions in violation of the Package of Measures are forcing the Donetsk and Luhansk authorities to follow their own path, in keeping with the corresponding provisions of the Package of Measures, including those on ensuring elections monitoring by the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights,” Lukashevich said, adding that despite its loud statements on the implementation of the Minsk agreements, Kiev had failed to enforce the amnesty law.

Analyst: US’s Military Options in Ukraine are Ruined / Translated by J. Arnoldski / Fort Russ / September 3, 2015 / American political commentator for Salon magazine, Patrick Smith, believes that the US has failed in Ukraine, and that such was inevitable after the coup that Washington orchestrated in Kiev last year. The chaotic Poroshenko government is too weak to be an effective weapon of the United States at Russia’s border, Smith writes. The President has exhausted his political capital, and now he faces a real threat in the form of an uprising of right-wing forces which nobody can control. Until recently, members of the party “Svoboda”, who glorify Nazi collaborators, occupied the posts of Vice-Premier and the Attorney General, and it is not surprising that Poroshenko has called recent events “a stab in the back.” In his opinion, even if the Ukrainian President was able to maintain some sort of balance, the issue would continue to haunt him. The Neo-fascist regime could become the result of twenty years of Washington’s efforts to tear Ukraine away from its roots, and it will be even more damaging to the transatlantic . . . MORE>>

Polish MEP Saryusz-Wolski Posts Enemy Estimate of Ukrainian vs “Russian Terrorist” Military Forces in Donbass.  The chart shown here was posted on Twitter today by Jacek Saryusz-Wolski, member of the European Parliament and Vice President of the European People’s Party. Jacek Emil Saryusz-Wolski, born September 19, 1948 in Łódź, is a Polish diplomat, politician and member of the European Parliament, elected on 13 June 2004. He served as Vice President of the European Parliament between 2004 and 2007. (Source: Wikipedia) Editor’s note: The chart purports falsely that it is the Russian army (“terrorists”) fighting in Donbass. The numbers look feasible, but we have no knowledge of the reliability of the source. (Click chart to enlarge.)

Thursday September 3, 2015

Igor Strelkov

Igor Strelkov

Strelkov: UAF will attack when Putin is in New York / Translated by Kristina Rus / Fort Russ (from rusvesna) / September 3, 2015 / Strelkov: urgent about the military situation — UAF is almost finished concentrating the forces to attack. Ex-defense Minister of Donetsk People’s Republic Igor Strelkov gave a brief forecast of the military situation on the basis of personal analysis of available data. Currently Ukrainian army is almost finished concentrating forces for the planned offensive. At the sites selected for the direction of the main strike (to the south of Donetsk), their superiority over the opposing units of NAF is estimated as 5-fold. Hidden behind a deeply layered system of defence, UAF formation has a distinct offensive configuration. At the front, exploration of the positions of LDPR [DPR/LPR] army is actively underway. Moreover, it is conducted by professional scout groups (presumably — PMCs). The number of drones and tools of electronic warfare involved by the ukro-military is impressive. At the front, considerable reserves of ammunition for all types of weapons are concentrated. Available UAF forces are enough to defeat the opposing “corps of the people’s militia” in a week or two, and already in the first day of the attack profound breakthroughs with access to rear communications can be achieved. The offensive can have a “general” character (aimed at accessing the border with Russia throughout its entire length and subsequent total destruction of the republics), and limited, whose goal may be the seizure of the southern part of DPR and vital infrastructure, without which even a partial economic autonomy of Donbass will be impossible. A full-scale assault should be expected before the muddy fall season and, thus, UAF has no more than a month and a half left. And taking into account the need not only to begin, but to complete the main operation before the onset of autumn rasputitsa [muddy season – rus.], the start date is limited by the range of September 20-25. If the offensive will not begin in the specified period, with high probability it will be possible to predict the freezing of the existing status quo before the onset of winter frost. However, the postponement of the operation is possible, but unlikely, as the deteriorating economic and political situation of the Kiev junta does not guarantee the opportunity to gather an equally powerful group to attack six months later. The most suitable time for attack (putting yourself in the enemy’s shoes) appears to be the time of the visit of Vladimir Putin to New York to the session of the UN General Assembly (20th of September) — this way the effect of massive pressure from the so-called “international community” at the moment of making a strategic decision about the provision of or failure to render military aid to LDPR, or on the extent of the aid, can be achieved. Let me remind you that the “War of 08.08.08”, and the decisive events of the “Revolution of ‘Gidnost’ ” were made at a time when Vladimir Putin was outside of Moscow (in China and at the Sochi Olympics). Quemado Institute comments: Strelkov is known to be an unreliable source of information, and rusvesna has occasionally posted false reports. A 5-fold UAF superiority seems incorrect. We believe the figure is at most 2-fold, to be compensated for by high NAF morale. Nevertheless, Strelkov is no doubt sounding the alarm with good intentions, and his warning should be given consideration.

