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Saturday, August 29, 2015

EU Confirms It Wants Donbass Special Status to Be Permanent / Sputnik / August 29, 2015 / Representatives of the European Union have confirmed that Brussels’ position regarding the special status of Donbass areas currently under control of Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics is that it should be permanent. The European Union representatives have confirmed that Brussels favors a permanent special status for areas of Donbass currently under control of Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics.

European Commissioner Johannes Hahn (

Johannes Hahn (–

The Ukrayinska Pravda newspaper wrote on Tuesday that the call to give the breakaway areas a permanent special status was made by the European Commissioner for Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations Johannes Hahn during a meeting with Ukrainian lawmakers and President Petro Poroshenko in Kiev. This request was confirmed by the Deputy Chairman of Committee of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Foreign Affairs, Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze, who said that “Europeans call for the special status of Donbass’ strategy proposal not to be limited to three years but to work on a permanent basis.” On Wednesday, the newspaper published an official comment by EU representatives confirming that Brussels’ position is to make this status permanent: “Article 11 of the Package of Measures outlines the agreement in relation to carrying out constitutional reform in Ukraine, including providing for adopting permanent legislation on the special status of certain areas of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions until the end of 2015,” the comment reads. Serhiy Sidorenko, author of the Ukrayinska Pravda article, bemoaned the position chosen by Brussels, saying he hoped criticism from both politicians and the media would prompt the EU to change its course.

Fortunately, this child's parents were not killed --QI editor.

Fortunately, this child’s parents were not killed –QI editor.

Death And Destruction This Past Week, 14 Dead, 38 Wounded By The Kiev Regime! / Novorossia Today / August 29, 2015 / Atrocities ! War Crimes Committed by the Poroshenko Regime ! Innocent Civilians Killed ~ 14 dead and 38 Badly wounded this week in one of the most deadliest attacks from the Ukraine Forces. August 29 – The number of dead civilians in the Donetsk People’s Republic over the past week totaled 14 people and leaving 38 injured. Hospitalized with wounds of varying degrees, 38 people, among whom 27 men, 9 women and 1 up to 18 years old. Over the past week, the most massive strikes were on civilian areas of Gorlovka,… Spartacus, Kirov and Samara regions Donecka. “The last week once again has not brought anything positive in the lives of citizens living in Donetsk People’s Republic, especially front-line cities and districts of the capital. Ukrainian authorities have begun a real Manhunt, genocide of the people on the same scale as Nazi Germany of WWII!

Alexander Zakharchenko

Alexander Zakharchenko

Donetsk Republic Leader Warns of Ukrainian Army Offensive on Election Day / Sputnik / August 29, 2015 / Alexander Zakharchenko said that Kiev might set out on an offensive to disrupt local elections in the Donetsk People’s Republic in October. / DONETSK / The leader of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) confirmed on Saturday the east Ukrainian breakaway region would go ahead with local elections in October, and warned that Kiev might launch a military offensive to disrupt the vote. “I’d say that local elections in the DPR are a threat to [Ukrainian President Petro] Poroshenko’s regime,” DPR’s Alexander Zakharchenko told RIA Novosti. “As for attempts to disrupt the elections, the only way for the junta to do that is through military force.” Mayoral and district governor elections in the DPR are scheduled for October 18. The vote will be held a week before the nationwide Ukrainian elections on October 25. Zakharchenko said the Donetsk republic would not take part in those because Kiev had been reluctant to discuss the terms of the vote with the DPR as required by the multilateral ceasefire agreement of February 2015. The DPR leader accused Ukrainian lawmakers of passing a local elections law without discussing it with the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, which were to be granted a special status. Under the Minsk ceasefire deal, agreed on by the leaders of Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany in mid-February, Ukrainian authorities were to adopt electoral and constitutional reforms aimed at devolving power to regions, including in Donbass, before the end of 2015.

Michael Georg Link, Director of OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) launches ODIHR’s new Ukraine project, April 24, 2015

Michael Georg Link, Director of OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) launches ODIHR’s new Ukraine project, April 24, 2015

Donetsk to Send Invitation to ODIHR to Monitor DPR Elections – Leshchenko / DAN / Edited autotranslation / August 29, 2015 / DONETSK / On Monday, August 31, the administration of the Head of the DPR will address to the [OSCE’s] Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) an invitation to take part in local DPR elections, stated the Head of the Administration Maxim Leshchenko. “The administration of DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko will address to the ODIHR on Monday August 31 an official invitation, signed today by the representatives of the organization in the Republic, to monitor the elections for local DPR self-government,” said Leshchenko in a statement received by DAN. According to him, elections will be held October 18, 2015 pursuant to the Protocol of Minsk on September 5, 2014 and the package of measures signed on 12 February 2015. The vote will take place on the basis of the Constitution of the DPR, its laws, and subject to the provisions of the Ukrainian law on the special status of Donbass. “We hope for a positive response from the OSCE ODIHR, [regarding] the safety and all conditions for the effective guarantee of the mission,” concluded the chief of administration of the Head of the DPR.

Merkel, Hollande, Poroshenko in Berlin, August 25, 2015 (

Merkel, Hollande, Poroshenko in Berlin, August 25, 2015 (–

Merkel and Hollande Call Election in Donbass Threat to Minsk Process / / Edited autotranslation / August 29, 2015 / German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande consider the elections in the DPR and LPR a threat to the Minsk Agreement, the two leaders said in a telephone conversation with Vladimir Putin [August 29]. The holding of local elections in the Donetsk and Lugansk self-proclaimed People’s Republics is a threat to the Minsk process, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande said in a telephone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to a press release on the website of the German government. “Hollande and Merkel emphasized that contrary to the agreements, separate elections in the regions controlled by the separatists will pose a threat to the Minsk process,” stated the message. At the same time, in the Cabinet it was noted that, “The two sides stressed their willingness to continue to work in the Normandy format together with the President of Ukraine to implement the Minsk Agreement.” Kiev has acted against the local elections in Donbass. Thus, the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko noted that their conduct will mean a “tough attack” [against] Moscow on the Minsk agreements. Local elections in the entire territory of the breakaway republics are scheduled for October 18, 2015. In a message posted on the Kremlin website, it says that Putin, in a conversation with Merkel and Hollande, expressed concern about the shelling by Ukrainian security forces in Donbass. He also mentioned the capacity of the Ukrainian armed forces along the boundary line. The Head of State stressed the need for direct dialogue between Kiev and militias and encouraged to remove the financial and economic blockade from Donbass. “The Russian president has confirmed [there is] no alternative to a political settlement of the conflict based on the full implementation of the Minsk agreements, [and mentioned] the importance of Donetsk and Lugansk constitutional reform as agreed by Kiev,” it was said in a statement. In the Kremlin, they noted that the two sides had a “thorough exchange of views” on the local elections in the regions of Ukraine in 2015. The heads of Germany, France and Russia also discussed the future work of the “Norman Quartet”, including preparations for negotiations of foreign ministers and the summit. Quemado Insitute comments: It is both unfortunate and disingenuous that Merkel and Hollande pretend not to remember that Minsk 2.0 requires local elections to take place this year in Donbass, that Kiev has failed to implement the corresponding election laws, and that the DPR/LPR have no choice but to abide by Minsk unilaterally and proceed with elections. See our commentary Ambiguity Plagues Berlin War Talks: Merkel, Hollande & Poroshenko Exclude Putin.

