Donetsk Lugansk News Jun 18-20 2015

Saturday, June 20, 2015
(Brief update)

Alexander Zakharchenko, Donetsk, June 15, 2015

Alexander Zakharchenko, Donetsk, June 15, 2015

LiveLeak: Zakharchenko A Competent and Charismatic Leader (Videos). compares Western and Eastern European versions of the “anti-war” rally that took place last Monday June 15 in Donetsk, where Donetsk People’s Republic Prime Minister Alexander Zakharchenko, on crutches from a wound in May, came out onto the avenue to talk with the people. Western media presented the event as a protest of DPR policies, while Russian and DPR supporters showed it as an opportunity for dicussion with the Prime Minister. LiveLeak presents two videos, concluding that the Eastern interpretation is closer to the truth and that Zakharchenko is a competent and charismatic leader. See Western and Eastern reporting at odds about Donetsk rally – so, watch actual videos of what happened.

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Commander Viking: NAF Will Capture Kiev. John Delacour tweets at 16:00 UTC June 20: “Gennady Dubovoy @DubovoySlavyans converses with commander nom-de-guerre «Viking/Викинг».” Along with his tweet, Delacour posts the photo shown, in which Viking says, “By violating the Minsk Agreement, the Kiev government has killed the last chance to preserve the unity of Ukraine. And now, no matter how long the war lasts, it will end with the capture of Kiev by the army of Novorossia.” Editor’s Note: we are hoping to receive from our translator a full English transcript of the Viking interview (June 18). Look for a front page post.

Tornado commander Ruslan Onishchenko (

Tornado commander Ruslan Onishchenko (–

Terrible Truth Behind Ukraine’s Tornado Battalion. This Fort Russ commentary vividly portrays the crimes and atrocities of Ukraine’s infamous Tornado Battalion, commanded by Rusian Onishchenko. “Arbitrariness and torture of people is a violation of the law,” said Kiev regime Chief Military Prosecutor Matios. “Because of mutual responsibility on the blood, spilled by the soldiers of ‘Tornado’, none of them is testifying against each other. The unit videotaped their atrocities. The company consists of around 50 previously convicted persons.” For more, see Ukrainian Interior Ministry’s battalion of convicts terrorized Donbass for a year (June 19), translated by Kristina Rus.

Vladimir Putin and Viktor Medvechuk

Vladimir Putin and Viktor Medvechuk

Ukrainian army’s crimes in Donbass become systemic – Ukrainian Choice leader / TASS / June 20, 2015 / Kiev is not even trying to protect the rights of civilians,” Medvedchuk wrote in his blog / KIEV / Crimes of Ukraine’s Armed Forces in the area of Kiev’s military operation in Donbass become systemic, the leader of the Ukrainian Choice public movement, Viktor Medvedchuk, said Saturday. “Military crimes in Donbass are becoming systemic. Crimes by servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and volunteer battalions in Donbass become an ordinary phenomenon, but Kiev is not even trying to protect the rights of civilians,” Medvedchuk wrote in his blog. He cited the murder by Ukrainian servicemen of two women in the Donetsk Region’s area controlled by Kiev, as well as the story of the Tornado battalion, some of whose members are accused of robbery, torture, murders, rapes and other crimes. Editor’s note: Viktor Medvedchuk is the leader of the “Ukrainian Choice” public movement that came into being when Viktor Yanukovych was in power, offering Ukraine a choice not to bow to EU conditions. Medvedchuk became the permanent advisor to Yanukovich. Putin is the god father of Viktor Medvedchuk’s daughter.

The General Staff of Ukraine: In a Year More than 10,000 Soldiers Fled the Ukrainian Army / by Vova Kolenkin / / Edited autotranslation / June 20, 2015 / During the military operation in Donbass, thousands deserted from the ranks of the Ukrainian army. This was stated by the head of the Military Service Law Enforcement Alexander Dubliany after opening the Alley of Heroes on the territory of 101 separate brigade of protection of the General Staff of Armed Forces of Ukraine. “In 2014 there has been massive desertion, about 10 thousand soldiers who voluntarily left the military units and have been placed in the registers of data about criminal offenses,” said Dubliany. According to the General Staff, in 2015 the number of deserters fell. As of today, about 400 soldiers having been convicted for leaving the ranks of the punishment forces with a fine and probation. Three soldiers were imprisoned for seven years.

