Donetsk Lugansk News Aug 8-10 2015

Sunday, August 9, 2015
(Updated throughout the day)

Ukrainian Military Trying to Raze Gorlovka to Ground / / Edited autotranslation / August 9, 2015 / … The Ukrainian military is conducting a massive bombardment of Gorlovka from Dzerzhinsk. An ambulance could not break through to the civilian population due to the activity of UAF [Ukrainian Armed Forces], RIA Novosti reported, citing the head of the … city, Khromenko. “Firing of heavy weapons, including 152-millimeter guns, from Dzerzhinsk. Fired at the fifth hour [sic]. While one of those killed is known, [there is no?] information about the injured at the moment. Ambulances could not get into shelled settlements because of the firing,” said Khromenko. Earlier it was reported that the Ukrainian law enforcers, firing almost continuously into Gorlovka, damaged the electric substation in the Nikitovsky area. As a result, the city stopped the water supply to the population. Security forces opened fire on Gorlovka August 9th at about four o’clock in the morning. The shelling lasted for about an hour. Before this, DPR investigators documented the accumulation of heavy equipment at the line of contact in the region of Konstantinovka. They found multiple rocket launchers “Hurricane.” In Novgorod – five units of “Castle” [sic]. In Dzerzhinsk district – a few guns.

Gorlovka under attack.

Gorlovka under attack.

Ambulances Cannot Reach Wounded Gorlovka Residents Due to UAF Shelling – Mayor / DAN / Edited autotranslation / August 9, 2015 / DONETSK / Emergency vehicles cannot yet reach the wounded civilians of Gorlovka due to heavy shelling of the city by Ukrainian security officials, Roman [tr?] Khramenkov told DAN today. “Ukrainian security forces continue shelling Gorlovka with heavy guns. According to preliminary data, several civilians suffered as a result of the attacks. However, they still cannot get ambulances in because of the powerful attacks. In the city of ‘lie’ [sic] heavy shells,” said the head of the city administration. As previously reported, as a result of today’s attack in the village Gorlovka Zaitsevo [sic] one civilian was killed. According Hramenkova, new information about the victims have been reported. The city of Gorlovka has now become the “hottest” point on the line of contact in Donbass. According to the mayor’s office, from January to July 2015, 164 civilians were killed and more than 500 wounded by UAF shelling. The city has the highests statistics of deaths of children [by] Ukrainian missiles – 16 in the first half of 2015. Attacks [are recorded] daily, mostly in the dark.

Gorlovka Attack, Update from TWITTER: John Delacour tweets at 17:00 UTC August 9: “Dreadful day in #GORLOVKA. Several civilians dead & many wounded, not to speak of the militia.#Golm in ruins.”

Six OSCE Mission Cars Burned in Donetsk / Sputnik / August 9, 2015 / Six cars used by the OSCE mission in Donetsk were gutted by fire apparently as a result of an arson attack, an Emergency Situations Ministry official of the Donetsk People’s Republic said on Sunday. “Six cars were on fire, three of them burned out completely. The local firefighters were alerted at 2.28 a.m. and an hour later the blaze was put out,” the official told RIA Novosti news agency. The OSCE mission had earlier written on its website that four of their armored cars had been burned apparently as a result of an arson attack. No official comment about the nighttime incident has so far been provided by the OSCE mission. The incident occurred in the parking lot of the Park Inn hotel the members of the OSCE mission are staying at. “We have provided additional protection for members of the OSCE mission and will make every effort to prevent any such incidents from happening against,” Denis Pushilin, Vice Speaker of the People Council of the Donetsk People’s Republic, told the local news agency on Sunday. The mission has no plans to withdraw from Donetsk at this stage.

