Donetsk Lugansk News Jun 6-8, 2015

Monday, June 8, 2015
(Updated throughout the day)

slavyanskjun8hPutin’s Corriere della Sera Interview. Ahead of his visit to Italy, Vladimir Putin gave an interview to the newspaper Il Corriere della Sera. “I firmly believe that Russia was not responsible for the deterioration in relations between our country and the EU states,” noted Putin. “This was not our choice; it was dictated to us by our partners. It was not we who introduced restrictions on trade and economic activities. Rather, we were the target and we had to respond with retaliatory, protective measures.” For full transcript at Fort Russ, see Putin’s new interview: “We have never viewed Europe as a mistress” (June 8).


slavyanskjun8jDuma May Authorize Russian Troops in Donbass. If it becomes clear that Kiev is deliberately violating the Minsk Agreements, the Russian Duma may again authorize the deployment of Russian forces to Ukraine. For full Fort Russ report see Putin could be given the authorization to send troops into Ukraine once again (June 8), by Igor Korotchenko, translated from Russian by J.Hawk.


Pavel Gubarev (--Novorossia Today)

Pavel Gubarev (–Novorossia Today)

Pavel Gubarev Arrested for Shooting Sniper Rifle in Donetsk / LifeNews / Edited autotranslation by Quemado Institute / June 8, 2015 / According to information from the environment of the former governor of People’s Donbass, about 15 people were detained along with him. / In Donetsk, from an empty office building SkyCity, unknown people opened fire, presumably one of the military units of the DPR army. Representatives of the Donetsk People’s Republic Ministry of State Security went to the scene, blocked Artem Street and surrounded the building. The sweep managed to detain about 15 people, including Paul Gubarev…. All detained persons involved in the investigation will be held by DPR law enforcement. They are now being sent for a medical examination for intoxication.

In 2014 Pavel Gubarev was one of the leaders of the militia of Donbass. At a rally in support of the referendum in Donetsk, he received the status of the national governor of the Donetsk region, and later initiated the establishment of the Federation of New Russia. A few days later, on March 6 Gubarev was detained by the SBU [Ukrainian Security Service] in his apartment in Donetsk. The Governor of the People was accused of actions aimed at forcible change or overthrow of the constitutional order or the seizure of state power, as well as an infringement on the territorial integrity of Ukraine. During his imprisonment Gubarev repeatedly went on hunger strikes. With the demand for his release outside the administration building of the Donetsk region after a few meetings. May 7 Pavel Gubarev, Deputy Mayor of the national Slavyansk Igor Perepechaenko were exchanged at a checkpoint in Slavyansk for the three officers of “Alpha” – Lieutenant Colonel Rostislav Kiyashko, Major Sergei Potemski and Captain Eugene Varinskogo. Security officials detained in Gorlovka on April 27 where they were abandoned for intelligence operations and capture the leader Igor Bezlera defense. The exchange of national governor’s soldiers, “Alpha” was held on the streets of Liberty in Slavyansk. LifeNews published a video of the release of Paul Gubarev. Shortly after his release, he announced the creation of the party “New Russia”. [Video is available at source.]


New Russia Press Monday Situation Report. See Fights In Donbass 08.06.2015 (June 8)





Ukrainian Shelling of Donetsk. For itemized details on damage and casualties see Novorossia Today’s Report on destruction in Donetsk in the last 48 hours (June 8).


15 Civilians Killed in Ukrainian June 3 Marinka Offensive. The Red Star Over Donbass blogsite offers a detailed account of the battle at Marinka last week. “In the course of [June 3] fighting and shelling of Marinka and suburban areas of Donetsk, 15 to 20 civilians were killed and dozens injured,” military analyst Colonel Cassad reported on his blog. “Overall, this is the bloodiest day of the war since the end of the battle of Debaltsevo, when the Ukrainian Army suffered huge losses trying to escape.” Donetsk Deputy Defense Minister Eduard Basurin reported that 20 militia were killed and 100 wounded. For more see Washington, Kiev open new military attack on Donbass republics (June 8) by Greg Butterfield. [If article does not appear, scroll to title.] Update: Reliable Twitter source Gleb Bazov tweeted at 00:15 UTC June 9: “MARYINKA — Active combat between DPR forces & Ukrainian forces continues in the beleaguered settlement of Maryinka, suburb of Donetsk.”