Valentina Lisitsa (--Wikipedia)

Valentina Lisitsa (–Wikipedia)

Valentina Lisitsa to Play in Donetsk Monday. According to Twitter sources, world-famous concert pianist Valentina Lisitsa will perform in Donetsk on Monday June 22. The following article gives some background. (It estimates the date of her concert as Friday, June 22, in error.) See Sputnik report Renowned Ukrainian-Born Pianist Lisitsa to Hold Concert in Donbass (June 2).


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Last Civilian Evacuated From Shirokino / / Edited autotranslation by Quemado Insitute / June 18, 2015 / A total of 13 residents have been evacuated from the village, which until recently lived under fire. All residents of Shirokino, in the Novoazovsk district, have been evacuated because of the fighting, The last civlian was evacuated from the village on June 16. This was announced today at the Donetsk News Agency by the head of the Novoazovsk district Oleg Morgin. “In Shirokino we do not have any civil person left, all were taken the day before. The total evacuated were 13 residents of the village,” he said. “These are the people who until recently lived under the shelling. Some of them went to their relatives, and some we have placed in a boarding house.” Morgin said that about the last five evacuees are in the hospital at the moment with minor injuries. After treatment, they will remain as refugees in one of the area resorts. “In Shirokino yesterday, AGS and small arms from the Ukrainian security services operated afternoon until evening, and then overnight. Large artillery and mortar shells were not used,” added the head of the district. The scale of destruction overnight in Shirokino has not been determined by the authorities, nor Information on casualties among militia there. Shirokino village, located between Mariupol and Novoazovsk, which is controlled by the authorities of the DPR, is one of the most tense areas near the line of contact. Until recently, the village had about thirty civilians, but food and drinking water was difficult for them to obtain because of the constant attacks by the Ukrainian security services.

New Russia Press Thursday Situation Report. Drunken UAF troops shoot each other. Heavy Ukrainian shelling in Gorlovka, Shirokino (now evacuated), and many other villages along the front line. See Fights In Donbass 18.06.2015 (June 18).


slavyanskjun18zSlavyangrad: Boris Rozhin’s Chronicle of June 3 Mariinka Clash. Boris Rozhin (Colonel Cassad) gives a detailed rundown of the Ukraine offensive and NAF counteroffensive that occurred in Mariinka, on the western outskirts of Donetsk, the night of June 3, in which some 25 to 40 NAF troops, 200 UAF troops, and 15 to 20 civilians were killed. This was the fiercest fighting since Debaltsevo. See Outcomes from the Battle for Mariinka on June 3, 2015 (June 17).

Denis Pushilin (--Tass)

Denis Pushilin (–Tass)

Pushilin: Minsk Only Possible if No Washington Meddling. Donetsk People’s Republic envoy to the Minsk Contact Group Denis Pushilin has said today, after the last meeting in Minsk, Belarus, on Tuesday June 16, that progress on the Agreement can only be made if Washington does not interfere. He expressed disappointment at the slow pace of negotiations. The next meeting in Minsk is scheduled for June 23, to be attended by envoys from Moscow, Kiev, Donetsk, Lugansk and the OSCE. See TASS report Progress in Ukraine talks possible only if US does not interfere — Donetsk republic envoy (June 18).

Leonid Kravchuk

Leonid Kravchuk

Kravchuk Urges Kiev Commission to Consider DPR/LPR Constitutional Amendments. Former Ukraine president Leonid Kravchuk has suggested to the Ukraine Constitutional Commission that they consider the consitutional amendments which were proposed by the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics on June 8, in accordance with the Minsk 2.0 package of measures. “In response, [Verkhovna Rada Speaker Volodymyr] Groysman said he had not received such proposals,” Kravchuk added. The commission comprises 72 members, including 13 experts of international organizations. For details see TASS report Former president urges Kiev to analyze Donbas-proposed changes to Ukraine constitution (June 18).

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Zakharchenko: Ukraine Has Outlived Itself. Pro-Donbass Twitter source John Delacour posts this incisive June 15 declaration by Alexander Zakharchenko, in which the DPR Prime Minister says, “I see Novorossiya as a strong state. But I do not see Novorossiya as part of Ukraine…. I am absolutely sure that what has happened in Donetsk could at any moment break out in Odessa, in Kiev, in Kharkov. In Mukachevo they have already proclaimed themselves the Mukachevo People’s Republic, and pay attention to what is going on in Lvov…. Ukraine has outlived itself…. Everything that has followed is the death agony of the state.” Quemado Institute comments: Alexander Zakharchenko’s futuristic thinking surpasses that of any world leader we are aware of. It gives us something to live up to.