Denis Pushilin

Denis Pushilin

DPR Authorities Outraged by Burning of OSCE Cars in Donetsk / DAN / edited autotranslation / August 9, 2015 / DONETSK / The authorities of the People’s Republic of Donetsk are outraged by the burning of cars of the OSCE mission in Donetsk, the head of the DPR delegation to the peace talks, the vice-speaker of the National Council Denis Pushilin, told DAN today. “On behalf of the Government of the Republic, I would like to express extreme outrage in connection with the event,” said the vice-speaker of the parliament. He stressed that the OSCE reports allow the world public to be informed about what is happening in Donbass. “Perhaps the OSCE representatives were not always objective, for various reasons, ranging from technical to meeting the requirements of high politics, but we are absolutely sure we are not interested in ending the activities of the OSCE SMM [special monitoring mission],” Pushilin summed up. “Moreover, I am convinced that the presence of the OSCE SMM in the DPR allows you to restrain the activities of armed forces of Ukraine.” Earlier today, the special monitoring mission of the OSCE announced that the organization had four cars destroyed by fire during the night in Donetsk. According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic, a message on the fire came at 2:28, [and they] finished extinguishing the fire at 3:30.

Click to enlarge.

OSCE report. Click to enlarge.

OSCE Cars Torched, Update from TWITTER: Malinka tweets this image at 22:00 UTC with the statement: “No wonder ppl in #Donetsk, #Lugansk so angry. Just read this ‘report.'” Editor’s note: The people of Donetsk have a right to be angry. But a careful reading of the OSCE report shows they did not cast blame on Donetsk citizens. Their phrase “There are some who would like the OSCE to stop reporting …” could have easily meant the Ukrainian Army, rogue battalions, or Kiev sabotage units, who have shelled OSCE observers on several occasions and do not like their presence.

Denis Pushilin

Denis Pushilin

Pushilin Negotiates with OSCE Mission on its Work in Donetsk / DAN / Edited autotranslation / August 9, 2015 / DONETSK / Chairman of the National Council of the People’s Republic of Donetsk Denis Pushilin will attend a meeting today with OSCE representatives to discuss the plan of the mission in Donetsk, Pushilin told DAN. “I am attending a meeting with representatives of the OSCE, which work in Donetsk. The meeting will discuss the work plan for the mission. So far as I know, (the deputy head of the OSCE CMM), Alexander Hug told the media that the mission does not plan to leave Donetsk because of the burning of their cars,” the spokesman said. According to him, more about the situation will be known after the meeting. Earlier today, on behalf of the Republic, Pushilin expressed outrage at the destruction by unknowns of vehicles of the observers. The investigative authorities are looking into the incident, the main version being a provocation of setting fire to the cars by sabotage and reconnaissance groups. Four cars of the OSCE special monitoring mission were burned last night near the headquarters of the [OSCE] observers. The incident occurred after a peaceful protest by residents of Donetsk, which demanded from the international organization more objective coverage of aggression by Ukrainian security officials. Those in authority in the DPR Council of Ministers told DAN today that this circumstance likely gave rise to provocations by saboteurs.

Ukrainian Politicians Knock Each Other Out in Parliament (VIDEO) / Sputnik / August 9, 2015 / Ukrainian politicians have been known for their impulsiveness and willingness to get their point across by throwing a perfectly-timed right cross at their opponent’s face. The world witnessed some of the most amazing fights in the Ukrainian Rada in the past, but after Petro Poroshenko assumed the presidency he promised Ukraine will move towards Europeanization, including getting rid of the bad habit of fist fighting in the parliament. Well… It didn’t quite work out. The ongoing Civil War in Donbass . . . MORE>> [Video at source.]

Robb Wittman, Sven Mikser, Aug 7, 2015 (

Robb Wittman, Sven Mikser, August 7, 2015 (–

US pledges $68mn NATO investment into Estonian military bases / / August 8, 2015 / US will invest $68 million to develop military base infrastructure in Estonia, as part of European Reassurance Initiative (ERI) that offers Eastern European countries additional military aid and training to better serve NATO interests near the Russian borders. The announcement of additional funding comes as a US delegation visited the tiny Baltic state to meet Estonian Defense Minister Sven Mikser. Headed by Congressman Rob Wittman, the US side promised to invest in Estonia’s military bases in Amari and Tapa. The development project will be implemented “through NATO’s support program of eastern countries European Reassurance Initiative (ERI),” Estonia’s Ministry of Defense said in a statement. . . . MORE>>

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Petro Poroshenko (--unian.info0