Eduard Basurin

Eduard Basurin

More Ukrainian Weapons Move to Contact Line. Donetsk People’s Republic Defence Ministry spokesman Eduard Basurin has described massive movements of Ukrainian heavy artillery toward the contact line, noting that deployment of Multiple Rocket Launcher Systems has observed in Avdeyevka and Duleyevka. The OSCE has acknowledged these deployments. For more see Novorossia Today report Ukrainian military keep on bringing up heavy artillery to the contact line – Basurin (June 8). Editor’s note: Avdeyevka lies about 15 km north of Donetsk and about 30 km inside the Ukrainian ceasefire zone for artillery systems of 100mm caliber or more, as determined by the Minsk Agreements.

Ukraine Shells Telmanovo, Kills Child. The Ukrainian Armed Forces shelled Telmanovo on June 4, injuring three and killing one boy. See Novorossia Today report Shelling of Telmanovo. Ukrainian forces kill children again (VIDEO) (June 6). Editor’s note: Telmanovo is located in DPR territory some 10 km inside the contact line, about 40 km north of the the Azov Sea town of Novoazovsk.


Ukrainian Border Boat Blown Up by Own Mine
(Befuddled SBU Advisor Blames Mine Left from World War II)

VzGlyad Delovaya Gazeta
Edited autotranslation by Quemado Insitute
June 7, 2015

In the area of Mariupol, an explosive device detonated a Ukrainian border boat. The incident occurred in front of tourists on the coast. On board were eight people, seven were rescued, but one of them later died in hospital. The ship’s captain has not been found. Experts are sure that the cause of the explosion was an installed UAF (Ukrainian Armed Forces) mine. Due to the lack of control over the entire water area of minefields, the vicinity of Mariupol threatens to become a danger zone.

Boat explosion off Mariupol (

Boat explosion off Mariupol (–

A boat of the Border Service of Ukraine exploded near the beach in Mariupol. The incident occurred Sunday afternoon in front of astonished travelers. The explosion took place very close to the shore, and the web pictures quickly appeared sinking boat. The circumstances of the incident are being investigated, but it is now clear that it came across a explosive device.

“Right in front of holidaymakers the boat exploded,” said the city portal of Mariupol on June 7 at 14.27. For information about the explosion passed vacationers who spend weekends on the sandy beaches of the city. The boat began to sink very close to the displacer barrage that separates the area for civilian use. Later in the emergency service of the Mariupol city council, divers reported that the explosion occurred 4 kilometers from the coast, near the Azov Shipyard. Boat UMC-1000, belonging to the Border Guard Service of Ukraine, received significant damage.

“Message of the explosion of water transport on the line 102 to 14.52 from health workers. In the coastal regions left the police [sic]. It was established that during the inspection of the sea territory a Coast Guard cutter hit an explosive device,” said the police, according to “Ukrainian Truth “. Within half an hour rescue boats arrived at the scene and on the shore an ambulance came. In total, the rescue operation involved two border boats, tug Mariupol port 2 and 3 emergency boats diving service.

On board were eight crew members. Seven of them were taken to the hospital with injuries of medium and minor severity. Another has not yet been found. It is reported that the captain of the ship was missing. Later, Research Affairs of Ukraine in the Donetsk region reported that one of the survivors died in a hospital in Mariupol. It was noted that “the dead was not a soldier, but a resident of Mariupol of 45 years.”

This is not the first boat of the Ukrainian Border Guard Service to sink near Mariupol. In November, two frontier boats were damaged under strange circumstances. The Ukrainian side stated that it was mortar fired by militia. “Two Coast Guard cutter State Border Service, which moved a few kilometers from the coastline, were fired on by mortars in the area between Shirokino and Nameless,” the press center made the statement on Facebook. Attention was paid to the fact that the positions from which the firing was made were controlled by militias. Allegations of an explosive device, in the case of the sunken boat on Sunday, do not apply. The fact is that in the current situation, things are different. First, many witnesses were there, who immediately circulated photos from the blast site. Second, the territory in which the state of emergency arose was far from the positions controlled by the militia.