Stephen Lendman: Ukraine’s Thermobaric Weapons Hit Donetsk Chemical Plant. “On Tuesday, reported fuel-air (thermobaric) explosives targeted a Donetsk chemical plant – fired from junta held Kurahhovo village 30 kilometers away,” notes political analyst Stephen Lendman, adding that if used in populated areas, “it’s virtually impossible for civilians to shelter against their destructive effects.” He goes on to say, “Ukrainian forces targeted Donetsk’s chemical plant storage facilities where mining explosives are held. They tried earlier using inaccurate Tochka-U missiles. They failed again this time. Crater evidence showed thermobaric weapons use.” Such terror devices, first used by the US in Vietnam, are now in the hands of the Ukrainian Army. For full commentary see Kiev Junta Forces Terror Bomb Donbass (June 18) by Stephen Lendman.

Ukrainian Shelling Threatens Donetsk Radioactive Waste Dump. A disaster akin to Chernobyl is possible if a Ukrainian shell makes a direct hit on the radioactive waste dump buried near a Donetsk chemical plant. With the frequency of Urkainian shelling in the area, this scenario is not unlikely. “Ukrainian heavy artillery has been methodically shelling the plant since the beginning of the year, the latest such shelling occurred on the night of June 16- 17th.” See Fort Russ article Ukrainian shelling targets Soviet radioactive waste dump at Donetsk chemical plant (June 18), translated by Kristina Rus.

slavyanskjun18sDonetsk under threat of radioactive contamination – Ukrainian expert / Novorossia Today / June 18, 2015 / The radiation background level could have grown in Donetsk due to the powerful explosion in the State Factory of Chemical Products, because a nuclear waste depository is situated there, claimed executive director of the state enterprise East Ukrainian Ecological University Dmitriy Averin according to OstrovV website. “It is not reliably known what exactly happened there (at the chemical works in Donetsk. – ed.). This is the third explosion occurring in its territory. It is there that one of the nuclear waste depositories of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine is situated,” the expert remarked, having added that there is a chance of destruction of this depository. Averin also said that no one is monitoring the environment in the “occupied territories”, as he put it, that is why people might know nothing about the contamination. Fortunately, he is mistaken, but he could have unintentionally revealed the purpose of Ukrainian Army repeated attempts to turn the area of the chemical plant in Donetsk into a replica of the Moon surface.

Patrick Lancaster

Patrick Lancaster, journalist

Ukraine Targets Journalists Who Dispel Western Lies. In this commentary on the role of journalists in exposing the lies of the Kiev regime about their genocide of peaceful civilians in Donbass, Katherine Frisk praises those who have not given up, including Patrick Lancaster and Graham Phillips. “One brave man who has followed the crisis in Ukraine since the beginning, Graham Phillips, remains,” says Frisk. “He is a window into the suffering of the people of Donbass. Without him nobody would be any wiser as to the real situation on the ground.” She adds a statement from Lancaster: “Just spoke to a colleague and friend. He told me he was arrested by the Ukraine army and turned over to the Ukraine secret service, SBU. They told him that Patrick Lancaster and Graham Phillips are wanted criminals and that he needed to supply them with information about us. When he refused they beat and interrogated him for a for over 10 hours.” For full Veterans Today editorial see Je suis, I am, you are, we are all Novorossians (June 17) by Katherine Frisk.

Oleg Chernousov

Oleg Chernousov

Ukraine Customs Officer Returns to LPR. Former head of the Ukrainian Customs Service Oleg Chernousov, originally from Lugansk, has left Ukraine to return to the Lugansk People’s Republic, saying, he doesn’t want to take part, even indirectly, in the so-called “Anti-Terrorist Operation” (ATO) in Donbass. “My decision to return to Lugansk came after I mulled over the activities of the Ukrainian authorities…. They’re completely denying our history, they deny that they’re fighting a civil war, and they deny that they’re engaging in genocide against the people who live in People’s Republics.” For more see Truth about the Situation in Ukraine (June 18).

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