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Saturday, July 18, 2015
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Kiev Pulls to Front Line 70,000 soldiers – DPR Head / TASS / July 18, 2015 / The expanding of the military presence cannot at all prove Kiev’s aspirations for a peaceful settlement of the conflict, Alexander Zakharchenko said. / MOSCOW / Kiev has pulled up to the front line a group of 70,000 soldiers, head of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Alexander Zakharchenko said on Saturday. “As of now, over 70,000 Ukrainian military are along the line of engagement, and every day the number is growing,” he said. Since Kiev is not ready for any steps to demilitarise Donbass, the expanding of the military presence cannot at all prove Kiev’s aspirations for a peaceful settlement of the conflict. He also said the parties to talks in Minsk had not included in the Minsk agreement withdrawal of weapons under 100 millimetres as Ukraine was not inclined to demilitarise the line of engagement. “At the last meeting in Minsk we discussed withdrawal of weapons. Ukraine rejected the agreement saying tanks and mortars should remain there,” the Donetsk News Agency quoted him. . . . MORE.

Donetsk (--TASS)

Donetsk (–TASS)

DPR Deputies Create Interagency Commission to Identify Agents of Ukrainian Special Services / Donetsk News Agency / Edited autotranslation / July 18, 2015 / DPR Deputies today, at the extraordinary plenary session of the People’s Council, set up a “temporary commission for assistance in identifying threats to national security, the interests of the People’s Republic of Donetsk and its inhabitants.” The document was adopted unanimously; the initiative was supported by 69 deputies out of 69 present in the hall. “The Commission will consider the question of involvement of certain persons to the structures that are harmful to our state,” the deputy of the People’s Council and author of the bill Andrei Miroshnichenko (faction “Free Donbass”) told reporters. “I can say that for no reason will the witch hunt not be.” The purpose of creation control [sic] came from other territories of Ukraine, or persons in intelligence activities who are deemed suspicious or who promote organizations that are detrimental to the Republic. “Now back in the DPR are a lot of people from the territory of Ukraine and other places. And in many places there is sabotage. We must work in this direction, to resist the aggression directed against us,” said the deputy. According to Miroshnichenko, the Commission will cooperate with the Ministry of State Security, Ministry of Interior, General Prosecutor’s Office and the Ministry of Defence. Measures to identify the agents will be accepted in accordance with the laws of the DPR. “All [will be carried out] within the framework of the law and the court. What the court will issue as a decision, so be it. This may be administrative or criminal punishment,” concluded the MP. Editor’s note: this step is certainly justified after the July 14 bombing by saboteurs of the car of Zakharchenko’s administrative assistant Elena Filippova, who survived and was admitted to the hospital.

DPR Deputies Adopt Amendments to Law on Local Elections / Donetsk News Agency / Edited autotranslation / July 18, 2015 / Deputies of the DPR People’s Council adopted in the first reading today at the extraordinary plenary session a bill “On Amendments to the Law of 24.12.2014″ on the local elections.” Sixty-six of the 69 participants spoke for the adoption of the draft regulatory document. One MP voted against and two abstained. The document is aimed at the implementation of measures of the Minsk Agreement of 12 February 2015 and the Minsk protocol dated September 5, 2014, providing for the holding of local elections, taking into account the special status of Donbass, said in an explanatory note to the document. In the text were 9 amendments. One of them directly prohibits the Ukrainian media from participating in the activities of the electoral process in the DPR. “The media are … involved in fomenting civil strife and the spread of incitement to violence or deliberately false information about the situation in Donetsk People’s Republic. Participation in the activities of the electoral process is not allowed,” stated the text received by DAN. Particular attention is given to qualifications. “The right to be elected in the local elections [is allowed to] DPR citizens who have reached 18 years on the day of the election, and have lived for the last 10 years in the territories in which the elections are held,” stated in the bill. As he recalled in an interview with Trend. DAN Speaker of the People’s Council Andrey Purgin said such a campaign is a common international practice. “Census [sic] is often used in local elections in the world, in America, France, and England, and many countries have qualifications. This allows a higher quality of protection for the interests of the inhabitants of the region,” the politician said. Recall that in the elections to the Verkhovna Rada on 26 October 2014, candidates from the occupied territories [presumably Ukraine-held Donbass] massively nominated residents of Lviv and other cities in western Ukraine. Among the amendments a special place was occupied by the question of presence of foreign observers at the elections. “The elections are also to be considered up to the electoral standards of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe,” emphasized one of the paragraphs of the draft regulatory act. Another directly said that among the observers may be representatives of the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights. The exact date of consideration of the bill in the second and final reading is still not known. “I think it could be soon, in August,” said Purgin. Earlier, the head of DPR Alexander Zakharchenko officially announced the date of the local elections in the territory of the DPR. They will take place on 18 October. The elections will be organized with the fundamental provisions of the draft law of Ukraine on elections [in] the DPR and the LPR and transferred to Minsk Contact Group within the “dialogue on the modalities of the local elections.”