The issue of the threat of mines, laid down in the Sea of Azov, was raised in November 2014, when a strong underwater explosion took place near the cargo vessel “Nakhodka” en route in international waters under the Russian flag. The vessel wa damaged, but the explosion was so strong that “glass trembled in the houses” it was reported on November 11 in Mariupol city portal. Then the head of the press service of staff in the ongoing military operation east of Ukraine Dmitry Gorbunov said that the explosion occurred in the sea outside the 20-mile zone, according to Interfax. A few days after the incident, an adviser to the head of the Security Service of Ukraine [SBU] Markiyan Lubkivsky said that an explosion might involve the Russian military. “In our opinion, the Russians are mining the waters of Mariupol. It is about the explosion of the so-called bottom mines. It is possible that it could be undermined fishing schooner,” he said. However, later this statement was denied in most of the Border Service of Ukraine. “We have guards that work there (in the Sea of ​​Azov), and everything is fine … We go there in boats, ships go there, so we do not have information about mining,” said Chairman of the border service Viktor Nazarenko. Asked how, then, it hit a mine, he found it difficult to answer, saying only that in the Black and Azov Seas there remain a certain amount of landmines since the Second World War.

In December 2014 it was reported that Kiev continues active operation on the establishment of minefields in the area of Mariupol, including in the port. The actions of the UAF (Ukrainian Army) were because they need protection in case of attack by warships of the militias, including submarines, according to “News”. According to media reports, Ukrainian sappers mined part of the coast of the Azov Sea in the south of the Donetsk region in order to protect from the amphibious assault. They also went to sea on floating conveyors for mining of the Sea of Azov.

In March 2015 [came?] the decision to mine the position on the coast near Mariupol, UAF spokesman Oleg Sushinskiy said. “We had intelligence that defined the most dangerous areas on the coast, where there may be an enemy breakthrough, and went to the equipment items. We know the whole situation, its course. In the future, we would do the mining, so that the enemy could not break through our positions,” he said. It has been decided to carry out mining in order to protect ourselves from attack by militias from the sea.

“At least it was like dumplings in the soup.” Chief editor of “Arsenal of the Fatherland”, a military expert, retired colonel Viktor Murakhovski is sure that Ukrainian boat was blown up by its own mine. “It is no secret that the Ukrainian armed forces conducted a massive operation in the so-called antilanding to protect the coast, including in the area of Mariupol. Dug trenches, put a fence. Minefields were created including the sea. But minefields have to be monitored and maintained, because during the various climatic phenomena such as storms, a mine often breaks its anchor, and it goes into the open sea. It is likely that this is the case here,” the expert believes.

Self-mined Ukrainian boat sinks near Mariupol (--Ukraine Today)

Self-mined Ukrainian boat sinks near Mariupol (–Ukraine Today)

This border boat likely had a map of minefields, “but it came to a floating mine, torn by the storm,” explained Murakhovski. This incident shows that the situation is serious enough. “In fact, such a danger can lurk anywhere,” said the source.

To eliminate the effects of mining, you need to engage in large, long and costly work, the expert explains. “After World War II decades were spent on trawling, especially the Baltic, where the mines were, as the dumplings in the soup. In the Black Sea was the same situation. After the war, in 1973, we helped defuse the Arab countries in the Red Sea area and the approaches to the Suez Canal. This lasted for several years. After the war between India and Pakistan, we helped to carry out demining in the area of some ports. Such conflicts are fraught with danger for the peace of navigation, so spent a lot of manpower and resources, the time to ensure that it is eliminated.” Thus mines left since the Second World War in the area of Mariupol could not remain. “It’s been a long time vytraleno [sic]. This was done at 40, 50, 60 years,” he said. What had previously led the Ukrainian side was a version … when there was the undermining of boats, Murakhovski considers just an excuse. “They can make up anything,” the expert added.

It should be noted that the situation with the ships in Kiev is really deplorable. In March, the Ministry of Defence has started negotiations with the West on the free transfer of the naval forces of the country of US Coast Guard cutters and buy at the lowest possible price for used corvettes and minesweepers. According to the Ukrainian side, for the Protection of the submarine fleet from the militia, Murakhovski considers it exaggerated: “It is unlikely that they have something underwater. Not that level. Anyway, frogmen training requires a lot of experience, qualifications, time.” About the militia, he said, there is not even a problem. “Against whom they cook [sic]? What is Fleet from Ukraine? Nothing is left but some boats. So militia and not have to cook [sic] the navy. If Ukraine would have any amphibious force, large surface ships capable of shelling from the sea coast of position, is another matter. But this is nothing,” he recalled. These forces are in other countries, said Murakhovski. “The Russian military fleet is there in the Black Sea, of course. There are special forces frogmen. Similarly, there are other Black Sea countries, NATO members, such as Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria,” he said.

