Donetsk Lugansk News Jul 7-9 2015

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Donetsk rail depot lies toward

Donetsk railway station lies above and left of center.

OSCE Table of Ceasefire Violations July 8, 2015. According to the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission July 8, 2015 Report, some 500 explosions were heard from their observation post at the Donetsk central railway station, located about 8 km northwest of the city center, on Wednesday. Also available is a table of ceasefire violations showing time, location and type of weapon for each incident.

OSCE PA Backs Resolution on Russia’s Alleged Role in Ukraine Crisis / Voice of Sevastopol / July 8, 2015 / HELSINKI / The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) is holding an annual parliamentary assembly session in Helsinki on July 5-9. The last-minute addition to the OSCE meeting’s agenda, initiated by Canada and Ukraine, was passed by 96 to 7 votes, with 32 abstentions. It was tabled at the parliamentary session despite initially failing to secure two thirds of votes. The paper denounces Russia’s “clear, gross and uncorrected violations of OSCE commitments and international norms” following the February 2014 coup in Ukraine. Moscow has been specifically accused by the West of sending troops and hardware across the border to help local militia in fight against Kiev forces. Russia has firmly and repeatedly denied this claim citing lack of evidence.

John Tefft (

US Ambassador to Russia John Tefft (–theguardian)

US Ambassador to Russia: DPR Militia killed Children in the Donbass, Independence was not a Coup d’Etat / Translated by Joaquin Flores / Fort Russ / July 9, 2015 / In Ukraine, the result of Euromajdan was not a coup, and the war was provoked by Russia, who sent their agents into Donbass, said US Ambassador to Russia John Tefft, in an interview with the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets. “I do not agree with the argument that the US did something wrong. I categorically dismiss allegations that the events on Majdan led to a coup in Ukraine,” he said. “We believe that the violence is fueled by people in the Donbass, who penetrate the border from Russia. We do not believe in the story of the civil confrontation. You will, I am sure, remember the famous ‘little green men’?” Says Tefft. To the question of the journalist as to why the US turned a blind eye to the killing of civilians by the shelling of the cities of Donbass by Ukrainian army, the ambassador said that the children in the Lugansk and Donetsk could have been killed by the D/LPR militia, not the UAF. “How can you be sure that these people were killed by the Ukrainian army, not the separatists? How do you know? Were you personally present for this?” he said. Tefft expressed clear confidence that the Boeing passenger plane in the Donbass was hit by Russia or its agents. “We know. We just know that. I can not talk about the details. But we do know who shot down the plane. We are all very clear. And I think that most of the world also knows who shot down the plane. But now we are waiting for the end of the investigation, in which every aspect of this tragedy is being carefully studied,” said the US ambassador.

Denis Pushilin (center)

Denis Pushilin (center) DPR Round Table July 9, 2015

DPR Round Table Concludes: European Members of “Normandy Quartet” Disappointed in Ukrainian Government – Glavred “Russian Reporter” / Donetsk News Agency / Edited autotranslation / July 9, 2015 / Kiev authorities over the past five months have not carried out a single point of “Minsk-2”, which even angered its European partners in Germany and France. This was announced today at a round table at the DAO [Donetsk News Agency press center], said the chief editor of the magazine “Russian Reporter” Vitaly Leibin. “The Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics granted options on electoral laws in accordance with the Ukrainian legislation on local self-government, but the law has not come into force due to the fault of Kiev,” said the speaker. “It is clear that the French and German partners were extremely outraged by the childish and adolescent behavior of Kiev, which is simply deceives the eye, but does not perform under the agreements signed.” Leibin noted that Berlin and Paris still support Kiev, “but the more they are deceived by the Ukrainian authorities, the fewer illusions remain among politicians of the European Union.” Glavred “Russian reporter” offered his analysis of the Verkhovna Rada and the President of Ukraine on the implementation of measures of the Minsk Agreement and recognized that Kiev deliberately sabotaged the implementation of all points. “Anyone who can read the document can understand that items are not fulfilled by Kiev,” Leiben summed up his speech.