Alexander Zakharchenko

Alexander Zakharchenko

Statement in Minsk about September 1 Ceasefire is not Respected – Zakharchenko / DAN / Edited autotranslation / August 29, 2015 / DONETSK / The assurances of the Ukrainian side that by September 1, the UAF would completely cease fire does not correspond to the actual situation in Donbass. This was stated by the head of DPR Alexander Zakharchenko. “The statement (about a ceasefire on 1 September) was made in Minsk, but yesterday’s shelling of the city of Donetsk has shown that it is absolutely not respected,” he said. “Three houses were destroyed, and four were on fire.” Recall that after the talks in Minsk on August 26, the OSCE special envoy chairman Martin Sajdik told reporters that all members of the Contact Group expressed their intention to bring about a ceasefire in Donbass by September 1. “The Contact Group considers it necessary to ensure the sustainable ceasefire on the contact line for the first school week,” he said at the time. The next day, the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said that the truce should not wait for September 1st. “I am the president of Ukraine. [We are] ready to enter a truce today,” he said.

Progress on Withdrawal of Weapons: Only the DPR Removes its Equipment – Zakharchenko / DAN / Edited autotranslation / August 29, 2015 / DPR Head Alexander Zakharchenko sees no progress in the Minsk talks on the withdrawal of arms caliber less than 100 mm, he told reporters today. “There is no progress there. Unfortunately, the enemy does not give up their weapons of less than 100 mm,” said Zakharchenko, responding to a question from Trend.”Of course, we have to do everything ourselves.” He added that the agreement on the withdrawal is now [accepted] by subgroup Safety Liaison Group. Earlier, on 27 August, negotiations were concluded that had lasted 27 hours. Statements to the press at the end of that time have not been made. As the head of the DPR delegation to the peace talks Dennis Pushilin told DAN later, consultations via videoconference will continue on September 1. Earlier, on July 18, the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics announced the withdrawal from the contact line of tanks and armored vehicles equipped with cannons of caliber 100 mm to a distance of at least 3 km. DPR equipment is left only at positions to the north of Donetsk and Debaltsevo, at the most stressed parts of the contact line. In Donetsk and Luhansk, it should be noted that this decision was made unilaterally in the interest of early establishment of peace in Donbass.

Denis Pushilin

Denis Pushilin

Russian Federation Doing Everything to Fulfill “Minsk-2”; Germany, France Must Follow Suit – Pushilin / DAN / Edited autotranslation / August 29, 2015 / DONETSK / France and Germany, as the guarantors of the peace agreements, should more actively influence Kiev on the issue of weapons removal, the head of the DPR delegation to the Contact Group Dennis Pushilin told DAN. “The DPR hopes that Germany and France will fulfill their roles as guarantors of the Minsk Agreement. Russia is already doing everything possible to ensure that the situation is resolved peacefully,” he said. According to him, there is now the intense work of the Subgroup on Security Liaison regarding the specific text of the agreement on the allocation of arms of caliber less than 100 mm and the demilitarization of Shirokino, but “on the final version it’s too early to say.” “There is the position of Ukraine, which is absolutely contrary to our interests. It goes on through this entire debate,” said Pushilin, responding to questions about why the last subgroup negotiations lasted 27 hours. On September 1, consultations within the sub-group will continue via videoconference.

Merkel, Hollande, Putin Urge Ceasefire in Donbass by September 1 / Sputnik / August 29, 2015 / The leaders of France, Germany and Russia called for establishing a ceasefire in Donbass by September 1. They also underscored the importance to withdraw heavy weapons with a caliber of over 100mm from the line of contact. / PARIS / Russian President Vladimir Putin, French President Fancois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged on Saturday to put an end to fighting in eastern Ukraine by September 1, the Elysee Palace said in a statement Saturday. “They strongly supported calls for a full ceasefire starting on September 1 due to the start of a new school year… They underscored the importance of continued ceasefire, citing the plight of civilians in eastern Ukraine,” the statement said. The leaders of the three countries also stressed that heavy weapons with a caliber of over 100mm should be pulled away from the line of contact as soon as possible and called the upcoming local elections in Ukraine on October 25 “an important step toward the implementation of Minsk accords,” according to the statement. [… More background at source.] Editor’s note: According to Live News Pakistan, “The leaders of France, Germany and Russia discussed the Ukraine crisis over the phone on Saturday and agreed to hold a new summit in the coming weeks, said the French presidency…. They suggested that a new summit in the ‘Normandy Format’ — the three leaders, plus those of Ukraine — ‘could be useful in the coming weeks,’ the statement added.”

Fresh Ukrainian shelling of Donetsk on Aug 27, 2015 (Video) / New Cold War / August 28, 2015 / Filmmaker Patrick Lancaster has filmed the aftermath of heavy Ukrainian shelling against the Kirovsky district of Donetsk city on August 27, 2015. He speaks to the residents who suffered the shelling (English sub-titles). They express their anger at the Ukrainian government and army and plead for an end to shelling. Here is an excerpt from the daily report for August 27, 2015 of the Special Monitoring Mission of the OSCE: The overall security situation at and around “Donetsk People’s Republic” (“DPR”)-controlled Donetsk airport (9km north-west of Donetsk) remained tense. From its position at the Joint Centre for Control and Co-ordination (JCCC) observation post at the “Donetsk People’s Republic” (“DPR”)-controlled central railway station (8km north-west of Donetsk city centre), the SMM observed an increase in ceasefire violations compared to the previous day. Between 08:25 and 18:30hrs, the SMM recorded a total of 162 explosions caused by incoming anti-aircraft fire, 82mm and 120mm mortar shelling and other unidentified explosions at locations between 1.5 and 8km ranging from the north-north-west to the west of the SMM’s position. . . . MORE>> [See 11-minute video: Donetsk Report: Many homes badly damaged by heavy Ukraine shelling in Kirovsky Dist. – Patrick Lancaster, English subtitles.]