Petro Poroshenko (–

Local Elections Law Comes Into Force in Ukraine / Sputnik / August 8, 2015 / A law on local elections scheduled for October 25, signed by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko earlier this week, is coming into force on Saturday. / KIEV / According to Ukrainian Presidential Administration Deputy Head Vitaliy Kovalchuk, a new electoral system, which has never been used in Ukraine before, will be used in the October elections. The current overall number of 220,000 Ukrainian lawmakers will be reduced by at least 30 percent after the vote, according to the Ukrainian Presidential Administration. The October 25 elections will not cover the self-proclaimed people’s republics of Donetsk and Lugansk (DPR and LPR) in Ukraine’s southeast. Local elections in LPR are slated for November 1, according to LPR leader Igor Plotnitsky. In DPR, the elections will be held on October 18. . . . MORE>>

Viktor Yushchenko (--Sputnik/Evgeny Kotenko)

Viktor Yushchenko (–Sputnik/Evgeny Kotenko)

Ukraine on the Brink of Economic Meltdown – Ex-President Yushchenko / Sputnik / August 8, 2015 / Ukraine is heading towards its worst economic crisis in decades and the Minsk and Normandy formats cannot end the war in Donbass, the country’s ex-President Viktor Yushchenko said on Friday. “If you send monetary stability and prices into a freefall and open the door to financial destabilization then it means that you are leading the Ukrainian economy to its worst crisis in 24 years,” Viktor Yushchenko told news agency. He said that the conflict in Donbass had nothing to do with the economic collapse and that the war in eastern Ukraine could not be ended within the framework of the Minsk and Normandy accords. “I have great doubts about the Normandy format…where Germany is an observer, Russia is an observer and Ukraine is a party to the conflict… This format can’t resolve anything, because the other side in the conflict is not there. The aggressor’s chair is empty, just like the mediator’s – they are all observers, that’s all,” Yushchenko noted. Kiev and the West accuse Russia of participating in Ukraine’s internal conflict, a claim Moscow has repeatedly denied as groundless. He was equally critical of the Minsk accords where Russia and the OSCE act as observers while Ukraine, represented by ex-President Leonid Kuchma, and DPR leader Alexander Zakharchenko are negotiating sides. “The initiators of the Minsk format wanted to say that since this is a strictly Ukrainian conflict, Kiev should be negotiating with Zakharchenko as the main aggressor, but the aggressor here is Russia, not Zakharchenko,” Viktor Yushchenko claimed. The Ukrainian authorities, along with the US and the EU, accuse Russia of meddling in Ukraine’s internal affairs. Russia denies the charge insisting that it is in no way involved in the conflict in Donbass and seeks a peaceful end to the political and economic crisis in Ukraine.

Bill Clinton, Viktor Pinchuk, Elena Pinchuk (

Bill Clinton wth Ukraine oligarch Viktor Pinchuk and wife Elena Pinchuk (–

IMF’s Man in Kiev Partied in Venice with Oligarch on Eve of IMF Mission to Ukraine / Russia Insider / August 7, 2015 / Our story from yesterday about the incongruity of an IMF country chief joining public political demonstrations sponsored by oligarchs benefiting from IMF largesse caused a bit of a stir. This morning an article in Neon24, the largest news portal in Poland, dug deeper into the mess. It certainly does appear that the IMF’s Ukraine Chief, Jerome Vacher, is a bit of a lapdog for Mr. [Viktor] Pinchuk, one of Ukraine’s top oligarchs. Pinchuk is already a headline hog for causing the biggest scandal to date in the many that have plagued Hillary Clinton’s run for the presidency. Earlier this year the story broke that he is the largest individual donor to the Clinton foundation, gifting them to date $9 million, part of a $29 million commitment. So lets just say this guy has a knack for influence peddling and buying people off. But the IMF is happy to party with him. . . . MORE>>