Feb 7, 2015, First DPR public hearing to discuss Minsk Agreements

Feb 7, 2015, First DPR public hearing to discuss Minsk

Editor’s note: Recall that we reported here on Tuesday July 7: “A round table discussion on the theme of the Minsk peace process will take place on Thursday, July 9 at the press center of Donetsk news agency [DAN]. The Round table will bring together representatives of the Donetsk People’s Republic, the public, and the media. On the agenda will be discussion of the negotiating process, the humanitarian situation in Donbass, political background of the conflict and other pressing issues. The round table roster will include Chairman of the DPR National Council Andrey Purgin, editor in chief of the magazine ‘Russian Reporter’ Vitaly Leibin, and Advisor to the Head of DPR child rights Ian Chepikova.”

UN Security Council (

UN Security Council (–

Documentation Abounds for UNSC War Crimes Investigation: DPR Has Evidence of Many Crimes by Ukrainian Security Officials – Basurin / Donetsk News Agency / Edited autotranslation / July 9, 2015 / DPR Investigators have collected a considerable amount of evidence of crimes committed by Ukrainian security officials, including the use of prohibited weapons and the destruction of civilian infrastructure. This was announced today at a briefing with DAN by deputy commander of the DPR Ministry of Defense Corps Edward Basurin. “The DPR Interdepartmental investigation team to investigate crimes of the Ukrainian punitive forces in Donbass collected a considerable amount of evidence, including the use of prohibited weapons during June-August 2014 – phosphorus, cluster, high-power bombs, and tactical Tochka-U missiles, which can also be equipped with nuclear warheads,” he said. At the same time, Basurin stressed, “all the facts are confirmed by the testimony of witnesses with the typical traits of a people, as well as by videos and photos from journalists.” Zamkomkorpusom [sic] also [saw?] on numerous occasions the shelling of civilian buildings, on which it is forbidden to fire, including schools, hospitals and kindergartens. The DPR Defense Ministry spokesman provided information on about 30 such incidents, which have claimed the lives of more than 270 innocent civilians, including women and children. “This is not all the Ukrainian punitive crimes against peace and humanity, there are many more,” Basurin summed up.

Denis Pushilin (second from right)

Denis Pushilin (second from right) DPR Round Table 7-9

Round Table Talks: Shirokino Demilitarization and Elections Confirm Unilateral Implementation of “Minsk-2” – Pushilin / Donetsk News Agency / Edited autotranslation / July 9, 2015 / The upcoming elections and the unilateral demilitarization of the village of Shirokino once again confirm execution only by the DPR of the Minsk Agreement signed in February 2015. This was announced by today during a round table at the DAO [DAN press center] by the Republic’s plenipotentiary of the Contact Group at the talks in Minsk Denis Pushilin, reporters say. “The agreements that have been signed by the heads of our Republics are performed only on our part. We really understand that you need to hold elections for local authorities, as it was spelled out in the set of measures. Also, we carried out unilaterally the demilitarization of Shirokino. We are still waiting for corresponding steps to be taken by Ukraine,” said the DPR representative. According to Pushilin, the process of demilitarizing Shirokino had been discussed for more than three months. “Unfortunately, in the course of negotiations, we did not come to any compromise. Once again, [we are] waiting [to see if] Ukraine will meet this. Then, perhaps, other locations on the contact line will be considered [for demilitarization]. And the question of elections, Ukraine sees them its own way, directly violating the Minsk agreement,” he added. Earlier, the head of DPR Alexander Zakharchenko announced that on October 18, elections of local authorities will be held in the Republic. This unilateral step pursuant to the Minsk peace agreements by the Government is due to the fact that Kiev actually stopped implementation of the agreements reached in the winter in the Belarusian capital. In addition, on July 1 as a unilateral [action] the DPR announced the village of Shirokino in the south a demilitarized zone. The next day all the militias were relocated outside the village.

Rada Session on Donbass Elections and Presidential Impeachment Cancelled. Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada (parliament) was to meet today to discuss the issue of Donetsk and Lugansk local elections, as well as “the impeachment of the President”. However, the session was called off. “By decision of V. Groisman the extraordinary plenary session of Rada on Thursday has been cancelled… Now the adoption of the law on local elections and a number of other important laws is threatened,” said the leader of Ukraine’s Radical Party Oleh Lyashko. No other details are given about Presidential impeachment. See Voice of Sevastopol report Ukraine’s House Speaker Cancels Rada Session on Local Elections (July 8). Editor’s note: For more on moves to impeach Ukraine’s acting president, see article ‘Impeach Poroshenko!’ Massive anti-govt rally held in central Kiev (June 16, 2015). More is also available at Global Research under Ukraine’s President Poroshenko Tries to Stop His Side’s Ceasefire Violations (April 12, 2015), by Eric Zeusse.