Maxim Grigoriev (

Maxim Grigoriev (–

Russian Civic Chamber member speaks about Kiev’s new “blasphemous propaganda tricks” / TASS / August 28, 2015 / According to Director of the Foundation for Democracy Studies Maxim Grigoriev, the Ukrainian side argues that the militias in the Donbas region are “shelling themselves” / MOSCOW / MOSCOW, August 28. /TASS/. Member of the Russian Civic Chamber, Director of the Foundation for Democracy Studies Maxim Grigoriev has spoken about the new blasphemous propaganda techniques used by Kiev: the Ukrainian side argues that the militias in the Donbas region are “shelling themselves.” “Recently Ukraine began to use, I would say, a blasphemous propaganda trick: they take photos, video footage of the shelling of Ukrainian territories of Donbas and present them to the international community, they show them on TV, accompanying all this with inscriptions about the Donbas militias shelling themselves,” Grigoriev told a meeting of the working group on the legal analysis of legislative procedures and legal acts passed in Ukraine on Friday. The group operates under the aegis of State Duma speaker Sergey Naryshkin. “We all understand that, if someone, some formation is striving for self-determination, it would be utterly absurd to begin this self-determination with the shelling of 16,000 of its facilities,” the expert said, adding, that, according to his estimates, about 16,000 facilities have been shelled in the Donbas region.

Carl Bildt (

Carl Bildt (–

Kiev Misinformation Campaign Soars to Thriller Heights / Integrative*Mind / August 29, 2015 / This time, the enemy misinformation campaign has exceeded itself in imaginative fantasy. The creative detail is staggering. Not only have the lunatic fabricators hallucinated “Russian troops in Donbass”, they have materialized out of a pure fairy dust a tale of a parallel world, a world in which an entire Russian army, complete with a complex command structure, comprises 60% of the fighting forces in Donbass. Observers have pointed out many times that if the Russian army were in Donbass, they would march to Kiev in a day. Now Kiev script writers have turned this fact on its head, saying, “Needless to add, the ‘DNR’ and ‘LNR’ militaries would not last twenty-four hours without constant command and logistical support from Putin’s military.” Well, the militias have lasted a year and a half, so that puts an end to that story. Moreover, were the Russian army in Donbass, there would be obvious overwhelming evidence. There is not a shred of evidence, because the Russian army isn’t there. Petro Poroshenko’s ego cannot tolerate that his own army has been defeated by . . . MORE>>

Friday, August 28, 2015

Zakharchenko Interview Exclusive: “The war can only end in our unconditional victory.” / by Valentin Filipov, translated by J. Arnoldski / Quemado Institute (from Fort Russ) / August 27, 2105 / Zakharchenko: “The war can only end in our unconditional victory.” Head of the DPR Alexander Zakharchenko – he’s not a politician. He’s not an oligarch. He’s simply a man who became a soldier when the time came. He’s one of us. He’s like the rest of us. Precisely because we are all represented and contained in his story, he became the commander. We gave him the right to speak on our behalf. And on behalf of each of us, he storms cities, sleeps by the fire, opens stew with a knife, and leads negotiations with the enemy. Valentin Filipov, columnist for “PolitNavigator,” spoke with Alexander Zakharchenko about the reality of war, the illusory nature of the world, the borders of states, and common sense. VP: Greetings, Alexander Vladimirovich! AZ: Greetings. VP: Everyday, people are dying. These deaths are difficult to attribute to accident or the stupidity of Ukrainian soldiers. What’s next? Minsk-3? Or no more speaking with anyone about anything? AZ: There’s always something to talk about. With whom is another question. I have repeatedly stated that if there is any chance for a peaceful solution to the conflict, our duty is to use this chance. The Donetsk People’s Republic is ready for dialogue. The Kiev authorities are obviously not. You rightly pointed out: shelling continues, people are dying. Each day, citizens of the republic hear cannons. This doesn’t seem like agreeing with the Ukrainian side. With regards to “Minsk-3”, I am afraid that there are no alternatives to the memorandum which was signed in Minsk in February. I am sure that stopping the war will not succeed purely by political methods or purely by military methods. Kiev will probably begin to listen to the voice of reason when it is dealt a defeat by our army. Like what already happened after Debaltsevo. However, when we’re talking about Kiev’s punitive forces, appeals to reason are meaningless. For them, only one thing is important . . . MORE>>

Update From Last Night’s Attack On Civilian Areas By The Kiev Regime / Novorossia Today / August 28, 2015 / A woman died as a result of heavy bombing last night by the Kiev Regime in the Petrovsky district of Donetsk. Also, another woman hit by shrapnel, wounded in the abdomen! More info coming in from the destruction caused by the Kiev regimes bombing. Petrovsky district of Donetsk, located in the western part of the city, regularly is targeted, constant attacks by Ukraine Forces! The first shelling of Petrovsky district of DPR occurred in July of last year. And to this date, the civilians still suffer from the Poroshenko Regime! Also In: Ten houses destroyed from bombardment of Telmanovo. Ten houses in Telmanovo received damage due to massive bombardment by Ukrainian Forces, according to the District Chief, Sergei Ivanov. “The night was horrific – 10 homes were damaged,” he said. “Fortunately, there were no casualties and deaths.” According to Ivanov, “the shelling raged approximately from 11:30 last night, and at times very heavy,” added the head of the district administration. Telmanovo district and its civilians regularly gets bombed by the Kiev forces! The bulk of the settlements of the area is very close to the line of contact, the front lines! More Info Coming In : Residential building in the Kiev District area of Donetsk was totally destroyed as a result of a direct hit by a missile by the Ukrainian Forces. Another home nearby was damaged as well. Also, on a side street, Tolyatti, another home destroyed as well as a School, District School #59! School destroyed!!! In a few days, school is supposed to start! But Poroshenko wants to put a stop on the children’s education here, by bombing and destroying the education system in the Donetsk People’s Republic!!! War Crimes! All this, sponsored and supported by the Obama Regime!!

Direct Experience of UAF Shelling of Telmanovo — Resident. The text image shown here was posted on Twitter today at about 14:30 UTC. Telmanovo lies in the southern DPR panhandle about 40 km east-southeast of Volnovakha, 40 km north of the Azov Sea, and 20 km from the Russian border. (Click image to enlarge.)