Günter Verheugen (

Günter Verheugen (–

Ukraine Faces Humanitarian Catastrophe in Winter – Ex-European Commissioner / Sputnik / August 8, 2015 / The Ukrainian economy is showing no signs of a rebound and the forthcoming winter may bring about a humanitarian catastrophe in a country where public disillusionment with the government is growing every day, German media wrote on Friday. The European Union is doing nothing to prevent this catastrophe happening in Ukraine, Günter Verheugen, who served as European Commissioner for Enterprise and Industry, wrote in an article, carried by the newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung. “Ukraine is teetering on the brink of bankruptcy, the economy is in a tailspin and unemployment is going through the roof. Chances of a rebound are next to nil because who is going to invest anything in a situation like this?” Günter Verheugen wrote. “Public disenchantment and anger over the political situation that has not changed since the Maidan revolution are growing, the popularity of the government and the president are down and the ultranationalists are sowing hatred and provoking unrest,” Verheugen continued. He also warned that with the advent of the winter season the crisis will become even more hard-hitting with power outages and heating problems all leading up to a serious social and political crisis. Günter Verheugen blamed the EU for rushing its association agreement with Ukraine and putting forward a set of potentially explosive demands, such as an end to Ukraine’s traditional gas pricing policy that subsidizes gas and heating for all households. “The European Union should wake up to the prospect of a humanitarian catastrophe flaring up in Ukraine and start talking about the upcoming winter, also with Russia,” the ex-European Commissioner wrote in conclusion.

Mikhail Kazhin (

Mikhail Kazhin (–

Who are the elites, the counter-elites and the anti-elites? / by Mikhail Kazhin, translated by Kristina Russ / Fort Russ / I have raised this subject repeatedly, but today it appears to be very relevant, so I’ll write about it in greater detail. To begin with, there are three fundamentally different approaches to the existing world order. First – that all is well and nothing needs to be changed, except for little adjustments. The second is that the current system has substantial flaws, but they are not related to the fact that the idea is wrong, but that those who control and develop the system make serious mistakes. Classic example: the belief that the problems in Russia are not related to the fact that capitalism is a wrong path (as everywhere), but that it is developing incorrectly. There are many different options, for example: we need a Tsar-daddy, who will protect us from the evil Jewish Freemasons and to ensure that no one deviates from the Orthodox principles, or, on the contrary, we need to unite with the anti-Western neighbor-countries and create our own “rules of the game,” that are different from those offered by Washington, and so on. A third option is radical. It implies that the present world order is inherently unfair, that within its framework it is impossible to even significantly reduce the gap between the rich and poor, that finally the “world of violence” must be “razed to the ground” and then … And then we will see… Proponents of this approach, by the way, reasonably draw attention to the fact that the only system under which the rich have been restrained, was established on the territory of Russia exclusively by the hands of such radicals. Another thing is that they later turned “bourgeoisie” and destroyed everything created with their own hands – which is natural, the bourgeoisie doesn’t like the radicals. Now, the first group is headed by the elite. The second, by the counter-elite. In a human sense, representatives of the counter-elite, of course, are part of the elite, but they are not allowed to approach the fundamental issues, relating to property. In our country, for example, representatives of the counter-elite can be writers, journalists, generals, scientists – but not the leaders of the government and the Central Bank. . . . MORE>>