Ukraine Reconfirms Commitment to NATO, vows to take back Novorossiya / Translated by Joaquin Flores / Fort Russ / September 2, 2015 / “The new military doctrine of Ukraine: Russia – the main threat to national security.” National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine adopted a new military doctrine of the country. This is stated on the website of the NSDC. “The new military doctrine of Ukraine defines the Russian Federation as the military adversary of Ukraine, and commits itself to liberate the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine; Given the high probability of large-scale use of military force against Ukraine as the main threat to national security in the military sphere, “- said the press service department. Furthermore, by endorsing the doctrine, the National Security Council confirmed the rejection of Kiev from a non-aligned status, and reconfirmed their course into NATO. “The new military doctrine of Ukraine confirms the rejection of the policy of non-alignment and the resumption of the strategic course of Euro-Atlantic integration,” the document says. The NSDC also approved the expansion of the list of individuals and legal entities in Russia and other countries to which Kiev applies sanctions. “National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine supported the proposal of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, and the Security Service of Ukraine, and decided to expand the list of individuals and legal entities of the Russian Federation and other countries that were subject to sanctions,” reported the website of the NSDC. Among other things, it is noted that the new Ukrainian military doctrine “takes into account the increasing role of information and psychological operations.”

16 Arrested From Ukraine Rada Parliament Riots / Novorossia Today / September 3, 2015 / The Pechersk district court of Kiev has arrested 16 of the total 18 people detained following clashes with police near the building of the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada (parliament) on August 31, Ukrainian interior minister’s adviser Zoryan Shkiryak said on Thursday. “The court ruled to place under a two-month arrest without bail 16 people of the total 18 detained for illegal actions. One of them has been placed under house arrest. Another suspect is in hospital,” Shkiryak wrote on his Facebook page. It was reported previously that the arrested are suspected of committing, among others, such crimes a “terrorist act” and “the creation of a criminal organisation.” Among those arrested is also Igor Gumenyuk, suspected of hurling a grenade at law enforces near the Verkhovna Rada building. [… More background at source.]

Fascist on Fascist Violence at the Rada / by Victor Martynyuk, translated by J. Arnoldski / Fort Russ / September 2, 2015 / “Kiev: Eat this grenade, fascist! From … another fascist!” New, bloody events outside the walls of the Verkhovna Rada were imminent. The “Maidan” has not finished in Kiev – everyone who to this day thought otherwise can see the truth clearly today. In such a way, today’s tragedy is a farcical matter. It turns out that a fighter of the Interior Ministry battalion “Sich” threw a grenade at the National guard (it might be interesting how many of them in their time through Molotov cocktails at Berkut)… A smoldering peat bog is perhaps the most accurate definition for today’s Kiev. Kiev, internally, looked like it was safe and prosperous until August 31. People are hanging out, walking around, cafes are working, parents are taking their children to school, beggars are begging, and street musicians are playing. How this silence is deceptive became obvious Monday morning, when the Rada adopted, at first reading, the law on “decentralization,” which is a separate conversation. The brown political substance showed itself again. Its stench was mixed with the smell of blood and gunpowder. Why? Because the peace process . . . MORE>>