Friday, July 17, 2015
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Vladimir Putin, Petro Poroshenko, Minsk, 2-15 (

Putin, Poroshenko, Minsk, Feb 2015 (–

Expert: Ukrainian Armed Forces Provoke LPR to Disrupt Minsk Agreement / Novorossiya Information Agency / Edited autotranslation / July 17, 2015 / The UAF is trying to provoke a breach of the Minsk Agreement on the part of Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republic. This was declared by war correspondent and lawyer Andrei Moiseenko. “The actions of Ukrainian security officials are aimed at disrupting the Minsk Agreement, which is intended to happen on our side,” says voenkor [sic]. Despite the adoption of a set of measures to implement the Minsk Agreement, the Ukrainian side does not stop shelling civilians of the Lugansk Republic and, according to Moiseenko, it is not nothing but a provocation aimed at unleashing large-scale fighting. “This is not the first time. They want this war, because without this war Poroshenko is a political corpse,” the expert believes. A war unleashed on the part of Ukraine in violation of the Minsk agreement, according to the lawyer, will cause Poroshenko to lose credit tranches from Europe and lose the already low political rating on the world political arena. “That is why the armed forces of Ukraine will do everything possible to try to provoke a much needed Poroshenko war, without which he is an untenable politician,” said Moiseenko.


Denis Pushilin

Denis Pushilin

Ukrainian law on local elections has nothing to do with the DPR – Pushilin / Novorossia Today / July 16, 2015 / Endorsed on Tuesday, July 14, by Ukrainian parliament, the Law on local elections has nothing to do with the Donetsk People’s Republic, claimed Deputy Chairman of the People’s Council of the DPR, head of the DPR delegation in the Contact Group Denis Pushilin yesterday. “Everything going on in the Rada is the internal affair of Ukraine and has nothing to do with the Donetsk People’s Republic, — he said. — They hold their own elections, and we hold ours. Ukraine has practically excluded itself from the dialogue on the essence of political settlement. The Law on local elections, enacted yesterday, as well as tomorrow’s voting in regard to constitutional reform, are beyond the framework of the Minsk process and hereby do not concern us. Local elections will be held in the DPR on October 18, as it was already reported, and they will be held in accordance with the Set of Measures for the Implementations of the Minsk Agreement,” Pushilin stressed.

Mukachevo 32 km (

Mukachevo 32 km, Kiev 756 km (–

ATO Begins in Transcarpathia: Military Brought to Mukachevo, Site of Confrontation of police, Right Sector Militants / TASS / July 18, 2015 / Military have been brought into Mukachevo, Ukraine’s southwestern Transcarpathian Region, where confrontation of police and militants from the extremist group Right Sector has continued for already a week, the Ukrainian UNN news agency reports referring to law enforcement sources. On Friday, the Ukrainian Security Council prepared a decision on the start of an antiterrorist operation in the region. In developments of Saturday, July 11, in the city of Mukachevo, some 20 militants of the Right Sector extremist organization opened fire from small arms during a conflict with their opponents with whom they discussed “distribution of influence areas”. The extremists then opened fire from assault rifles, heavy machineguns and grenade launchers at police officers who arrived at the site, destroyed several police vehicles, as well as set on fire a traffic police checkpoint and a filling station. Three people were killed, and another 11 were wounded. Prosecutors classified what happened in Mukachevo as a terrorist attack. The Ukrainian General Prosecutor’s Office reports that 12 members of the Right Sector participating in the conflict have been identified, four of them detained. The whereabouts of six people are still not known. Search for them continues. In November 2014, the Russian Supreme Court outlawed the Right Sector as an extremist organization.