Nikolay Starikov (

Nikolay Starikov (–

Casting for the role of the Fuhrer announced in Ukraine / Quotes from Nikolay Starikov / Translated by Kristina Rus / Fort Russ / Apparently, casting was announced in Ukraine. For the position of a Führer. For the position of the new head of the country. Because the current – Petro Poroshenko, no matter how much he drinks, cannot fulfill his duties. A war, so needed by the USA in the centre of Europe cannot materialize. Low-intensity conflict with artillery duels is not what Washington strategists want. Therefore, they are holding a casting. In Germany, at the beginning of the 30’s, they did exactly the same. Who won – we know. As well as how it all ended. The commander of “Azov” regiment, Ukrainian MP Andrey Biletsky accepted an invitation to speak in the European Parliament. According to political analyst Nikolay Starikov, the West is preparing the replacement of the Ukrainian leadership, and as a candidate for this position is considering Andrey Biletsky. “The West, USA want to find new political figures. Because Poroshenko and Co. are clearly not able to cope with the military and economic part of what the United States would like to see in Ukraine. Therefore the US is preparing a replacement for Poroshenko. And today in Ukraine a casting for a new dictator is taking place. A few candidates are considered, including Dmitry Yarosh (the leader of a banned in Russia extremist organization “Right sector” – Fort Russ ed.) and Biletsky. So, you can say, this is his first, modest showing.” Nikolai Starikov believes that the decision to invite the commander of “Azov” to the European Parliament has absolutely no rational reason. “Whatever the battalion – volunteer or enlistment – is an integral part of the army, which means that it follows orders. So to consider a military unit as a certain political party – agree, is a very strange option. To invite a division commander, to tell which political platform is currently popular in his division is reminiscent of the civil wars of the past century: Makhno, whites, reds, social revolutionaries, the Bolsheviks… So there is no rational, there is simply the desire to look at the guy,” said the analyst. And if Andrey Biletsky will show himself in the European Parliament as a real politician, the U.S. will promote him, says Nikolay Starikov. “As a combat commander, he, apparently showed himself, now its time to see what kind of politician he is. If he speaks well, looks good, maybe the USA, and they rule the political process in Ukraine, will try to chart some political perspective for this person,” concluded the analyst. Quemado Institute comments: Famous Russian political analyst Nikolai Starikov is a dark anti-American paranoid delusionist who, though allegedly pro-Donbass, sometimes speaks destructively of Novorossiya and the Donetsk and Lugansk Republics. This is why we distrust him. Like Rostislav Ishchenko, whom we no longer publish, Starikov seeks to destroy intercultural faith and blacken Russian thinking, in contrast to Vladimir Putin, who is realistic and high-minded. The US does not want a war in Europe. This is simplistic nonsense. Nor is the West pulling the strings in Kiev to the extent Starikov fantasizes. The US may contemplate Poroshenko’s replacement, just as people all over the world contemplate changes in foreign leaderships. It is doubful, however, that the US would want anyone but a moderate in Kiev. Paranoid analysts abound both in Russia and the US: Rostislav Ishchenko, Nikolai Starikov, John McCain, and Samantha Power are all of the same ilk. They imagine polar scenarios and proxy wars of America vs. Russia, when European conflicts are far more complex and regional.

Bashar al-Assad (--kurdistancommentary)

Bashar al-Assad (–kurdistancommentary)

U.S. is Destroying Europe / By Eric Zeusse / Strategic Culture Foundation / August 7, 2015 / In Libya, Syria, Ukraine, and other countries at the periphery or edges of Europe, U.S. President Barack Obama has been pursuing a policy of destabilization, and even of bombings and other military assistance, that drives millions of refugees out of those peripheral areas and into Europe, thereby adding fuel to the far-rightwing fires of anti-immigrant rejectionism, and of resultant political destabilization, throughout Europe, not only on its peripheries, but even as far away as in northern Europe. Shamus Cooke at Off-Guardian headlines on 3 August 2015, “Obama’s ‘Safe Zone’ in Syria Intended to Turn It into New Libya,” and he reports that Obama has approved U.S. air support for Turkey’s previously unenfoceable no-fly zone over Syria. The U.S. will now shoot down all of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s planes that are targeting the extremist-Muslim groups, including ISIS, that have taken over huge swaths of Syrian territory. Cooke reports: “Turkey has been demanding this no-fly zone from Obama since the Syrian war started. It’s been discussed throughout the conflict and even in recent months, though the intended goal was always the Syrian government. . . .” MORE>>  Quemado Institute comments: Respected author Eric Zeusse is right that US policy is destructive to Europe. It is that perception that motivated Quemado Institute to begin publication last year. However, Zeusse greatly exaggerates Obama’s intelligence. The Kenya-born American President, usually on the golf course, is intellectually incapable of devising such a sophisticated plot against Russia. The United States government and military, it must be understood, are tools of the big financial interests, who reside not just in the US, but in Europe, Israel and elsewhere. That these powers want Putin replaced is not far-fetched, of course. But that Obama could invent such schemes is ridiculous. The US is an easy target for blame. But it’s a false target. The real perpetrators are the big money interests, who are much harder to pinpoint.

( Click to enlarge.

(– Click to enlarge.

As if the Bankers Aren’t Powerful Enough! Want to Read Something Scary? Try United States of Europe: “France has proposed that the 19 EU members in the eurozone form their own federal government complete with a single budget, one treasury department/ministry, and a unified parliament as a means of tackling the economic crisis in Greece. French President François Hollande penned an article in the Journal du Dimanche last month, calling for the formation of what is essentially a ‘United States of Europe’ that would effectively relegate all existing governments in the eurozone into provincial or state-level governments.” — Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, republished at Strategic Culture Foundation. See Does the Greek Bailout Pave the Way for the United States Of Europe? (August 8, 2015).

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