Russian Federation Investigative Committee Chairman Alexander Bastrykin. (

Russian Federation Investigative Committee Chairman Alexander Bastrykin. (–

Russia to investigate Ukrainian crimes / Stop Imperialism / September 3, 2015 / Russia’s investigative Committee is investigating 54 criminal cases on the facts of murders and other crimes in the Donbass. This is stated in the report of the RF IC, presented at a meeting chaired by the head of the committee Alexander Bastrykin. The report is aimed to illuminate violations of the rights of the civilian population of the South-East of Ukraine in the course of armed conflict. As reported by the official representative of RF IC Vladimir Markin, the meeting was also attended by representatives of the public and the media. “At this time Russian Federation Investigative Committee is investigating 54 criminal cases on the facts of numerous killings of civilians in the South-East of Ukraine, the use of prohibited means and methods of warfare, genocide of national group of Russian-speaking people living in the breakaway Donetsk and Lugansk national republics, kidnapping, impeding the work of journalists and their murders, mercenaries, etc.”, – stated in the text of the document. During the investigation of these criminal cases RF IC is trying find out those who involved and collect objective evidence needed for criminal prosecution, international search and arrest of guilty people. Quemado Insitute comments: Russia is making a mistake to prosecute for war crimes at this at this time. The Minsk agreements provide for universal amnesty. Amnesty most of all protects the NAF militias and DPR/LPR leadership. Since the West has dominant political power, it is the DPR/LPR that are most vulnerable to indictment. Once prosecutions begin on either side, they can escalate on both sides.

Igor Kolomoisky

Igor Kolomoisky

Kolomoisky’s assets seized in Crimea / Russian Legal Information Agency / September 3, 2015 / MOSCOW / A Russian court has issued a warrant to seize 71 assets owned by Ukrainian mogul Igor Kolomoisky in Crimea, Investigative Committee Chairman Alexander Bastrykin said in a report on Thursday. Bastrykin said that 30 individuals, one of them Kolomoisky, have been charged under a case on Kiev’s war crimes in Donbass. Investigators have learned that Kolomoisky owns administrative and other buildings, filling stations and other real property in Crimea and Sevastopol through the companies he controls. Igor Kolomoisky, former governor of the Dnipropetrovsk Region and the second or third richest man in Ukraine, owns 42 percent of Ukrnafta shares. In June 2014, Russia’s Investigative Committee charged Kolomoisky with masterminding murder, the use of prohibited methods and means of warfare, abduction, and other crimes linked to the armed conflict in the southeastern regions of Ukraine.

Russia closes border with Ukraine / Integrative*Mind (from / Edited autotranslation / September 2, 2015 / In the area of the Russian city of Donetsk [the Russian city, not the DPR capital –editor] a fence will be erected. The Border Guard Department of the FSB of Russia in the Rostov region posted online a public procurement order for the construction of the protective fence in the Rostov region of Donetsk [Russia], bordering Ukraine. The height of the construction is 2 meters, the length, 3.22 km. “The construction will be made to curb illegal activity on the state border,” said the representative office. They clarify that these engineering structures are built on the most popular sections of the state border. Under the contract, a fence has been erected of welded fence sections 2 to 2.5 m with a V-shaped tip and reinforced barbed tape. Completion is scheduled for December 1st, 2015. Earlier, in May 2015 it was reported that on the border with Ukraine, in the Rostov region, about 140 km of engineering structures were built, including about 100 km of ditches and fences of more than 40 km. It is reported that the work was done before, but is being intensified in connection with an increase in attempts to smuggle arms and ammunition, and to prevent illegal crossing of the state border from Ukraine by car. . . MORE>>

Wednesday September 2, 2015

Nikolay Patrushev (

Nikolay Patrushev (–

Russian security council chief: Nazism revived openly, cynically in Ukraine, Baltic states / Voice of Sevastopol / September 2, 2015 / ST.PETERSBURG / Nazism is being revived openly and cynically in the Baltic countries and Ukraine, Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev said on Tuesday. “Currently, Nazism is being revived most openly and cynically in the Baltic countries and in Ukraine. Glorification of the pro-Nazi nationalist movements takes place, their views find more and more supporters among the local population,” Patrushev said during his lecture at the St.Petersburg Marine Technical University. According to him, the political leadership of Ukraine during the entire post-Soviet period has encouraged nationalist and anti-Russian sentiment of its citizens, and with the support of the United States such policy led to the forcible seizure of power by the opposition last year. The decisive role was played by the Right Sector ultra-nationalist group. “The people oriented towards the West and adhering to anti-Russian views came to power, and anti-Russian media intensified their activities in the country. The opinion of the other part of Ukrainian citizens was not heeded,” Patrushev noted. He added that the Ukrainian political leaders were forced to embrace and use radical ideology for propaganda purposes irrespective of their personal beliefs to prevent the situation from getting out of control.