28.08.2015 Military Report of Novorossia / / August 28, 2015 / The last day was marked by moderate intensity military actions. Sporadic shellings and firefights were observed at the Donetsk Airport and Spartak. Then clashes with usage of artillery and mortars started at the Stannica Luganskaya and Schastie. The settlement of Raevka was shelled by Ukrainian battle tanks. An electric power substation was damaged, there is no electricity in the settlement now. At the evening Ukrainian military started to shell the settlement of Spartak and the DPR capital from the direction of Vodyanoe-Opitnoe. Ukrainian forces at Granitnoe and Chermalik shelled shelled Telmanovo. An important fact, that pro-Kiev militants used MLRS Grad at Chermalik. Gorlovka also came under Ukrainian fire. The activity of Kiev military was fixed at Dzerjinsk. In the night, Lugansk was shelled by artillery based at the Kiev-controlled settlemment of Olhovka. The clash reportedly was going at the Lugansk suburbs. Yesterday, Ukrainian military confirmed its loses at the fight at the Mariupol sector. According to the report, 19 militants were killed and 30 injured during their attempt to advance to the DPR territory.

 Ukraine troops and locals, Mariupol (--Alexander Zykov/TASS )

UAF troops and locals, Mariupol (–Alexander Zykov/TASS )

No local elections in Ukraine’s Mariupol amid security concerns — media / TASS / August 28, 2015 / KIEV / Ukraine’s Central Election Commission has canceled local elections in the south-eastern port city of Mariupol and some other cities close to the contact line in Donbas citing security concerns, a source in the election authority has said. “Already now one can definitely say that there will be no elections in Mariupol. The main reason is the threat to personal security of the members of election commissions and the voters,” the source told the Apostrof newspaper. The Ukrainian Central Election Commission is due to announce the official decision on holding local elections later on Friday. Over the past few weeks, the outskirts of Mariupol have often come under shellings. Militias and Ukrainian forces have accused each other of violating ceasefire that came into force in mid-February under the Minsk peace agreements. The Donetsk republic says the military hardware left near the contact line in the republic’s south cannot reach that area. “In order to carry out its provocations, the regime of [President Petro] Poroshenko kills civilians not only in Donbas but also in the territory under its control,” DPR’s defense ministry spokesman Eduard Basurin said.



Local elections will not take place in 125 localities in Donetsk region, 146 – Luhansk region / Interfax Ukraine [reported from enemy perspective — QI editor] / August 28, 2105 / The upcoming local elections on October 25 will not be held in the occupied [DPR/LPR-held — QI editor] territories, specifically 125 localities in Donetsk region, and 146 in Luhansk region. After a meeting on Friday, the Central Election Commission (CEC) considered the requests of the heads of Donetsk and Luhansk military-civilian administrations and took into the account the list of local council in which the local elections haven’t been set. These are areas temporarily uncontrolled by the Ukrainian government. The local elections won’t be held in Luhansk region in Antratsytivsky, Krasnodonsky, Lutuhinsky, Perevalsky, Popasniansky, Slavnoserbsky, Stanychno-Luhansky districts, and in the cities of Luhansk, Alchevsk, Antratsyt, Briank, Kirovske, Krasnodon, Krasny Luch, Pervomaiske, Rovenky, Sverdlovsk and Stakhanov. In Donetsk region, the local elections won’t be held in Amvrosiyivsky, Artemivsky, Volnovakhsky, Maryinsky, Novoazovsky, Starobeshevsky, Telmanovsky, Shaktarsky districts and the cities of Donetsk, Horlivka, Yenakiyeve, Zhdanivka, Kirovske, Makeyevke, Snizhne, Torez, Khartsyzsk, Shakhtarsk and Yasynuvata. According to the law, the CEC must consider the request of Donetsk and Luhansk military-civilian administrations and approve the list of local councils in which local elections cannot be held on October 25. Quemado Institute comments: This CEC announcement appears to be a trap, set up for the purpose of deceptive public relations. The DPR/LPR will be holding their own elections in October and November. The CEC is making sure those elections will look illegal, in an attempt to fool Kiev’s Western backers. The DPR/LPR local elections are not only not illegal, they are required by the Minsk Package of Measures, which Kiev has not fulfilled. See our commentary on Donbass elections Ambiguity Plagues Berlin War Talks: Merkel, Hollande & Poroshenko Exclude Putin.

Two Ukrainian servicemen side with LPR, ready to defend self-proclaimed republic / TASS / August 28, 2015 / MOSCOW / Two Ukrainian servicemen Sergey Sergeyev and Artyom Molchanov have sided with the self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR) and are ready to defend LPR if necessary. “Now I returned to my native town of Alchevsk. I will continue studying at the university but, if necessary, I will pick up arms and defend my native land,” Luhansk Inform Center quoted Molchanov as saying. Sergeyev added that he plans to join LPR people’s militia. “I am going to join people’s militia and defend my town. I will stay here and bring up my child here,” he said. Sergyev and Molchanov are not the first Ukrainian servicemen who decided to stay in LPR. Among others who sided with the self-proclaimed republic are former head of Ukrainian Luhansk customs Oleg Chernousov, Alexey Miroshnichenko who served in Ukraine’s Foreign Intelligence Service and his brother Yury Miroshnichenko who worked in the Ukrainian embassy in Paris. They returned in Luhansk because of disagreement with Kiev’s official policy. In a separate article: About 8,000 Ukrainian policemen, military defected to Donbas militia units — prosecutor / TASS / August 13, 2015 / KIEV / Ukrainian military prosecutors have a list of about 8,000 policemen and military that have defected to the east Ukrainian “separatists”, the Chief Military Prosecutor of Ukraine, Anatoly Matios said on Thursday. “We have a full list of those who defected to the separatists [the way that Kiev calls the east Ukraine militia fighters – TASS],” he said. “All of them will be brought to account. … A Ukrainian court will pass an appropriate sentence on them,” Matios added.

Martin Schaefer (--Getty Images)

Martin Schaefer (–Getty Images)

Germany against deploying peacekeepers in Donbas — foreign ministry / TASS / August 28, 2015 / BERLIN / The German government does not support the idea of deploying peacekeepers in Donbas, German foreign ministry spokesman Martin Schaefer told a press conference on Friday. Commenting on the statement of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on the matter, Schaefer said: “We know that the Ukrainian authorities support the deployment of armed international mission [in Ukraine’s east]. It has been discussed for months already, mostly behind closed doors. The issue was once again raised by President Poroshenko in Brussels yesterday.” Schaefer stressed that Germany is interested in the full implementation of the Minsk agreement and peace in Donbas. “At the moment, however, we are not convinced that arming OSCE [Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe] observers or providing them with armed guards would really contribute to the fulfillment of these goals,” Schaefer noted. “We do not think that ensuring the activity of observers with the use of force and arms will lead to greater security,” he added. After talks with European Commission President Jan-Claude Juncker in Brussels on August 27, Poroshenko said that Kiev will not abandon the idea of deploying peacekeepers in Donbas. “Ukraine will now constantly raise the issue of deploying peacekeepers in Donbas on the basis of UN Security Council decision for effective implementation of the Minsk agreements and engaging EU’s special commission as an observer,” Poroshenko told a press conference.