UAF Burns DPR Wheat, July 2014 (

UAF Burns DPR Wheat, July 2014 (–

Ukraine Again Burns Donbass Wheat Fields: UAF Shelling of Telmanovskiy Area Lights Wheat Field – District Administration / Donetsk News Agency / edited autotranslation / July 9, 2015 / The Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) shelled the area of Telmanovskiy in the Donetsk People’s Republic, which led to a wheat field fire near the village of Nikolayevka. This was announced to DAN today by the head of district administration Sergei Ivanov. “Today, at about 15:30 MAT again hit the Telmanovskiy district,” said the head of administration. “The result was the ignition of a wheat field.” Ivanov also said that at present, local authorities are attempting to locate and extinguish the fire. Due to the close proximity to the line of contact, the Telmanovskiy area sufferes repeated shelling by the UAF. The day before, on July 5, Ukrainian punitive forces destroyed by gunfire some 3 hectares of wheat near the settlement of Taurian.” Editor’s note: UAF burning of Donbass fields was not unexpected. The photo shows a fire ignited by the UAF in 2014. We also received a report several weeks ago that DPR wheat farmers were clearing firebreaks around their fields.

OSCE Donetsk fleet (--Zak Novak)

Classy OSCE Donetsk fleet (–Freedom fighter Zak Novak)

Phil Butler Exposes OSCE Folly. In this humorous yet disturbing commentary, journalist Phil Butler talks about how OSCE monitors in Donbass really behave, casting doubt on their reliability as observers. “Graham Phillips is the only reporter who has even tried to show the truth of the fighting in the Donbass,” says Butler. “If someone can come up with another, I’d love to meet them. Graham told me some days ago that the best he could say about the OSCE monitors in Ukraine is that they ‘showed up’. They showed up for cocktails and some rubbing elbows with US and UK dignitaries all right. Shells falling daily on civilians in Donbass, 99 percent of all civilian casualties in this conflict having been on the Donbass side of the line, and Vienna summits and Donetsk luxury hotels are on the OSCE’s mind.” See The Problem In Ukraine: Cocktails and the OSCE (June 15, 2015), by Phil Butler. (Butler is a contributer to the Huffington Post, The Epoch Times, Japan Today, and Russia Today.)


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

UN Security Council (

UN Security Council (–

Donbass Officials Demand UN Investigation of Kiev War Crimes: DPR/LPR Urge UN Security Council to Set Up Tribunal to Investigate War Crimes in Donbass / Donetsk News Agency / Edited autotranslation / July 8, 2015 / Donetsk / The Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics have urged the UN Security Council to establish an international tribunal for war crimes committed during Kiev’s punitive operation in Donbass. This was stated by the head of the Lugansk People’s Republic Igor Plotnitsky. “For unconditional criminal prosecution of Ukrainian punitive [forces] for the crimes in the territory of Donbass, the DPR and LPR refer to the UN Security Council with a request to establish an international tribunal to prosecute those responsible for violations of international humanitarian law and crimes against humanity in Ukraine,” Plotnitsky said at a joint briefing with the head of the Donetsk People’s Republic Alexander Zakharchenko. “It makes no sense to expect an objective investigation of all crimes committed by Kiev,” Alexander Zakharchenko said in his speech. “Think of the battalion ‘Tornado’, which had killed more than a dozen civilians. In our opinion, the opinion of the establishment and the investigation of the facts should be engaged in the international organization.” “We call on the UN Secretary General, the permanent members of the Security Council – the US, France, Britain, China and Russia – to immediately discuss the formation of such a tribunal at the next meeting and prepare an appropriate resolution,” said Plotnitsky. “We undertake to transfer all of our knowledge, evidence and other information about the crimes committed by Ukrainian security forces in Donbass to official representatives of an international tribunal [established] to conduct an objective investigation and bring the perpetrators to justice,” said the head of the LPR. Editor’s Note: Additional details may be found at under Ukraine: Self-proclaimed Donbass republics call for UN war crimes probe (July 8). Note that RT understates the number of casualties from the Ukraine conflict. According to German intelligence, over 50,000 people have been killed, most of them Ukrainian troops.