Cougars to Patrol Downtown Kiev to Prevent New Riots / Voice of Sevastopol / September 2, 2015 / KIEV (Sputnik) / According to Ivan Varchenko, downtown Kiev will be patrolled by KrAZ and Cougar vehicles, reinforced police units and 2,200 soldiers from the National Guard and volunteer battalions. Violent clashes between police and protesters on Monday outside the Ukrainian parliament, Verkhovna Rada, killed at least three and injured over 140 people, mostly policemen and National Guard soldiers. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko described Monday riots in Kiev as an anti-Ukrainian action whose perpetrators must held responsible. “The length and the scope of patrols in the capital will depend on the development of events, but we will not allow anyone to destabilize the situation in Ukraine,” Varchenko said in an interview with Ukraine’s 112 television.

Verkhovna Rada, August 31, 2015. (--Reuters/Valentyn Ogirenko)

Verkhovna Rada, 8-31-15 (–Reuters/Valentyn Ogirenko)

Riot Near Verkhovna Rada: How It Really Was / / September 2, 2015 / [On] August 31, Verkhovna Rada gathered for an extraordinary meeting to consider the first reading of the adoption of amendments to the Constitution regarding decentralization. These amendments became a cornerstone for Ukrainian MPs; Poroshenko’s Bloc, Narodnyi Front, and Opposition Bloc supported changes, while parliamentarians from Radical party of Lyashko (PRL), Svoboda, Ukrop, Samopomich, and Batkivshchyna had another position. In the morning, the session hall was closed for deputies and journalists. One of the back room’s version was that such measures had been taken to prevent opponents from blocking the presidium and the rostrum. Hence the MPs of RPL managed to block the tribune. Verkhovna Rada had been encircled by those who did not support so-called “concessions to Donbas militants”. Activists of Svoboda, PRL, Ukrop, and Pravyi Sektor flocked to the parliament buildings. Сrowd of police forces and the National Guard came to serve peace. Speaker of the parliament Volodymyr Hroysman announced opening the session at 12 am. His speech was chorded with Lyashko’s radicals shouting “Shame”; the tribune was already blocked. The speaker put the bill to vote, and it was adopted by 265 MPs. The opponets kept on chiming “Shame”. Meanwhile, the activists near the Rada started to rock the metal fence around the building. Law enforcers were targeted with bottles with water and other things. They used rubber batons in turn. Severe clashes began. An explosion occured in the epicenter of the crowd. Anton Herashchenko, MP from Narodnyi Front, wrote in his Facebook that the guardsmen were attacked with a grenade. “Several National Guard soldiers were seriously wounded. Their lives are in danger”, he said. Later it was reported about 131 human casualties. 122 people were hospitalized, three guadrsmen died. Among the victims were deputy Minister of Internal Affairs (MIA) Vasyl Pascal and two French journalists. MIA started the investigation on this case. About 30 people were arrested. Suspected “grenade thrower” was also detained.

Angela Merkel, Francois Hollande, Petro Poroshenko (--Sputnik)

Angela Merkel, Francois Hollande, Petro Poroshenko

Apple of Discord: US, EU Split Over Future of Ukraine, Donbass Status / Sputnik / September 1, 2015 / The United States and the EU are now openly split over the issue whether or not the Minsk II agreement should be implemented in full, US author Eric Zuesse notes. The Minsk II agreement has become an apple of discord between the US and the EU, American author and investigative historian Eric Zuesse emphasizes, adding that while the Ukrainian leader backed by the Obama administration continues to violate the accord, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande are insisting that the parties should fulfill the Minsk II provisions. “On Friday, August 29th, this split became public concerning whether the Minsk II accords for ending the Ukrainian civil war should remain in force. Obama supports the view of Ukrainian President, Petro Poroshenko, to violate the Minsk II accords, which would end it; the same day, Hollande and Merkel agreed with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, that the Minsk II agreement needs to be implemented in full,” Zuesse underscored. After the recent trilateral meeting between Merkel, Hollande and Poroshenko in Berlin, the three leaders declared their commitment to the Minsk II agreement, saying . . . MORE>>

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