Arseney Yatsenyuk, Petro Porkoshenko (--Sputnik)

Arseney Yatsenyuk, Petro Porkoshenko (–Sputnik)

Politics for Sale: West Admits Money the Only Power to Matter in Ukraine / Sputnik / August 27, 2015 / As it turns out, it is very hard for President Poroshenko to shed his businesslike nature, as he prefers making business deals even in politics; the head of the European Business Association in Ukraine says that the President and Prime Minister have been selling seats in the country’s parliament for as much as $3 to $10 million. Tomas Fiala, the head of the European Business Association in Ukraine and the founder and principal shareholder of Dragon Capital Group, an investment bank in Ukraine, have said that President Poroshenko and Prime Minister Yatsenyuk have been selling seats in the parliament for a price of somewhere between $3 and $10 million. In his interview with the German news outlet Der Spiegel, the businessman said the buyers are the business people who want to lobby their interests from within the walls of the Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine’s parliament. The politicians, in turn, use the money to finance their own election campaigns. Fiala explained that Yatsenyuk simply lacks his own money for the purpose. Poroshenko, on the other hand, is keen on not losing money on his political career, holding tight onto his fortune. As the result, both have become hostage to a sadly established system of bribery and corruption. They put forward decent people, such as military heroes and people with good reputations . . . MORE>>

Igor Kolomoisky (

Igor Kolomoisky (–

Ukraine Warlord Ihor Kolomoisky on Verge of Bankruptcy as Privatbank Defaults on US Loans / The Other / August 28, 2015 / Whilst Ukraine warlord and Oligarch has been morally bankrupt for some time now he now appears on the verge of financial bankruptcy after a recent failure to meet a recent payment schedule to a US government linked financial institution that specialises in funding wars for resources. It has been known for quite sometime that Kolomoisky has been financing many Volunteer Battalions fighting against anti-oligarch and anti-fascist militias in eastern Ukraine. Part of this use by Kolomoisky of Privatbanks resources for the war effort has been the use of the Banks armored vehicles in combats zones to steal money from the Banks in the Donetsk and Luhansk Peoples Republics captured by Kolomoisky funded Volunteer Battalions. The financing for these battalions has come primarily from three sources the deposits held by ordinary Ukraine citizens, special government grants and from a US Government linked and Washington DC based financial service company that specialises in loan to warlords who fight wars over resources Callaway Capital Management. According to the limit information available on its website Callaway Capital Management is a ‘ Washington, DC based investment manager specializing in frontier and emerging market securities’. So it manages funds of behalf of the unnamaed sources that lends money to warring parties in conflict zones who are seeking to seize control of valuable resource projects. . . . MORE>>

Vladimir Putin (

Vladimir Putin (–

When Russia Plays by the West’s Rules, It Loses / Sputnik / August 27, 2015 / In a recent op-ed for Czech online newspaper Nova Republika, Slovak-Ukrainian politician, writer and political analyst Sergei Chelemendik suggested that it’s time for Russia to stop playing the game of geopolitics according to the rules established by the West. The writer began his piece by noting that “today there is an elementary truth that is being ignored by philosophers in both Russia and Europe: that history gains a new impetus for development when one of its participants puts forth new rules of the [geopolitical] game, forces the rest to play according to these rules, and begins to emerge victorious, using these rules.” Looking to history for examples, Chelemendik recalled that “this is how all the great conquerors and empires acted, long before the globalists and neoconservatives and even before Genghis Khan.”

Sergei Chelemendik

Sergei Chelemendik

“And if we are talking about Russian history,” he noted, “we can remember how Peter the Great changed the rules of the game in Europe, making Russia into a new actor in international politics by creating a fleet and a powerful regular army, defeating the previously invincible King of Sweden, and forming the foundations of Russia as a new empire. After that, Russia defeated Napoleon, and once again set up its own rules for Europe, remembered in history as the Holy Alliance” between the imperial powers of Russia, Prussia and Austria. “Following the Russian Revolution and the world wars, the Soviet empire was born, which once again dictated its own set of rules to the world. These had different names –the Warsaw Pact, the international communist movement, the People’s Democracies, the struggle against imperialism, but they were all rules that the USSR brought to the world, and the world was forced to at least in some measure play by them.” Playing by Someone Else’s Rules: Chelemendik noted that “after the collapse of the USSR, Russia for a quarter century now has played by rules which were imposed on it from outside and logically, has lost out as a result. One cannot win a game of cards with a heavily armed gang of swindlers who have only aces in their deck, and all our arguments that the deck should have only four aces fall on deaf ears.” The writer also noted that “today we have witnessed the last attempts by Russia to act in Europe according to someone else’s rules, which we can conditionally call liberal parliamentary democracy, globalism, and a secret world oligarchy.” In his view, “Russia cannot win at such a game.” . . . MORE>> Quemado Institute comments: When the West plays by the West’s rules, it loses – a point made repeatedly by US presidential candidate Donald Trump. See our commentaries I Urge Putin to Strengthen His Stance on Donbass! and Unconscionable Russian Vagueness, Hesitancy and Irresolution on Novorossiya Continues Alarmingly.

Memorial Stone to civilians killed in Donetsk by Kiev Junta opened in the City. The two photos shown here were tweeted by “Hermius” at about 14:00 UTC. An earlier Voices from Russia article reports: In Donetsk, in the Lenin Komsomol Park, a memorial sculpture honouring the memory of the DNR civilians killed by the Ukrainian aggressors is now in place. It portrays a bouquet of roses, 4-metres-high, standing in a blown-out artillery shell. This was on the initiative of Donetsk blacksmiths, who wanted to honour their compatriots who died in the war.
They forged the four metal roses from a single piece of metal weighing 1.6 tonnes; its granite pedestal is 1.04-metres-high. The plaque has the inscription “[To the] Fallen Civilians of the Donetsk People’s Republic”. A formal dedication of the memorial will be held later. On 10 May 2015, Chairman of the DNR Government A V Zakharchenko and chairman of the DNR Peoples Soviet A E Purgin approved the placing of a memorial on the future site of a Memorial to the Fallen Civilians of the Republic. Besides this, Donetsk master blacksmith Viktor Mikhalev is working on an arch in memory of those children killed in the war. This arch will be 2.5-metres in height. — 11 August 2015, DNR Online, Official website of the DNR Council of Ministers and Peoples Soviet.