The possibility that the boat was hit from the shore is unlikely to be considered, according to Murakhovski. “This is an area that is not controlled by the militia. The coast is under the control of the Ukrainian side,” he recalled.


Voice of Sevastopol Sunday Situation Report. With ongoing battles at Maryinka, the residents refuse to leave their homes, and evacuation attempts have failed. For more see The war in Novorossia Online 06.07.2015 Chronicle (June 7) with photos and videos.



Sunday, June 7, 2015

New Russia Press Sunday Situation Report. Heavy fights are in progress all over the frontline from Mariupol to Lugansk, including Shyrokino, Sahanka, Gorlovka, Marinka, Spartak, Pesky, METRO center, Donetsk Airport and other small villages. A mine planted by Ukrainian Forces exploded close to an OSCE observer near Schastye [translated as “Happiness”]. Gorlovka is again under heavy shelling , Ukrainian Forces are using 122mm howitzers and tanks. At least 5 to 7 UAF helicopters were seen today over Donetsk. Residents of Konstantinovka reported Ukrainian Army combat equipment heading toward Donetsk. For more see Fights In Donbass 07.06.2015 (June 7) by George.

(--Japan Times)

(–Japan Times)

Ukraine Ship Hits Mine Near Mariupol. A Ukrainian Border Service vessel hit an explosive device in the water near the Kiev-controlled port of Mariupol today, June 7, at 14:30 local time, killing at least one and injuring six. For details see Ukraine Today report Updated: Ukrainian border service ship explodes near Mariupol (photos) (June 7). Editor’s note: Other accounts identify the explosive device as a mine. The Ukraine Armed Forces admitted some months ago to planting landmines along the beach at Mariupol, as well as at many other points along the border regions of Novorossiya. There have been several cases of this containment strategy backfiring and killing UAF personnel. For more details, see also Fort Russ analysis Ukrainian Gunboat Sunk off Mariupol (June 7).


Captured Enemy Fighter Roman Mashenko Tells
Story of June 3 UAF Maryinka Storming:
Press Conference with Ukrainian Soldiers
Caught at Maryinka

Russkaya Vesna
June 6, 2015
Translated from German by Quemado Institute

Roman Mashenko and DPR DM spokesman Eduard Basurin

Roman Mashenko and DPR spokesman Eduard Basurin

In the early hours of June 3, Roman Mashenko, a soldier of the 28th mechanized brigade of Ukraine, tried to storm the positions of the Donbass resistance near the Donetsk suburb of Maryinka (pop 10,000) and the Donetsk district Petrovsky Rayon. The captured soldier reported to the Ukrainian … press that they received the order to storm the Donetsk suburb. Massive forces of Ukra-fascist regime troops had been contracted in Donetsk [for the attack], including “Grad” reactive multiple missile launcher systems, said Roman Mashenko. The captured soldier indicates that the attempt of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, who with all their might [tried] to storm the positions of the resistance, failed with very high losses, until they were ultimately almost completely smashed by the resistance. Roman Mashenko speaks of up to 200 Ukrainian soldiers killed in the assault. How many injured he does not know. The Prime Minister of the Donetsk People’s Republic Alexander Zakharchenko says that the Ukrainian regime troops lost up to 400 soldiers in this assault, and up to 1,000 troops of the Kiev regime were partly or seriously injured. Five Ukrainian soldiers have surrendered and now decided to join the resistance. He indicates that several morgues … in Dnepropetrovsk, Kurahovo, Kharkov and Krasnoarmejsk are overcrowded. Journalists could check this information locally. The resistance lost 15 men, and 30 were injured. The resistance succeeded in not only the assault at Maryinka, but also neutralized up to 60 armored units (tanks, armored personnel carriers, Humwees) and 4 multi-Raktenwerfer [sic] batteries.


Graham Phillips Video: Roman Mashenko Speaks. Roman Mashenko, the Ukrainian fighter captured by the DPR near Maryinka, has been filmed in an interview by acclaimed British journalist Graham Phillips. See LiveLeak video Donetsk Updates – Captured Ukrainian Operative Roman Mashenko (June 7) by Graham Phillips, with English subtitles.