DPR Leader: Withdrawal from Shyrokyne [Shirokino] Serves as Trap for Ukrainian Troops / Unian / July 8, 2015 / Leader of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) [… Alexander] Zakharchenko claims that the village of Shyrokyne, which is located near the Ukrainian-controlled city of Mariupol, serves as a trap for Ukrainian troops now, after DPR militants withdrew to nearby fortified positions, according to Mariupol local news portal Asked about whether there were fears that the territory of Shyrokyne would become a bridgehead for Ukrainian armed forces after the withdrawal of the DPR troops, Zakharchenko said that it is now a trap rather than a bridgehead, reported, referring to his interview with the separatist-controlled media outlet PRT. “The terrain in Shyrokyne is lowland, where there are two dominating heights. One side of the village is controlled by Ukraine, the other one is under our control. We withdrew to a commanding point. Therefore, this can serve as a trap [for Ukrainian troops] rather than a bridgehead. There are no fears, as the terrain is sophisticated from one side, the positions are well-prepared, so these 1.5 kilometers play no tactical role but politically they are decisive,” Zakharchenko said. Thus, the portal wrote, Zakharchenko confirmed that the withdrawal of the DPR troops from Shyrokyne to the nearby dominating heights had been a political move pending the Minsk meeting on the settlement of the Ukrainian crisis on July 7. As UNIAN reported earlier, Russian-backed militants withdrew from the village of Shyrokyne early in July. The OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine confirmed their withdrawal. Editor’s note: The above article is reprinted from the enemy news source Unian. For detailed background on the Shirokino withdrawal, see our commentary Shirokino Retreat: Gambit, Blunder or Outright Betrayal? (Updated) (July 2).

UAF Still Occupies Shirokino: Enemy Report. Ukraine channel states [edited autotranslation]: “ATO forces did not receive order to withdraw from Shirokino – Sector M. All units remain in their positions. Soldiers of the ATO are in their positions in Shirokino. This was state by the deputy head of Sector M Viktor Shidlyuh on the air ‘Channel 5’. According Shidlyuha, there was no order to leave the position in Shirokino. ‘As far as I know, there is no such order. All our units are in their positions and continue to perform their duties,’ said Victor Shidlyuh. At the same time, he said that the Russian side is interested in Ukrainian troops leaving their position in this village because the ATO soldiers ATO have taken advantageous positions. ‘I would advise not to use random data, and use the information from official sources, which is the press officer of the sector M, [where] detailed information on this issue can be clarified,’ he added.” Quemado Institute comments: The OSCE reported Monday that the UAF had vacated Shirokino, while this and several other reports indicate they never left.

slavjul8tUkrainian Saboteurs Destroy DPR Bridge En Route To Novoazovsk. A covert Ukrainian group blew up a bridge along Highway Т-05-08 that connects Donetsk to Novoazovsk on the Azov Sea via Starobeshevo, Razdolnoye, Vasilyevka and Telmanovo. The traffic has been rerouted to highway Т-05-19 running through Kumachevo, lying some 15 km east near the Russian border. See Novorossia Today report The bridge blown up by Ukrainian military on the road connecting Donetsk with Noboazovsk acknowledged irreparable, the traffic route changed — DPR Ministry of Transport (July 8).

DPR to Sell Engineering Products to Russia. Donetsk People’s Republic administration official Maxim Leshchenko said on Wednesday the DPR will arrange to sell some of its engineering goods to Russia to boost the local economy. See TASS News Agency story Ukraine’s Donetsk Republic to supply engineering goods to Russian market (July 8).

Enemy Report: SBU Detains Mariupol Journalist. The enemy news platform Unian gives the following report today: “The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has detained a female resident of the Ukrainian-controlled city of Mariupol, who was actively conducting anti-Ukrainian propaganda in social networks. ‘The female offender was moderating nearly 500 groups in social networks covering almost half a million of followers. She was spreading appeals for forcible change in constitutional order, seizure of state power, support of terrorist activity in the country’s east. She also published videos in support of the mobilization of militants and the like,’ the SBU’s press center said. During the search, the SBU seized computer equipment and electronic media with materials confirming the offender’s subversive activity, the SBU said. Criminal proceedings have been opened under Part 2 of Article 109 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Additionally, the SBU is verifying information on her possible coordinated actions with militants from the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic.”

slavjul8ySpanish Doctor Volunteers to Save Lives in Donbass. Follow for updates and support his noble mission! Javi finished medical school last july and decided to come to Donetsk to help, to tell the world what happens and gather humanitarian aid. You can follow Javi on his Facebook page.