Thursday, August 27, 2015

Eduard Basurin (

Eduard Basurin (–

BREAKING – UAF Massively shelling DPR – Drastic Deterioration / translated by J. Arnoldski / Fort Russ / August 27, 2015 / On the evening of August 26, DPR Deputy Commander, Eduard Basurin, made an emergency statement: “The situation in the DPR has drastically deteriorated. The Kiev fascist regime has given the criminal order to shell our territories. As a result, from 5 P.M. punitive forces began massively shelling positions of the DPR army and the civilian areas of Belaya Kamenka, Novolaspa, Staroslava, and Staroignatovka. The fascists have used heavy artillery prohibited by the Minsk Agreements against the civilian areas of Aleksandrovka and Marinka. The outskirts of Donetsk have been struck. The shelling has been carried out from the positions of the 72nd mechanized brigade under the command of the criminal Grishchenko, as well as the 19th infantry battalion. The enemy is using ACS howitzers of 152 and 122 mm, mortars of 120 and 80 mm, and tanks. A residential block in the Kubyshevsky district of Donetsk suffered a direct hit from a fascist tank. According to our estimate, the enemy is trying to provoke a response by our troops and with such activity convince the army command of the DPR to prepare for an offensive in this direction of the UAF. It is safe to say that the criminal fascist regime is purposefully trying to disrupt the Minsk Agreement. The bloodthirsty Kiev puppets are out to disrupt the establishment of peaceful life in the Republic, thereby showing the whole world their inability to conduct civilized negotiations. The paranoiacs in power are leading Ukraine into the abyss! The President of Ukraine seeks to resume hostilities and lead a new escalation of tensions in Eastern Europe, and therefore, we appeal to the people and officers of Ukraine: sabotage the criminal orders of the UAF command, show acts of defiance, and demonstrate an absence of support for the aggressive plans of Poroshenko. Come over to the side of the DPR, stand with us to protect the civilian population of Donbass! We call on the leaders of European countries and Russia, as well as international organizations, to stop the criminal actions of Poroshenko in Donbass, by which the Ukrainian president seeks to unleash a new conflict in Eastern Europe and drown Donbass in blood!” – Eduard Basurin stated. Editor’s note: as of 16:30 UTC, this statement has not appeared on the Donetsk News Agency platform, official site of the DPR.

Horror In Donetsk, Civilians Wounded , Homes Destroyed By Ukraine Forces / Novorossiya Today / August 27, 2015 / DONETSK / Three civilians were wounded in shelling on the evening of 26 August, the village of Alexandrovka Petrovsky district of Donetsk, committed multiple damage to homes in the residential sector. This was reported in the capital’s City Hall. “In the village of Alexandrovka , a direct hit and multiple fires. All recorded fires at 11 addresses, — was noted in the administration. — Reportedly injured 3 people. In the Mayor’s Office added that fire’s also broke out at village Oktyabrsky in kuybyshev region, village Abakumova Kirov District and Staromihajlovke (bordered by the Kirov region Donetsk ). “In the village of Staromikhailivka a direct hit on a House and burnt to the ground. In the village of Abakumova due to direct hit recorded the destruction of one house in the suburban co-op. Previously it was reported that Ukrainian Forces in the shelling of the Kuibyshev district of the capital on the evening of 26 August, a woman was badly injured. The projectile landed in a multi-storey apartment building. Damaged two floors of the fourth and fifth floors. Just as a result of the shelling of the city of Donetsk by Ukrainian forces on the evening of 26 August and on the night of 27 August a total of 14 houses were damaged, most of them in Oleksandrivka (Chelyuskintsev streets, Kirov, Lenin, Gorky and Shevchenko is just 11 houses)

Poroshenko wants to Eliminate OSCE from Donbass – Deinego / Federal News Agency / Edited autotranslation / August 27, 2015 / MINSK / President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko is trying to introduce into the territory of Donbass UN peacekeeping forces and the European Union, in order to remove from the region the Special Monitoring Mission of the OSCE, said the authorized representative of the Lugansk People’s Republic to the contact group Vladislav Deinego in Minsk. Deinego noted that after numerous complaints from local residents about the work of the OSCE, their observers have started to offer objective coverage of events in Donbass. “The OSCE is beginning to give objective information that is inconvenient for Poroshenko categorically,” stressed Deinego. The [LPR] representative said that the peacekeepers would “automatically” replace the representatives of the monitoring mission. “It is not important [for him to have] peacekeepers; it is most important for him to remove the representatives of the OSCE, and the peacekeepers would be a replacement for the OSCE,” said Deinego, according to reports from the Lugansk Information Center. Earlier Poroshenko, at a meeting with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, spoke about the need to introduce UN peacekeepers or the European Union into Donbass. Deinego said that on this topic, Poroshenko, at the meeting with the leaders of Germany and France in Berlin three days ago, “once again stated that he was an adherent of the package of measures.” “Today, he has said that he is not satisfied with respect to the rate of verification of the measures by the OSCE,” said Deinego, “and he wants to replace it with other organizations.”

Heavy weapons missing from Ukraine army holding areas — OSCE / TASS / August 27, 2015 / The SMM revisited two DPR heavy weapons holding areas, whose locations comply with the respective withdrawal lines, and verified that all weapons previously recorded were present. / VIENNA / The OSCE monitors have revisited Ukrainian Armed Forces heavy weapons holding areas where weapons pulled out from the disengagement line are supposed to be located, the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine said in its daily report on Thursday. “The SMM revisited four Ukrainian Armed Forces heavy weapons holding areas, whose locations comply with the respective withdrawal lines. The SMM was denied access to one of these areas. At one holding area it observed that seven self-propelled howitzers (2S3 Akatsia, 152mm) were missing; at a second area six towed anti-tank guns (MT-12 Rapira, 100mm) and at the third five self-propelled howitzers (2S3 Akatsia, 152mm) were missing,” the OSCE SMM said in its daily report. The SMM revisited two DPR heavy weapons holding areas, whose locations comply with the respective withdrawal lines, and verified that all weapons previously recorded were present, the OSCE report said. The situation in the Donetsk region was relatively calm the previous day, while the situation in the Lugansk region remained tense. The SMM observed ceasefire violations in several places. The monitors said the sides were using artillery and mortars.