Ukrainian Shelling Destroys Market, Homes. According to RT on-scene reporter Ilya Petrenko, the Ukrainian Army continues to shell Donetsk, and has destroyed another market along with two houses. Gorlovka has also been the target of Ukrainian attacks. See Renewed shelling hits residential areas in eastern Ukraine (PHOTOS, VIDEO) (June 6).

Jacques Sapir

Jacques Sapir

Slavyangrad: Jacques Sapir Analyzes Minsk As It Stands Today. A detailed critical analysis of the status of Minsk and Ukrainian ceasefire violations is given by French commentator Jacques Sapir, who says, on a controversial note, “[T]here are groups of people who regret that the forces of the DPR and the LPR were not able to press their advantage in September 2014. At that point, Kiev’s army was completely routed. It would have been possible to retake Mariupol, even to push towards Kherson. If the DPR and LPR forces’ offensive halted where it did, this was due to Russian intervention. The Russian government made it clear to the insurgents that they had to stop.” For more see Ukraine: what remains of Minsk? (June 7), by Jacques Sapir, translated by GBabeuf, edited by Gleb Basov, at the Slavyangrad website.

Ukrainian soldiers (--Sputnik/AP/Evgeniy Maloletka)

Ukrainian soldiers (–Sputnik/AP/Evgeniy Maloletka)

Obama Against Military Aid to Ukraine. According to Israeli publicist Avigdor Eskin, US President Barack Obama is unhappy with with John McCain’s Senate Committee bill which provides military aid to Ukraine. “Obama wants to see that he will not have to spend much more money on Ukraine,” said Eskin, “after New York Times articles, after different European articles [appeared] on the corruption in Ukraine [and] on the cruelty of Ukrainian army.” For more see Sputnik report Obama Doesn’t Want to Spend More Money on Ukraine – Israeli Publicist (June 5).

Russia Insider: OSCE Useless, Graham Phillips an Angel. Phil Butler, in his critical commentary on the UN Security Council session Friday, says, among other incisive comments, “The multinational monitoring mission (or SMM) to Ukraine (or Syria for the matter) is absolutely useless. Let me tell you why. Graham Phillips is the well known journalist who first began his coverage of the war in Donbass for RT. Since arriving there in the east of Ukraine, Phillips has been in the thick of the fighting. What’s significant about his effort is not only the fact he’s the only reporter who has been continually streaming stories from, but the fact he has been something of an angel of mercy and truth for the people being shelled unto death. Shot at, captured and threatened, thrown bodily from the borders of Ukraine by the Kiev junta, wounded, assailed at every turn by Poroshenko supporters, Phillips carries on.” For more see Today Is “D-Day” and the “D” is for Donbass (June 6) by Phil Butler.

Vladimir Putin interview (

Vladimir Putin interview (–

Putin Gives DPR/LPR First Recognition. In his interview with the Italian newspaper Il Corriere della Sera, Vladimir Putin used the terms “Donetsk People’s Republic” and “Lugansk People’s Republic”, a rare and long awaited sign of recognition, and advocated autonomy that meets reasonable European standards in compliance with the Minsk Agreements. See Fort Russ analysis Putin makes his first reference to DPR/LPR autonomy (June 6), by Russkiy_Malchik, translated with comment by J. Hawk.

Saturday, June 6, 2015
(Brief update)

slavyanskjun6y“Too Many Beautiful Girls in Donetsk” — Sergey Kondrykinskiy. News about the 2015 Donetsk Beauty Pageant, a contest designed to promote a patriotic image of the contemporary girl in Donetsk, may be found at Novorossia Today, 15 girls reached the final of the Donetsk Beauty-2015 pageant (June 6).


slavyanskjun6zDonetsk Celebrates Russian Language Day. Donetsk People’s Republic Prime Minister Alexander Zakharchenko has established June 6 as “Russian Language Day”, a day to promote universal legacy of the Russian language throughout the post-Soviet sphere. See Novorossia Today article Establishment of the Day of the Russian Language in the DPR (May 31). Editor’s Note: the photo shows signs in Ukrainian being replaced by Russian signs, June 6, 2015, in Donetsk.

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