Rostislav Ishchenko: an enemy infilatrator?(

Rostislav Ishchenko: a pro-Kiev enemy infilatrator? (–

Ischenko Praises Putin, Slanders Russian Militarists. Well-known political analyst Rostislav Ishchenko praises the policies, both foreign and domestic, of Russian President Vladimir Putin. He claims the United States is trying to provoke a conflict with Russia, implying that Putin’s restraint is an admirable strategy. Ischenko goes on to vilify the Russian militarists [we assume this includes Igor Strelkov], blaming them for asserting a “fifth column” is operating in Russia, accusing them of starting the Ukraine civil war, and likening them to the Right Sector because they seek militry solutions. For full Fort Russ commentary, see Who whom? (July 8) by Rostislav Ishchenko, translated from Russian by J.Hawk. Quemado Institute comments: Though Vladimir Putin is often correct in his policies, he has exhibited weakness in the face of Western pressure, especially on the issues of Donbass independence and the illegality of the Kiev regime. Analysts such as Ishchenko purport, falsely, that the United States is seeking conflict with Russia. They then praise Putin for standing up to the West by backing away from the conflict. Ironically, these analysts manufacture a pitfall that doesn’t exist, then praise Putin for avoiding it. This is nonsense. No matter how inexplicable America’s intentions, the last thing it wants is military conflict with Russia. That would be suicide. What the US wants is a scapegoat: someone it can vilify who offers no resistance. Putin seems willing to play this role. His reluctance to stand up to the West is therefore cowardice, not strategy. Analysts like Ishchenko, who praise Putin’s inaction in Donbass, are undermining Novorossiya and working against its best interests. Worse still, Ishchenko condemns Novorossiya’s “militarists”, presumably including Strelkov. Meanwhile, Strelkov warns of a “fifth column” in Moscow: political traitors who undermine Putin and erode his resolve in Donbass. Does Ishchenko belong to this fifth column? About who caused the Ukraine civil war, it was the US-led coup that brought Poroshenko to power, and Poroshenko’s attack on Semyonovka near Slavyansk June 5, 2014 was the start of the civil war. Yes, Strelkov played a role in the Donbass military resistance, yet it is slander to liken him and other NAF defenders to the neo-Nazi Right Sector. By condemning these Novorossiya military supporters, Ishchenko is slandering the Donetsk and Lugansk Republics. This begs the question: Who really is Ishchenko? According to the Valdai Discussion Club website, Ishchenko is “President of the Center for Systematic Analysis and Forecasting, Ukraine.” So does he reside in Ukraine? Another site, Prudentia Politica, says Ishchenko is “president of the Moscow Center for Systems Analysis and Prediciton.” The organization appears to have no website under either title. Without in-depth research, we are unable to verify Ishchenko’s background. It is becoming our suspicion that Ishchenko is an enemy advocate, that he belongs to the very “fifth column” Strelkov is so afraid of, that Ishchenko is working for Kiev or the West, and that pro-Novorossiya websites should not publish him. We apologize for having criticized Strelkov in previous columns, and for having published Ishchenko in the past. The case against Ishchenko is not closed.


Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Denis Pushilin (

Denis Pushilin (–

Pushilin: Minsk Contact Group Avoids Truce Issue / Donetsk News Agency (DAN) / Edited autotranslation / July 7, 2015 / Donetsk / The dynamics of the negotiation process of the Contact Group in Minsk leaves much to be desired. This was stated to DAN by the head of the DPR delegation to the Contact Group, Vice-Speaker of the DPR People’s Council Dennis Pushilin. “The dynamics of the negotiation process is poor. Ukraine’s position in the negotiation process as a whole can be called passive. There is promotion by subgroups, but they are not allowed to talk about the possibility of a full consolidated truce,” he said. According to him, to the great regret republics of Donbass, “[there was no talk] on the approval of the final version of the document on the problem of guns of less than 100 mm.” Editor’s note: Pushilin may be referring to the new Minsk enforcement plan involving OSCE and JCCC patrol of an entire demilitarized contact zone. We are seeking clarification. Update: A July 6 report from states intentions to discuss further demilitariztion of the contact zone. “In the OSCE mission in Ukraine the hope is nourished that the meeting of the contact group on 7 July in Minsk will decide the question of the demilitarization of other conflict zones, in addition to Shirokino, said the Deputy head of the mission Alexander hug. ‘After my visit, we will discuss where it (demilitarization – ed.) can be done after Shirokino. I will be in Minsk on Tuesday, and we hope to be able to see there are some new ideas which are able to be pursued. The situation with Shirokino is not yet complete.'” In a separate brief article, the Donetsk News Agency reports about the July 7 Minsk conference: “The meeting of the Contact Group in Minsk has ended, according to the press service of the head of the delegation of the Donetsk People’s Republic in the negotiations Denis Pushilin…. The Consultation among representatives of the DPR, LPR, OSCE, Russia and Ukraine lasted no more than 1.5 hours.”