CG envoys Denis Pushilin, Vladislav Deinego (--rbth)

CG envoys Denis Pushilin and Vladislav Deinego (–rbth)

Sept. 1 ceasefire in Donbass agreed at meeting in Minsk / by Yekaterina Sinelschikova / Russia Beyond the Headlines / August 27, 2015 / A meeting of the Contact Group in Minsk with representatives from the Donetsk and Lugansk “people’s republics” has ended with the parties agreeing to a ceasefire effective from Sept. 1. However, experts are not convinced this a breakthrough on the path to peace. The participants of the Contact Group on Ukraine – Ukraine, Russia, OSCE and representatives from the unrecognized Donetsk and Lugansk “peoples’ republics” – have agreed to implement a fresh ceasefire in eastern Ukraine from Sept. 1. The group, which made the agreement at a meeting in Minsk on Aug. 26, is also preparing an agreement to withdraw weapons of a caliber greater than 100 mm (anti-aircraft weapon systems, machine guns and anti-tank weapons) from the frontlines.

Andrei Kortunov, General Director, Russian International Affairs Council (

Andrei Kortunov, General Director, Russian International Affairs Council (–

However, the current dialogue would be hard to describe as a breakthrough, says Andrei Kortunov, general director of the Russian International Affairs Council, since “all the prevailing problems, the interpretation of the Minsk agreements, the radicalization of elements within the militias in Eastern Ukraine, remain.” “So far, the chances are that we can only expect that there will be no escalation at the beginning of the fall, which many are talking about,” Kortunov told RBTH, adding that a complete ceasefire should not be expected on Sept. 1. “Both sides, as before, have forces that are not interested in a ceasefire. Besides this, it seems that all participants really can’t see alternatives to the Minsk agreements,” he said. “Without a doubt by the end of the year Minsk 2 [the Russian term for the previous ceasefire agreement signed on Feb. 12 – RBTH] will be called a failure and they will decide to start over again, extending the timeline for its implementation,” says Kortunov. Nonetheless, the resumption of work by the Contact Group and the ceasefire agreement is some small progress, said RBTH political scientist and director of Global Strategies (Kiev) Vadim Karasev. “But that is all it is so far,” he said. The likelihood of a high-level meeting during the United Nations General Assembly at the end of September has already been announced by Russia’s presidential aide Yury Ushakov and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.

Vladislav Deinego (--Sputnik)

LPR Contact Group envoy Vladislav Deinego (–Sputnik)

Ukraine and separatists agree next week as deadline for truce / / August 27, 2015 / During a meeting of the Contact group on Ukraine its been agreed that in a gesture to shore up a tenuous ceasefire, there will be an end to all violations by September 1. Both Kyiv and pro Russian separatists settled on that date as it marks the beginning of the school term. Each side has blamed the other for an increase in sporadic clashes and shelling. Speaking for the Contact group, the OSCE’s representative Martin Sajdik expressed his deep concern about how undermining of February’s Minsk agreement the number of ceasefire violations had been. But Wednesday’s meeting appears to have pulled all sides together including one of the separatist leader in Luhanks. Vladislav Deinego [LPR Minsk Contact Group envoy] said: “A rather interesting, rather balanced proposal was pronounced at these talks – to fully cease shelling as of September 1. This proposal received a positive response practically from everyone and there is hope that as of September 1 we will manage to stop the shelling.” France and Germany are continuing to push for peace in Ukraine. Since February all sides in the conflict are supposed to be working towards a political process. To that end Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko is to meet European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.

European Council President Donald Tusk, Petro Poroshenko, European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker (

European Council President Donald Tusk, Petro Poroshenko, European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker (–

Ukraine’s Poroshenko Holds Brussels Talks On Ceasefire, Economy / London south East / August 27, 2015 / BRUSSELS (Alliance News) – Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko was in Brussels on Thursday for talks with top EU officials on the implementation of a shaky ceasefire deal in the east of his country, as well as economic challenges facing Kiev. Poroshenko’s visit includes talks with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and EU President Donald Tusk. While battling a pro-Russian insurgency in eastern Ukraine, cash-strapped Kiev is receiving international support to stave off bankruptcy, in return for carrying out wide-reaching political and economic reforms. But the government has been criticized for failing to make sufficient progress in rooting out deep-seated corruption or pushing through the necessary changes to bring Ukraine in line with Western standards. Meanwhile, the conflict in eastern Ukraine has soured Kiev’s relations with Russia, a key energy supplier to its neighbour. . . . MORE>>

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and Petro Poroshenko (--Irish Times)

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and Petro Poroshenko (–Irish Times)

Ukraine secures deal with creditors / Irish Times / August 27, 2015 / Bondholders agree to 20 per cent writedown in effort to avert default and revive economy decimated by war / Ukraine agreed a restructuring deal with creditors after five months of talks, giving President Petro Poroshenko some breathing room as he seeks to avert default and revive an economy decimated by a war with separatists backed by Russia. Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko reached an accord with a Franklin Templeton-led creditor committee that includes a 20 per cent writedown to the face value of about $18 billion of Eurobonds, the first of which matures in less than a month. The agreement also pushes back redemption dates by four years and sets interest at 7.75 per cent on all maturities, according to an e-mailed statement from the Finance Ministry. Russia is being offered the same terms as private bondholders. Bonds surged the most on record. “It’s been a very difficult five months,” said Jaresko, a Chicago native who was given Ukrainian citizenship when Poroshenko appointed her finance minister last December. “I’m confident that the markets will receive this quite well,” she said in an interview on Wednesday. Poroshenko is seeking to meet the conditions of emergency assistance from the International Monetary Fund, which says debt restructuring . . . MORE>>

Petro Poroshenko, Jean-Claude Juncker, Brussels, August 27, 2015 (--Getty Images)

Petro Poroshenko with Jean-Claude Juncker, Brussels, Belgium, August 27, 2015 (–Getty Images)

Ukraine doesn’t need Minsk III: Russia must abide by existing truce says Poroshenko / Ukraine Today / Ukrainian President is in Brussels for talks with EU leaders Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko stressed during his visit to Brussels on August 27 that Russia needs to abide by the Minsk agreements and immediately implement the ceasefire in east Ukraine. “Minsk-III cannot happen. We have full range of Minsk agreements and it is necessary to fulfill them. Today’s meetings were among other things devoted to the fact that Russia doesn’t respect its own commitments,” Poroshenko said after a meeting with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker. The Ukrainian leader also said that he didn’t understand why it was necessary to wait for a week, until September 1, before respecting the existing truce. “We do not know many lives the wait until September 1 will cost us. What is the reason for us to wait a week for the ceasefire? A direct obligation of Russia is the ceasefire regime that took force on February 15,” said Poroshenko.

Helmut Schmidt and Gerhard Schroeder (

Helmut Schmidt and Gerhard Schroeder (–

‘Old Guard’ Pragmatists Oppose Western Policy on Ukraine / by Dmitry Babich / Russia Insider / August 27, 2015 / Ex-German chancellors Gerhard Schroeder and Helmut Schmidt and Henry Kissinger are the biggest names among them. Recent weeks have been marked by a new phenomenon in the Western expert community: US and EU policies on Ukraine were criticized by the kind of people, whom it is simply impossible for the mainstream press to write off as “pacifists” or “Putin’s apologists.” Instead of being on the fringes of US or EU politics these critics belong to the “center” and represent growing anxiety over the West’ actions in Ukraine. In his interview to The National Interest magazine, former secretary of state Henry Kissinger described the Western version of Vladimir Putin’s unprovoked attack against Ukraine as “not conceivable” and warned that the hawks in Washington may “face the consequences” if they continue trying “to break the back of the Russian government.” Dimitri Simes, the president of the Center for National Interest, went even further, accusing Barack Obama of conducting “foreign policy by bumper sticker” and calling on the American president “to find a way to induce Moscow to collaborate in finding a settlement in Ukraine,” and “to establish an unappealing but strategically useful modus vivendi with Russia.” […] The team of pragmatic critics of Western support for Ukraine’s President Poroshenko includes not just Americans, but also former German chancellors Gerhard Schroeder and Helmut Schmidt. One might add to it Luc Ferry, the former French education minister, who accused the West of “inventing itself an enemy” in Russia, by presenting the tragedy of Ukraine as a confrontation “between good Ukrainians and bad Russians.” And if Gerhard Schroeder has long ago got accustomed to getting insults from the Western press because of his agreement to work for the Russo-German Nord Stream energy project, the American and German journalists will need to stretch themselves to find abasing motives for the position of the 96 years old ex-chancellor Helmut Schmidt. Speaking about the possible Russian intervention in eastern Ukraine, Schmidt said . . . MORE>>

Janus PutkonenJanus Putkonen: Finnish Journalist Returns to Donbass – “We must build a Mannerheim line” / by Laurent Brayard / Integrative*Mind / Autotranslated from French / August 27, 2015 / Janus Putkonen is Finnish, born in a small town in Pernaja name in 1974. Coming from a family tied to the arts, particularly theater, he became director and screenwriter Porvoo theater on the shores of the Baltic. There is therefore predisposed to begin a career in the media to a political awareness in the mid 90. On that date, it includes in the great dance of the international media that something “wrong”. This realization led him to work quickly in the communication and in the media. It naturally be based alternative media in his country but in the Donbass finally born in his head a vast project: DONI group. When asked about his commitment to the Donbass, Janus said he did not know much about Russia, except as a tourist and he does not practice the Russian language. However, having felt that the cause of Novorossia was much more complex and that something was behind the eagerness of the media, he decided to go there in March 2015. As he himself said, “it was a real shock, the eve of my departure after this immersive stay, it was very difficult, I did not want to leave and I could not sleep. So I promised myself that night to come back, what I understood was too important. ” As many independent journalists came here, far from the mass media circuit, Janus was terrified by the situation of Donbass and the huge stakes of this war. He explains that before his arrival, he had already realized that manipulation and lies were at work around the events of the Maidan and the war against the insurgents Ukraine Donbass. His coming in the midst of the inhabitants, however, was a revelation, leading him to the obvious: we had to come back. His promise was kept, after having taken the necessary contacts with various investors and sponsors . . . MORE>>

DPR Climbers Plan to Conquer Highest Point in Africa in May 2016 / DAN / Edited autotranslation / August 27, 2015 / DONETSK / Hikers of the Donetsk People’s Republic are planning an ascent to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in May next year. This was announced today at a press conference by the Minister of Youth, Sports and Tourism of the country Mikhail Mishin. Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest point in Africa, and is a potentially active volcano. Located in the northeast of Tanzania, the height above sea level is 5895 meters. “Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is planned in May 2016,” -said the Minister.
He stressed that this will be a preparatory step to conquer the “top of the world” – Mount Qomolangma (Everest). Earlier it was reported that the DPR climbers plan the ascent of Everest for 2016. Its northern peak is located at an altitude of 8848 meters. In the entire history of mankind about 900 people have conquered Everest; each year about 500 climbers attempt to reach the summit.

Russia Takes Over Security Council September 1st / Novorossia Today / August 27, 2015 / Russia is taking over the UN Security Council chairmanship on September 1, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova told a press briefing on Thursday. “The work of the UN Security Council in the coming month will be intensive,” the diplomat said. “This is the normal regime for the UN Security Council, considering open sessions of the General Assembly and general political debates.” Zakharova also recalled that the UN marked its 70th anniversary this year. She noted that the celebrations would “bring together a large number of heads of state and top diplomats from around the world.” “The main event of Russia’s month-long chairmanship will be an open ministerial meeting on maintaining peace and security, resolution of conflicts in the Middle East and North Africa and the fight against the terrorist threat,” Zakharova said. “It will take place on September 30.” The diplomat added that that the relevance of this topic could hardly be questioned.

Prince Dimitri Romanov (right), Russian banker, philanthropist, and author, with wife Dorrit (

Prince Dimitri Romanov (right), Russian banker, philanthropist, and author, with wife Dorrit (–

Romanov Family To Move And Live In Crimea / Novorossiya Today / August 26, 2015 / Prince Dimitri told journalists that he wished to come to live in Crimea permanently upon his arrival at the Crimean airport of Simferopol. The Crimean authorities have promised to help Prince Dimitri Romanov, the oldest relative of last Russian Emperor Nicholas II, to move to live from Denmark to Crimea, Dmitry Polonsky, the vice-premier of the Crimean government, told TASS on Tuesday. Prince Dimitri arrived in Crimea earlier on Tuesday for the first time since the peninsula’s reunification with Russia. Upon his arrival at Simferopol airport, Prince Dimitri told journalists that he wished to come to live in Crimea permanently. “I would do that with great pleasure,” Prince Dimitri told TASS. Of course, I need to ask my wife first. We should also think about what to do with our house in Denmark. We can sell it and come here. Naturally, I would be glad to move here as soon as possible,” the prince stressed. Prince Dimitri is travelling with his wife, Princess Theodora (Dorrit). “I do not think there is going to be anything bad in it. A person will just return to his roots and will find himself in the best place on Earth at twilight age. If he really makes this decision, we will do everything we can to help him doing that,” Polonsky who met Prince Dimitri at Simferopol airport said. Crimea’s head Sergey Aksyonov said the prince’s visit to Crimea was symbolic . . . MORE>>

Opening of exhibition in Art Donbass.

Daria Gallery, Donetsk.

Portrait of my mom


Forest Park, Donetsk | Photo by Denis Belitskiy

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