Krasnagorovka (not shown) lies a quarter of the way from Donetsk to arrow tip.

Krasnagorovka (not shown) lies east of Kurakhovo, a quarter of way from Donetsk (center right ) to arrow tip.

Krasnogorovka Next Demilitarized Town After Shirokino? Krasnogorovka is a country village about 18 km west of Donetsk. According to this autotranslation, the village may be next on the list of towns to be demilitarized following last week’s NAF withdrawal from Shiroko. We have concerns about this “demilitarization” process, projected to take place along the entire contact line, fearing it will lead to DPR territorial losses. The following article is the source of this information: DPR Exploration Revealed a Cluster of UAF Artillery in Krasnogorovka / DAN / Edited autotranslation / July 7, 2015 / Exploration by the DPR documented the fact that the Ukrainian Armed Forces moved military equipment and personnel into the area Krasnogorovka (located a few kilometers west of Donetsk – approx. DAN). This was stated by Deputy Commander of the Corps of the Ministry of Defense Edward Basurin. “In the village of Krasnogorovka, in the forest belt, is established the location of the firing position gabatr (howitzer battery – approx. DAN) D-30 in the amount of 6 units,” he said. In turn, as the head of the DPR delegation to the Contact Group Denis Pushilin told DAN, Krasnogorovka can be listed after Shirokino as [one of the] settlements where the process of demilitarization will continue along the line of contact. For more details, this topic will be discussed in Minsk today.” Editor’s note: the Minsk meeting of July 7 lasted only 1.5 hours. It is unlikely this topic was covered.

LPR Residents, Living in Stone Age, Demand Ukraine Stop Shelling. Residents living in the village of Prishib in the Slavyanoserbsky district have demanded that Ukraine stop shelling their homes, and stop shelling electricians who are trying to fix their power lines, which have been inoperative since October. “At present, people live without electricity and water supply. They are unable to grow vegetables in their gardens to somehow feed their families. But they are more worried about the coming winter, as it will be much more difficult to survive when the weather is cold.” See Truth about situation in Ukraine (July 7).


First public hearing on Minsk, Feb 7, 2015

First public hearing on Minsk, Feb 7, 2015

DPR Officials the Public and the Media to Hold Round Table after Minsk on Peaceful Settlement / DAN / Edited autotranslation / July 7, 2015 / Donetsk / A round table discussion on the theme of the Minsk peace process will take place on Thursday, July 9 at the press center of Donetsk news agency [DAN]. The Donbass “Round table” to discuss the Minsk agreement “will bring together representatives of the authorities of the Donetsk People’s Republic, the public, and the media,” the organizing committee of the event reported to DAN. “On the agenda will be discussion of the negotiating process, the humanitarian situation in Donbass, political background of the conflict and other pressing issues,” said the representative of the organizing committee. In particular, the round table roster will include: Chairman of the DPR National Council Andrey Purgin, editor in chief of the magazine “Russian Reporter” Vitaly Leibin, and Advisor to the Head of DPR child rights Ian Chepikova. A full list of participants of the meeting will be published on the website in the near future.

Yanis Veroufakis (

Yanis Veroufakis (–

Veroufakis Reveals Reason for Resignation. Former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis reveals the shady Euro-politics that motivated his resignation following Sunday’s refendum: “Soon after the announcement of the referendum results, I was made aware of a certain preference by some Eurogroup participants, and assorted ‘partners’, for my… ‘absence’ from its meetings; an idea that the Prime Minister judged to be potentially helpful to him in reaching an agreement. For this reason I am leaving the Ministry of Finance today.” See Information Clearing House article Minister No More! (July 6), by Yanis Varoufakis.


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